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Eric (Men of Honor #2)

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You’ve met Eric and Justine in Forbidden Desire, now see how their love story began.

Eric is a single dad whose wife walked out on him and his seven-year-old son for a better life with a richer, older man. Once he got over feeling like his world was at an end, Eric put all his focus into making a better life for his son, whose mother decided that she not only didn’t want to be a wife, but motherhood was no longer to her liking either. Ten years later, Eric is no longer the same man. Through hard work and good luck, his circumstances have changed drastically. Not only has his finances been much improved over the years, but he’s just met the woman he thinks is ‘the one.’ At least she’s the first one who’s caught his interest for more than a few nights between the sheets. But now his ex has decided that she wants her life back and sets out to make trouble for Eric and his new love interest who has her own problems to deal with in the form of an ex and the woman he left her for long ago.
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Men of Honor Series by Jordan Silver

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I pushed in and held still, letting my seed shoot out inside her, which was a risky shit thing to do, but every once in a while, I like playing Russian Roulette with my seed. I like even more the way she reacts to the feel of my warm seed splashing against the walls of her womb as it washes down her insides, like now.

She writhed beneath me, her body turning red and fever hot. Her nipple pebbled, and I lowered my head and extended my tongue to lick her before sucking that sweet little morsel into my mouth. I felt her whole reproductive system tighten around my cock as she keened and moved her ass against the sheets. Her womb contracted around my cock, sucking as she tried to drag the last remnants of my seed from me.

I pulled out of her womb when I felt my cock hardening again; that shit would be painful as hell, I know since I’ve done it before too many times to count. I didn’t leave her as she softened around my hard cock, and her juices flowed down my rod and pooled before seeping out and down my thick trunk.

Two seconds later, I was fucking into her again as she wrapped her legs and arms around me, pulling me tighter to her. I ignored the crick in my neck and continued nibbling on her nipple, which was making her pussy do amazing things to my cockmeat. I tried to go easy on her because I know from experience that since I’d just cum it was going to be a while before I came again, and her poor pussy was going to pay the price.

My alarm went off on the nightstand, and I reached over and smashed the off button with my fist while still deep fucking her. I’ll probably be late again but whatever. I own my company, and she’s a stay at home mom who can stay in bed all day if she so chose after I’m done with her. I did notice, though, that the freaky side of her likes to push the envelope.

Whenever there’s a chance of her making me run late, or of the two of us almost getting caught, like that day last week when I fucked her on my desk for lunch while my secretary was milling about outside, her freaky ass gets hotter. Her pussy usually gets really wet at times like that, and now was no exception. “I’m gonna fuck my kid in you this time, I can feel it.”

I growled the words in her ear and felt the answer in the contraction of her womb as it once again tried to suck the jizz from my balls. Since I wasn’t ready yet, not by a long shot, I let her cum on my cock before pulling out and putting her on her hands and knees in front of me.

I couldn’t resist smacking her fine ass before driving my fourteen-inch cock back inside her from behind. She made that yipping sound she always makes when I take her this way, a reminder for me that I’m too big for her—something I find strange since she’d been married before for more than fourteen years.

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I hit her spot, and she screeched out loud just as I heard one of the kids leave their room. Instead of easing up, I reached around and found her clit, making her have to bite down hard on the pillow to keep her screams of pleasure hidden. Leaning over her back, I drove my cock even deeper insider her and whispered teasingly in her ear.