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Filthy Twin Cops (Forbidden Fantasies #17)

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Bess is a bad girl. The curvy woman is in Sheridan, Wyoming to visit her best friend. But when Juniper gets sick, Bess decides to enjoy a night on the town, only to end up in the arms of two handsome cops with muscular bodies and filthy tastes.

Brandon and Ben are boys in blue who walk on the wild side. Yes, their job is to lock up scum from the streets, but when they encounter an especially sassy woman during a police sting, pure male instinct takes over. Soon, they’re engaged in the ultimate forbidden act with the curvy girl. But what happens when she ends up with their baby in her belly?

This book is a follow-up to Filthy Twin Cowboys and First Time Escort. All books may be read as standalones, although you will see some of your favorite characters re-appear in cameos! Put on your seatbelts because Brandon and Ben Cartwright have a special type of ticket for sassy girls who never learn. Special bonus: A double wedding at the end with lots of kids and lots of kisses! No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA for my readers.
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Forbidden Fantasies Series by S.E. Law

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S.E. Law



I stare at the dull walls of my hotel room, counting the faded yellow flowers splattered across the wallpaper. It’s a decent enough room, if in desperate need of renovation. The curtains are the color of mud and the carpet could use a thorough steam clean. Overhead, the speckled white ceiling reminds me of my third grade classroom, and I wonder briefly if the same company makes every ceiling in the state of Wyoming.

I eye a purple stain on one corner of the carpet as I listen intently to my best friend on the other end of the phone call. Her words are coming in one ear and going out the other because Juniper’s got some bad news. Unfortunately, I’ve never been one for the depressing things in life, and tend to zone out whenever there’s trouble on the horizon.

Sighing soundlessly, my fingers twist the old-fashioned phone cord and I plop on the mattress while running my hand up and down the pale pink bedspread. Even if the room is rather drab, at least the mattress seems okay; firm, yet also soft and cushiony. I’ve definitely stayed in worse places before.

Then, I turn my attention back to Juniper, trying to focus on the conversation we’re having.

“Bess, I’m so sorry,” she repeats apologetically for the tenth time this call.

“No, it’s totally okay, I understand,” I assure her once more.

“I mean, at first I thought it was just a little cold, but when I took them to the doctor yesterday morning, they said it’s likely the flu going around! I just don’t know what to do.”

“No, it’s okay,” I try to sound as reassuring as possible. “I totally understand. Kids get sick.” I shrug as if she can see the gesture through the phone. “Remember when we had chicken pox at the same time when we were in second grade?” I laugh lightly, hoping to ease my best friend’s stress. “We would sit on each other’s hands so we didn’t scratch our faces.”

At this memory, my bestie laughs gently. “Oh we were miserable,” she says softly, her voice finally sounding less frantic. “My face will always thank you otherwise I’d probably have a million scars on my forehead!”

“See? It wasn’t so bad,” I tell her warmly. “In the meantime, I’m totally fine out here in Sheridan by myself. You just focus on getting the boys ready to hang out with their godmother this weekend. Pump them up on cough syrup and popsicles, a tried and true remedy.”

Juniper chuckles mirthfully. “If I weren’t pregnant, this would be the perfect time for a glass of wine.”

I glance at the old analog clock above the desk. “Well, it’s five o’clock somewhere.”

“OMG, you’re such a bad influence, Bess Tyson,” Juniper chides with a laugh, sounding better already. “You know I’m having twin girls! I can’t get both my babies drunk while they’re still in utero.”

“You’re too good of a mom,” I quip. “No seriously, just guzzle some orange juice and seltzer water then. Get some rest yourself, girlfriend! Soon you’ll be a mom to four!”

Juniper sighs deeply. “Yeah, but don’t worry, I’ll make Shane and Stanton take care of Sammie and Stuart tonight. But for now, my men are hauling some fallen logs so we’re all a little swamped with the workload.” I can hear the fatigue in Juniper’s usually chipper voice, and I wish I could give her a hug.

“You’ve got this, lady,” I comfort her once more. “Text me tomorrow and let me know how everyone is doing, and we’ll make plans from there. See, no fuss no muss!”

But Juniper still feels bad about canceling our plans together.

“I’m sorry that you came all the way out here only to be stuck in a hotel. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. But I think Sheridan is a nice enough town, if a little slow,” she ventures.

I cluck.

“I’m not worried about entertaining myself at all. I mean, yeah, it’s a small town, but every small town has its fun.”

There’s a pregnant pause.

“Well don’t have too much fun without me,” Juniper says in a teasing tone. “I know what you can get up to, Bessie. Remember, if you’re drunk, the clothes stay on, okay?”