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Dear Mr. Dad Where do I apply to be your baby girl?

Madden Banks
Things I never thought I’d
Become social media's resident sexpert, Mr. Dad Bod.
Post thirst traps.
Fall head over heels for a girl half my age.

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Chapter One


She's dancing again. Her wide hips sway seductively as she struts toward me, a look of rapture on her face. She's not looking into the camera. She never does. She's miles away, lost in the music and the moment as her curvy body moves to the beat.

I bite back a groan, lust surging through my veins as she pirouettes and then immediately drops to the floor on her knees precisely on the beat. Her legs slide apart as her upper body rolls forward. She lifts her ass in the air, her hips rolling in an erotic display that has me thinking about things I shouldn't.

I do, anyway.

Every time I watch her, I think them.

She's fascinated me since the first time she popped up in my social media feed. With long, mahogany hair, gorgeous sky-blue eyes that practically glow, and a killer smile, Olive Crosby is stunning. But that isn't what makes me ache to put my hands all over her curvy body. It's not even the way she moves. No. It's her playful innocence and avid curiosity that drive me fucking crazy.

She's so poised and graceful, so carefully put together…yet that isn't who she is. She's effortlessly sexy and so damn beautiful. But it's a mask she hides behind. In unguarded moments, it slips and the real her shines through. The wild, indomitable pieces of her that she tries so hard to tame tempt me like nothing else.

Fuck, how I ache to set that side free.

I want her moaning for daddy while I'm fucking her from behind with her hair wrapped around my fist. I need her grinding on my lap to the beat of her favorite song while I whisper filthy words in her ear.

Quite frankly, I'm going to start destroying shit if I'm not eating both of her little holes soon.

But she doesn't know I exist. Even if she did stumble across my channel on social media, she wouldn't know me. She isn't the only one hiding behind a mask, after all.

Eleven million people know exactly what my dad bod looks like without my clothes on. They see it every day on social media. I answer their burning sex questions, post ridiculous thirst traps for women attracted to bigger men, and make bank doing it.

But they've never seen my face. They don't know my real name. They certainly don't know that I own the most prestige sex club in Nashville.

Like Olive Crosby, I hide behind a mask, Mr. Dad Bod.

The only difference?

She's a perfect little princess.

I'm the filthy beast who wants to ravage her before I spoil the hell out of her.

Oh yeah, and she's half my age.

None of that changes the fact that I watch her videos religiously and think about her obsessively. I haven't wanted to take a woman to my bed in years, but I want this one. I need this one.


"Fuck." I slam my laptop shut as soon as my brother, Malachi, shouts from down the hall. He's a nosy bastard with no concept of privacy. The fucker should have gone into the CIA instead of going into business with me. He's far better suited for interrogation than business management.

I barely have time to slam the lid closed before he charges into my office like an enraged bull, his face set in a thunderous scowl and his broad shoulders set.

"Why the fuck is Clark Gable's daughter working at Dionysus?"

I stare at him blankly.

"Haven," he growls. "I just left the club, and you have her tending bar. It's a fucking sex club."

"BDSM Club." Dionysus is the premier BDSM club in Nashville. Our clients include some of the most well-known names in country music and sports, but their membership is and will always remain a closely guarded secret. They pay us well to ensure it.

Malachi glowers at me. "I don't fucking care what we call it. She shouldn't be working there. She's barely twenty-one, and Clark will have a goddamn fit if he finds out you have her working at Dionysus instead of one of the nightclubs."

In addition to Dionysus, we own two nightclubs and a strip club, each of which is equally as exclusive.

"I don't have her working at Dionysus." I lean back in my chair, smirking at him. "She asked to work the club. She's twenty-one, like you said. If you have an issue with her request, you need to address it with her instead of growling at me about it."

We both know that's what he's really pissed about anyway. He's in love with her but won't make a move because she works for us. I'm guessing that's precisely why she decided to go to work at the club. She wants to rattle him. Her plan is working. My brother is rattled, his restraint rapidly dwindling.

I decide to poke the bear a little bit to hurry his slide into insanity. He is in my office, pissing me off, after all. "Perhaps she's decided she wants to explore and is looking for the right man to teach her. If so, at least she chose a safe place."