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Daddy's Holiday Baby (The Boyfriend Diaries #5)

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I have a surprise for Daddy this holiday season … a baby!
After one too many terrible dates, my friend set me up on a blind date with her older, handsome uncle out of pity. At first, I didn’t want to go.
But Blake Reynolds turned out to be gorgeous. He’s huge, growly, and absolutely divine with a broad chest, six pack abs, and long, powerful legs with an enormous *ornament* at the top of his tree.
But then tragedy strikes, and I’m petrified he won’t want me anymore. The problem is that I’m already pregnant with Blake’s baby!
This wasn’t supposed to happen!
We went out on a blind date, and now the billionaire’s going to be a father. But will the powerful CEO forgive me? Or will my baby remain a secret from his daddy forever?
Happy Holidays! Billionaire Blake Reynolds rushes to the rescue of his curvy girl like an avenging knight. If you love secret babies and second chances, then this is the book for you! Snuggle up this Christmas season with a cup of hot cocoa and a warm blanket before the REAL fire begins. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always an HEA for my readers.
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“So how was it?” asks my friend Flora expectantly while smacking her gum. “The date was good, right? Your date definitely had a cute profile picture at least.”

We’re sitting on my dorm room bed with our books scattered around us. We should be studying, but of course, Flora and I are gossiping and trying to avoid our homework assignments for as long as possible.

I shake my head.

“It was really terrible.”

My friend looks at me with a confused expression.

“But why? Your guy had such an amazing profile! He said he was on the swim team at Carson State, and that he was doing a major in biomedical engineering. That has to be a difficult concentration, right? I mean, I can’t get even a B in my chemistry class for the life of me.”

I sigh, while shaking my head ruefully.

“You know, I think we were taken in by the fact that he’s a swimmer and his really cute photo. But that’s the problem. When you use an online dating site called BeefyCuts, the guys are going to be different. I mean, why would they name the site BeefyCuts? It makes the men on the site feel a lot of pressure to look like beefcake.”

Flora grins happily, her ponytail bobbing.

“Yeah, but that’s good for you. That’s good for women as a whole because then you get a selection of Triple-A prime rib.”

I make a funny face at her.

“Thanks, Flo. You make it sound like I’m shopping for steak, and not a man.”

Flora blows out air from her mouth with mock exasperation.

“Steak, man, yada yada yada. It’s all the same, girlfriend! Work it to your advantage. So tell me, what was wrong with Jared? Did he fake his pictures?”

I shake my head slowly.

“No, not exactly. Well, at least not in the way you think.”

Flora’s practically leaping off the bed with excitement now.

“What is it then? Did he have really bad acne that he photoshopped out? Is he actually only five foot two, when he said he’s six two?”

I laugh again.

“No, because that would be predictable. Guys lie about their height all the time, and yeah, there are all those filters you can use to smooth out skin tone. But his photos were … um, let’s say, off for an entirely different reason. Way off.”

Flora’s eyes bug out.

“Oh my god, he’s transgender right? When you saw him, he had a reedy voice and big breasts?”

I laugh again.

“No. That wouldn’t be great, but we support transgender and queer folks. No, Jared’s problem was a little more … extreme, shall we say. Do you know anything about bodybuilding?” I ask.

My friend shakes her head, looking puzzled.

“No, but Jared said he was a swimmer, right? He’d be ripped just from the hours of practice.”

I sigh.

“Sort of. I think Jared might have been a swimmer in the past, and then switched to bodybuilding. It’s possible because swimmers have incredible physiques that are really toned and tanned, which make them perfect to become professional bodybuilders—”

Flora literally leaps off the bed now and begins screeching.

“Oh my god, he’s actually Mr. Universe right? Or he’s competing in Mr. Universe? I’ve always thought those Mr. Universe guys were hot, even if they’re a little overdone. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. This is so awesome! I know you don’t like the overly muscular look, but I think it can be attractive in a way. If you don’t like him, I’ll take him. What do you say?”

I laugh again because my friend’s so silly that it’s endlessly amusing.

“Trust me, Flora, you don’t want this guy either because he’s gone overboard with the bodybuilding.”

My buddy jumps up and down excitedly.

“No, it’s fine! I like that look. Mmm, what a hunk of a male specimen. They’re like superhuman gorillas.”

I squint at her, making a small face.

“That’s gross, Flora, but no, this guy isn’t a gorilla. It’s worse.”

Flora stops for a moment.

“Is he on steroids? Did he have really bad skin and an overly-aggressive attitude?”

I shake my head.

“No I don’t think so, but I wasn’t paying attention because I couldn’t stop staring at him. At his arms in particular.”

Flora begins jumping up and down again.

“So he’s built right? He’s got barrel-like, powerful guns nicknamed Lightning and Thunder? Oh my god, girl, this guy sounds unbelievably good! You have to give him to me if you’re not going to see him again.”

I shake my head ruefully.

“No, Flora, you don’t want to go out with this guy because I think he’s using a chemical called synthol to beef himself up.”

She pauses for a moment.

“Synthol? What’s that?”

I shake my head.

“It’s a substance that bodybuilders inject themselves with to make their muscles look bigger. It’s a mix of something like fish oil or sesame oil mixed with an anesthetic. It literally blows up your muscles so that you get super-sized.”