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Dirty Macking - The Lion and the Mouse

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Kenya Wright

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From bestselling author Kenya Wright comes another installment in her popular interracial mafia romance series, the Lion and the Mouse.
This book must be read after Dirty Cravings (Lion and Mouse book 6).
Although featuring sexually explicit scenes, this is not a romance.
Due to a temporary peace agreement between the Brotherhood and Corsican, Maxwell and Boris leave with the French and embark on an adventure that proves to be deadly, life-changing, and brutally hilarious.
WARNING: There is a flashback that may be psychologically triggering to those that have experienced sexual abuse. This moment is not used to entertain, but to provide insight into the traumatic bond that Maxwell and Emily have with each other.
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Kenya Wright


Dirty Voyeur

Jean-Pierre was a nasty bastard.

But then, I was nasty too, as I stood by the window, staring into the kitchen and watching Jean-Pierre playing with Eden’s beautiful pussy. It was a rose bud ready to blossom beneath his fingertips. Wet and lush. The sight of her nude body made me hard—big jiggling breasts and those spread open thighs.

My balls ached from the sight.

Eden lay on her back on the counter. So flexible, she had part of her upper body tipped off the counter. Her head hung low, face-level to his groin. Her mouth was full of Jean-Pierre’s dick.

He bent forward and pumped his dick into her wet mouth. One hand played with her pussy. The other hand squeezed and twisted her nipples.

Lucky pansy.

I dropped my blunt and stamped it out.

Jean-Pierre grunted.

I checked around me.

None of the French guards ever walked on this side of Jean-Pierre’s property. I stood near his south-facing window overlooking the sea. The path by the window was right on a rocky cliff.

I had to hide anytime I smoked. If Jean-Pierre’s aunts spotted me with a blunt, they always came over and smoked me out of all my shit.

He had five aunts living on the property.

Aunt Aimée always wore these huge diamond earrings and loved to have a rose in her hand.

Aunt Delphine liked to brag about all her rich ex-husbands. I believed she had around six of them that died which I thought was a bit suspect. I was pretty sure she had killed them for their money. I gave her tons of space, never feeling comfortable around her.

Aunt Océane smoked the most marijuana. Her clothes and hair reeked of it. Meanwhile, she was the main one swearing that she didn’t have a connect or reup. Her weed-greedy ass stayed on that bullshit. She was the main person I hid from. In a few more days I would be out. I planned to sneak into her room and discover her hidden stash. No way a woman that smoked that much didn’t have a connect in the area.

Then there were the twins, Aunt Camille and Aunt Charlotte. They always got my cock hard talking about their past sexual exploits. When they were young and poor, they would take rich guys in the back of a lounge or to their hotel room and make out with each other for two hundred dollars. They claimed that they never performed oral sex on each other, but Aunt Charlotte always stirred in her seat when she said that. That told me that there were some pussy licking occasions when their money was low. For some that might have been nasty as hell. For me, that made me imagine those sexy moments at night and jack off in my bed. The Butcher’s maids were constantly changing my sheets.

The twins had done this for a good six months until Aunt Delphine heard about their exploits. She added her own hustle. The twins took the rich guy up to their suite and made sure to keep the door unlocked. While they made out in front of the dude, Aunt Delphine snuck in and robbed his ass. One time while the twins and I played cards, they let it slip that Aunt Delphine had killed some of the guys.

Yeah. I can’t smoke around those crazy ass ladies.

I’d been forced to hide and smoke which led me to this moment.

Minutes ago, I’d just walked up, lit the blunt, and happened to look into the kitchen window near me. It was at that moment when Jean-Pierre and Eden entered the kitchen. He locked the door. Lust filled his eyes. He whispered things in Eden’s ear. She chuckled and said some sexy shit back.

I spied, wondering what their private conversation could be about. What dirty things was he telling her? What were her replies?

Things began to heat up. I knew exactly what was on his mind as his hand slipped along her waist. I could see the heated desire filling his gaze. It was so blatantly hot that I could even feel the heat emanating from their bodies.

I had to admit that I was jealous of the intimacy they shared. I was envious of the trust they had in one another.

Dude had his hands under her silk dress in seconds, palming the warm, soft flesh of her fat ass.

My cock jerked in my pants.

Jean-Pierre continued to caress her.

Seconds later, Jean-Pierre yanked down the top of her dress and pushed aside her bra cups. Eden’s luscious breasts spilled free.

My cock grew stiff and hungry.

I could see her nipples, hard and begging for attention. I wanted to taste them, to feel her skin against mine. I grew harder as I watched Jean-Pierre take her.

It was a blur when he finally took off her whole dress and it fell to the kitchen floor.