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Talia — Helping one of my students out of a bad situation shouldn’t have been a life altering event. But the second Doc meets us in nothing but jeans and motorcycle boots, I know I’ll never look at any other man the same way. I knew Caroline’s father was sexy, but he’s a well-established physician in the community as well as a member of Salvation’s Bane MC. As the daughter of Grim Road MC’s president, I know that’s a line I can’t cross. All I can do is look from afar. Maybe it’s time to break some rules…

Doc — When my daughter Caroline shows up in a beat-up Ford, I’m prepared to have me a little chat with some boy who needs a lesson. Instead, an angel emerges from the driver’s side, and I’m a goner. Of course, life is never that easy. The girl is the daughter of an MC in the area that flies under the radar. Grim Road MC is even more secretive than Salvation’s Bane. Whatever they do must be dangerous, because the next thing I know, her Dad is telling me to make her my ol’ lady. And my wife. Good thing I’ve already decided to do both.

WARNING: Graphic violence, adult situations, and references to human trafficking and domestic abuse that may be triggers for some readers. Happy ending and no cheating, as always.

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Chapter One


I sat in a beach chair overlooking the ocean. The late afternoon sun felt good on my bare chest. The breeze coming off the sea was refreshing as fuck. Neither did much to soothe my simmering temper. My ex was late. A-fucking-gain. I’d tried to be reasonable. I gave her everything the court ordered I give her and more. Why? Because I loved my daughter beyond reason and would do anything I had to in order to spend as much time with her as possible.

Beatrix, my ex, used our daughter as leverage to get me to give her whatever she wanted without a fight. Why did the court allow that? Because lawyers and doctors fucking hate each other. Trix had managed to get a judge who wanted to get into a pissing match with the doctor who hung out with bikers. So yeah. Trix had cleaned up. I didn’t protest. Not one time. I held on to my temper and let them railroad me into what amounted to a huge financial burden, and I did it so that, when I asked for joint custody, there wasn’t much anyone could protest about without looking unreasonable.

My daughter… Her name is Caroline, but I call her Linnie just to piss Trix off. Same as I call her Trix instead of Beatrix. Yeah. I’m an asshole. I hadn’t promised Trix a fucking life of riches and bliss. Sure, I make decent money, but the woman spent more than I could possibly make in multiple lifetimes. The only reason she’d served me with divorce papers was because she found out I’d been treating patients at my pediatric oncology clinic and not charging them. To her, that was money for her I was throwing away, and she thought she could force my compliance by fighting for every penny she could get.

The only reason I hadn’t completely bought her off for full custody of Linnie was because I didn’t want Linnie to think her mother would sell her off if the price was right. Even though Trix would gladly have done just that. As long as Linnie was safe, I’d never cut her mother out of the picture. Not unless that was what Linnie wanted. What my princess wanted, she got.

Linnie was fifteen. Trix and I got married when Linnie was just a few months old. I’d done four years in college before I’d joined the Air Force, so even though the military paid for med school, I had debt in student loans they wouldn’t pay. I’d taken a job in a rural area that paid off my student loans as long as I agreed to work in that area for two years. Rural community? So not Trix’s style. She left, refusing to give me any access to my daughter whatsoever.

It took the court months to resolve that little SNAFU, thanks to Trix’s lawyer requesting delay after delay. I’d had to get Wrath involved after that. Thank God I’d been part of Salvation’s Bane and had known Wrath before he’d become part of El Diablo’s crew at Black Reign. Once he’d taken over my case, he’d had both Trix’s lawyer and the judge begging to give me full custody. Trix had blown a gasket.

Once the divorce was underway, I hadn’t asked Wrath for more help. Once was enough. I took my thrashing like a man and never spoke unless directed to by the judge. The passiveness with which I conducted myself probably pissed off the judge even more than simply having me in his courtroom to begin with. But I knew everyone in that courtroom other than my own lawyer was hoping I’d have some kind of angry outburst so the judge could make things even worse for me. In my life, I’ve been many things. Stupid isn’t one of them. Even being with Trix, though not my finest moment, I couldn’t say was completely stupid, because it gave me Linnie, and she was worth everything to me.

Since then, I’d tried my best not to have anyone from my club, Salvation’s Bane MC, or any other club get involved in my personal problems, no matter how bad they were or how much the men genuinely wanted to help me. Wrath knew I had a hard time and had volunteered to get the alimony and child support reduced to a more manageable level, but I’d always refused, telling him I’d call if things got too out of hand. I hadn’t called. I wouldn’t even consider calling now either except it was later and later every week we exchanged Linnie. Right now, Trix was four hours late.

“Aren’t you a little old to be sunbathing?” Trix always had the most annoying voice. Nasally. Whiny. Insufferable. Every time I heard her voice, I had to grind my teeth to keep from telling her to fuck off. Just like now.