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*This is a Duet Novel—two novellas in one bookTwo Spicy Stories in one book. In Having the Dae’mon’s Baby, Ketha decides to skip the Contraception Center and get pregnant the old fashioned way—by letting her new Kindred Bodyslave penetrate her. But will she get more than she bargained for?In Her Kindred Dom, Addison decides she wants her stern Kindred boss as her Daddy Dom, but will the big Beast Kindred give her more than she can handle?Find out when you read, Dae’mons and Doms, the latest Kindred Tales bookBook 1—Having the Dae’mon’s BabyKetha has a dull, dissatisfying life and to make matters worse, her mother is pressuring her to have a baby to carry on their family dynasty. Ketha doesn’t feel ready for the responsibility…until her mother buys a male bodyslave to serve them--a Dae’mon Kindred.Huge and muscular with curving horns, he’s like nothing Ketha has ever seen before…she feels immediately drawn to him and decides to use him for her own ends. Her mother wants her to have a baby? Fine—but she’s not going to the Conception Center to have artificial insemination. Instead, she wants to get pregnant in the most forbidden way possible—by letting a male penetrate her.But can Ketha give her body without giving her heart?You’ll have to read Having the Dae’mon’s Baby to find out…*TROPES--Primal Need, Br33ding, Enemies to Lovers, POC HeroineBook 2—Her Kindred DomAddison Davis has a crush on her boss, Commander Courick, the huge Beast Kindred who runs the HKR building in downtown Tampa. She’s sure he would make the perfect Dom—unfortunately, he never seems to notice him, no matter what outrageous stunts she pulls. So she has to get her needs met at a BDSM club called The Torture Palace.But when an encounter at the club goes too far and leaves Addison with visible marks on her bottom, Courick finally notices. Angry and protective, he follows her to The Torture Palace to find out who hurt her…only to find out her secret. Addison is a little and she’s not just looking for a Dom—she wants a Daddy Dom.Can Courick handle his curvy assistant’s proclivities and meet her needs or will the vow he took never to call a bride come between them?You’ll have to read Her Kindred Dom to find out.TROPES--Office Romance, DD/lg, Who Did This To You? Touch Her and DieAuthor’s This second story in this book, Her Kindred Dom, is BDSM and contains some very mild Age Play. (The heroine calls the hero “Daddy” several times but mostly she calls him “Sir.”) I have been wanting to write a Kindred Age Play novel for some time, but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, even if you don’t usually like Age Play, I would ask that you give it a chance. It is, as I said, very mild and I think you’ll enjoy it even if this topic isn’t usually your thing. If you’ve seen the movie “Secretary” most of the story is along those lines.Hugs and thanks for reading,Evangeline

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“Now Ketha, I’ve made you another appointment at the Conception Center and I don’t want you to miss it.” Mistress Morebutt, Ketha’s mother, frowned at her reprovingly. “I know you skipped the last two but you’re not skipping this one.”

Ketha frowned rebelliously and put one hand on her ample hip. Because of the Earth DNA her mother had used when she had decided to conceive an heir, the two women looked almost nothing alike.

Mistress Morebutt was tall and skinny with narrow hips, thin lips, short blonde hair which she had dyed a fashionable bright pink, and pale green eyes. Her daughter, on the other hand, was short and curvy with lovely brown skin, luscious lips, and long, curly black hair. About the only thing she’d inherited from her mother were Mistress Morebutt’s pale green eyes, which looked striking paired with her creamy complexion.

Many of the other Yonnite Mistresses thought she was too curvy, but Ketha loved her shape, which was something like an overfull hourglass. She resisted the diets her skinny mother tried to put her on and dressed to emphasize her curves—all of which exasperated Mistress Morebutt.

Ketha’s mother was a prominent businesswoman in Opulex—the capital city of Yonnie Six—a planet which was dominated and ruled by women. She had often bemoaned her decision to use Earth DNA when she conceived her daughter—she believed that this was the reason that Ketha was so “strong willed” and “obstinate.”

“I told you, Mother—I don’t want to get pregnant yet! I don’t care if it’s the fashion to have your heir early and get it over with—I’m just not ready!” Ketha protested. “I refuse to be bullied into having a baby just because you’re trying to get a place in the Sacred Seven!”

The Sacred Seven was the ruling body of Yonnie Six, composed of an ever-revolving cast of the richest and most respected Yonnite Mistresses. Mistress Morebutt was certainly rich enough, but she wasn’t quite popular enough to get appointed. Accordingly, she was following the trends and for several years now, the “trend” was to lock down your dynasty by making sure that your heir also had an heir—that way the family money stayed where it belonged—in the family.

She had been trying to convince Ketha to go to the Conception Center and get pregnant for ages, but Ketha didn’t want to. It wasn’t that she didn’t want a baby eventually—she loved children. But she didn’t like the whole process at the Conception center. She had tried it once and couldn’t make herself go through with it. The metal rod they jammed inside you to deposit the seed was freezing cold and horribly uncomfortable. She had wiggled away when it was only halfway inside her and made a run for the door—and she was determined not to go back.

“I’m not ready to be pregnant yet,” she told her mother again.

Mistress Morebutt was still fuming as she paced the living area of their penthouse suite. It was at the top of one of the tallest buildings in Opulex, which she owned, and it was richly decorated with cloud-fluff carpets and expensive singing crystal glows. The fist-sized crystals floated around the ceiling at a leisurely pace and hummed the latest songs quietly to themselves, all while shedding a rich, golden light over then opulent surroundings.

“Well, you’re going to be ready very soon,” Mistress Morebutt said grimly. “You won’t want to miss your appointment when the fertility drugs kick in.”

“Fertility drugs? What are you talking about?” Ketha stared at her mother blankly. “I haven’t been taking any fertility drugs!”

“Oh yes, you have!” Her mother flashed a triumphant smile. “I’ve been having Chef Le’nox put them in your food all week. And you should be feeling the effects very soon.”

Ketha stared at her mother, aghast. Surely she was only joking—she wouldn’t really drug her own daughter—would she?

Maybe she would, though, Ketha thought grimly. Was that the reason her breasts had gotten larger lately? The nipples also seemed to be extra tender and sensitive. And she’d been feeling a need to be penetrated—a need which none of her extensive collection of sex toys seemed to assuage. Even the largest one she owned—and it was not small—wasn’t big enough to satisfy her cravings.

Still, she couldn’t believe that her own mother would drug her food—it was unforgivable!

“That’s right—I see that you’re coming around to the idea,” Mistress Morebutt said, nodding as she saw the look of dawning comprehension on Ketha’s face. “You’re going to want to make sure you get to that appointment at the Conception Center or you’re going to be in some serious discomfort, young lady! Those drugs are engineered to make you need seed in your womb. Without it, you’re going to have problems.”

Ketha found her voice at last.

“I can’t believe you would do this to me!” she exclaimed. “It should be my choice when to have a baby! It’s my body after all!”