Fate of a Faux (Lords of Rathe #2) Read Online Meagan Brandy, Amo Jones

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Series: Lords of Rathe Series by Meagan Brandy

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The King of Darkness is dead.
It’s time for a new one to rise…

London Crow isn’t who I thought she was.
She’s worse.

My hate for her knows no bounds.
My need for her has no end.

But it’s my inability to have her that might just end us all, as the fates refuse to be ignored.

Now, there’s a darkness sweeping the streets of Rathe, threatening to destroy the Kingdom we know and love, and it’s all because of her.

The mate I can’t have.
The bond I can’t let go.

There is only one way to restore balance, and it begins and ends with her.

The problem? I broke the girl into a thousand tiny pieces without a second thought. Earning her forgiveness won’t be easy, but that’s fine.

If she won’t give it freely, I will take it.
One mistake at a time.

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Ben crouches down and I run full speed, hopping onto his back the way I have a hundred times before. My arms tether around his neck, as his wrap behind my knees, and I press a fat, sloppy kiss to his cheek. Smiling against it, I hold him tighter, fighting the tears threatening to slip free. The last thing I want after a day like we’ve had is for him to see me cry. Again.

The fact of the matter is … our worlds are changing. No, that’s not right. Our worlds have changed, and there’s no way around what happens next.

I’m going to lose my best friend.

I have to lose my best friend; he just doesn't know it yet. That’s what’s best for him. I’m a disaster that’s only going to get worse, by the looks of things, and he’s been through enough because of me.

I mean shit, he was—

“Lon, stop.”

Warmth fills me at his soft words. Like the syllables wrap around my heart and remind me why he’s home.

Ben has always been good at reading me, sometimes too good.

Pressing my temple to his head, I look forward into the dark night and a chill runs over me. Tucking my head into his neck, I close my eyes, fighting the moisture threatening to build there.

“I love you, you know that,” I whisper. “I love you and I’m so proud of you.”

“It was just one goal in a game that meant nothing.” He chuckles, but it’s more than that and he knows it.

He’s overcome and accomplished so much, and he still has a lifetime of happiness headed his way. God knows if anyone deserves it, it’s him.

We reach the door, and he eases me down, spinning to pull me into his arms. “Everything is going to be okay, London, I promise.”

He can’t possibly keep such a promise, but I don’t say that. I don’t say anything, just nod into his chest.

“Nine tomorrow?” he asks.

I nod, looking up into his hazel eyes. “Nine tomorrow.”

“Lon.” Ben gives me a warning look and it takes effort to roll my eyes when the last thing I’m feeling right now is playful.

The last few days have weighed so heavily on my mind, and I hate what’s to come. “I’m fine.”

Slowly, he presses his lips to my forehead and pushes me through the door.

My uncle Marcus greets me in the entryway, grinning wide until he sees my face, and his arms open instantly. I don’t hesitate but throw myself into them and cry.

“Awe, come on now, Little Crow. It can't be that bad,” he soothes, the same way he has done all my life.

“I’m going to ruin his life.”

My uncle laughs and pulls back, hooking my chin between his fingers. “Honey, no, you’re not. You’re the light of the boy's life. You're all he has now.”

“I know, and because of that, he’s going to stay here and go to a junior college. He’s so much better than that.”

“He’s doing what feels right.” My uncle smiles softly. “He doesn’t want to leave you, especially now that his grandma Betsy is gone.”

“This is a full fucking ride! A college team... a college team he didn’t even try out for, that he never even heard of, and they want him!” I stress. “Uncle Marcus, I don’t think you get it. He told me admission and acceptance timelines closed months ago. He’s already enrolled at the JC and he just happens to get this offer now? This is huge. It’s … kismet or whatever.”

Something swims in my uncle’s gaze, but it’s gone before I can decide what it was. “I don’t know about that,” he says, almost cautiously. “I think you should encourage him to stay here.”

“Uncle!” I snap, my head tugging back.

“Not forever, but maybe JC for a year and then he can apply somewhere else. Somewhere … not so far away.”

I’m shaking my head before he’s even finished. “No way, this is epic for him.”

“It is, but—”

“No buts.” I stomp my foot like a brat. “Make him go!”

My uncle lifts a brow and I feel the frown taking over my face before I know it’s coming.

“I’m different,” I argue what I know he’s thinking. “I suck at school and hardly passed. Honestly, I don’t even know how I did, but Ben? He worked his ass off. He can be persuaded, I know it.”

“You didn’t even want to go to the school tour they invited you to, and that was basically your free pass to party at a college for a weekend, so how the hell am I to convince Ben to move hours away from home when all you guys ever talk about is staying close together?”

My brows pull at his words, and he looks at me funny.

“Wait...” I tip my head. “Daragan State is the same school that sent me that invitation for the senior campus cruise?”