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Crushing on a hot alpha doctor isn't in Eric Blake's plans when he goes to a clinic to fix his weird heats.

Unfortunately, it seems that won’t be easy, and Dr. Randall suggests an… experimental treatment that will also help the doctor’s research. It’s unorthodox, but it’s not personal. And no matter how good the alpha smells to him or how much Eric starts needing him, he knows Dr. Randall will never see him as an omega worthy of mating.

Disillusioned with mating after his disastrous marriage, Hugh Randall wants to prove that true mates don’t really exist. He'll never get mated again and his interest in Eric is purely professional. He'll fix him, and they'll go their separate ways.

At least, that was the plan. But along the way, the lines get blurred, and what starts as a scientific experiment turns into something else. Something very much unprofessional. Something that might ruin their lives…

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Part I

Chapter 1

“The doctor is considered one of the best in his field.”

Eric Blake hummed noncommittally, looking out the helicopter window at the cloudless sky.

“Everything will be all right,” the other omega said. “I’m sure it’s nothing serious.”

It was a nice sentiment, but Eric doubted it. He was young, not stupid. He’d done his research.

There was something wrong with him. Or at least there was something wrong with his heats. After his third abnormally strong heat, Eric could no longer deny it. Omegas like him were supposed to have very mild heats, remaining lucid and in control. Omegas like him weren’t supposed to turn into mindless animals craving an alpha knot. And yet that was exactly what had happened to Eric during his last three heats, and it had been getting progressively worse.

At this point, he had no choice but to see a doctor. And no matter how much Lucien tried to comfort him, Eric doubted it was nothing serious.

“This is a good clinic, Eric,” Lucien said as the helicopter landed. “The best in Kadar. Their service, discretion, and expertise are very highly rated. There’s no need to be nervous.”

Eric smiled faintly at the older omega. He liked Lucien. Ever since he’d moved to Kadar, Lucien had become the closest person to him in the country.

Lucien was everything an omega was supposed to be: gorgeous, gentle-mannered, well spoken, and graceful. Next to him, Eric was acutely aware of his own flaws. It wasn’t really about outward appearance: he knew that physically he looked very much like an omega, and a pretty one, with his soft features, light-brown hair, and long eyelashes framing his blue eyes. But compared to Lucien, Eric felt like a country bumpkin. Too bookish and graceless. Too socially awkward. He never knew what to say, preferring his computer and his online friends to real people.

Which is why you ended up fleeing to another country, you ninny.

Pushing the thought away, Eric said, “I’m not nervous.”

“I’ll wait for you here,” Lucien said, clearly not buying his lie.

“No,” Eric said, opening the helicopter door. “Please don’t waste your time. I’m not a child; I’m eighteen. I can find my way home.”

Home. Even after months in this country, the Cleghorns’ majestic estate still didn’t really feel like home. He missed his home. His real home.

“If you’re sure,” Lucien said, frowning a little but accepting his decision, ever so considerate.

Part of Eric wished Lucien would push and insist on staying with him. Gods, it was messed up. He was messed up. Eric was probably the only omega in existence who didn’t crave independence and freedom to do whatever he wanted. What he craved was being part of a pack, security of not having to make hard decisions by himself. He wasn’t used to this. He wasn’t used to being so alone. He’d grown up surrounded by affectionate older brothers, under the protection of his alpha mother. Over the past few months, Eric had found that being independent was very overrated.

“I’m sure,” Eric said with confidence he didn’t feel. “Thanks for the ride!” He hopped off the helicopter, shut the door, and strode toward the clinic before he could chicken out.

He didn’t like hospitals, but he wasn’t an idiot: he did need to see a doctor. The drastic change to his heat’s intensity could be caused by a number of serious health issues. The horror stories he’d read on the Internet had made him lose sleep recently. A check-up was necessary.

The interior of the clinic was fancy but tasteful, making it obvious that it catered to high-profile clientele. Eric felt a pang of worry, but unfortunately, he couldn’t risk going to a less expensive clinic. After the scandal, discretion was paramount. He could afford this appointment—his eldest brother was very generous with his allowance, but Eric wasn’t sure how many subsequent appointments he could afford without having to ask his brother for more money. And he’d rather not alert his family about his health issues. He’d been enough of a burden for them already.

“Um, hello,” Eric said, handing his ID to the receptionist. “I have an appointment.”

She smiled, after glancing at it. “Of course, Mr. Blake. Dr. Randall is waiting for you. Second floor, office 207. Please take a moment to visit office 201 for a blood test before you go to Dr. Randall—the doctor has requested it.”

Muttering his assent, Eric headed to the second floor.

After a quick blood test, he walked toward office 207. He stopped, glancing at the golden plaque on the wall.

Dr. Hugh Randall

Head of AO Sciences

He pushed the door open.

The office was fairly large and well lit without being unpleasantly bright. It was rather minimalistic, but it didn’t give the impression of cold and impersonal. It smelled of—

Of alpha.

Tensing up, Eric eyed the doctor in confusion and alarm.

“Please take a seat.”