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Molly’s ex is ruining her life by sending private and compromising videos of her to every employer she works for. When her new boss, Torus, gets one, she’s sure that she’s going to be fired again. But what the Giant Kindred does next surprises her…

As a Giant Kindred, over 9 feet tall, Torus has given up on the idea of finding a Mate. The human females surrounding him are too tiny and breakable…and he’s certain that none of them can handle his extra large equipment. But if he’s so sure that he isn’t interested in human women, then why is he having such strange and disturbing dreams about one in particular…a small, curvy female by the name of Molly Byrne who works for him?

Molly isn’t looking for a man. She just wants to keep her job and her Giant Kindred boss is the last person she wants to tangle with. But things go sideways when Torus is sent a compromising video of Molly self-pleasuring—a video taken by her abusive ex who has been sending it out to every single employer she’s had for the past five years, ever since their divorce.

Sure that she’s going to lose yet another job because of the embarrassing video, Molly packs up her desk…but Torus has other ideas. Can the two of them come to some understanding despite—or perhaps because of—the embarrassing vid and Torus’s strange dreams? You’ll have to read Guided by the Giant to find out.

*Author's note--my heroine gets into some sticky situations in this book but I promise it all works out. Please read responsibly!

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“So what did you do this weekend? Anything special?”

Molly Byrne looked up to see her coworker, Lana, hanging over the top of her cubical divider with a grin on her face.

“Well…” she began.

“Because Strikes Hard and Speaks Gently and I went down to Earth and saw that new action movie—the one about the guy who wears a monkey mask and beats everyone up? You know?” Lana had a habit of ending every other sentence like it was a question but she was so sweet and bubbly that Molly could never be annoyed with her.

“It sounds exciting,” she said, smiling at her coworker.

“It was! The boys loved it!” Lana always referred to her Twin Kindred husbands this way, though both of them were seven feet tall and quite muscular. There was nothing boyish about them, but they didn’t seem to mind what she called them—they were both head-over-heels in love with the petite brunette.

Molly smiled again, trying not to be jealous. She had seen the way Lana’s Twin Kindred husbands treated her—they were kind and caring and protective and loving—basically everything a man should be and Lana had it times two. It was hard not to be jealous when Molly considered the situation she’d had with her own husband before she’d divorced him.

Thank goodness I finally got away from him! The thought brought a burst of relief with it. Her ex, Zach Wyndam, was actually a famous software designer who had made a lot of money with his specialty apps and video games. He was also a malignant narcissist who had made her life a living hell.

A man like Zach cast a long shadow and Molly had tried numerous times to get out from under it. But after five long years of running, she had finally found a place he couldn’t reach her.

The Kindred Mother Ship, where she now lived and worked, wasn’t open to the public. In fact, it was very difficult to gain access to the huge white ship that orbited the Moon without special permission unless you lived there and the Kindred didn’t take bribes. They didn’t care how much wealth or power someone had, if they didn’t have official business they weren’t allowed to come up.

So Zach couldn’t come find her. In fact, he didn’t even know where she was. As far as her nasty ex was concerned, Molly had disappeared off the face of the Earth—literally.

I’m free of him now. I can breathe—I can relax, Molly told herself. I can⁠—

“Hello, Molly? Are you in there?” Lana snapped her fingers in front of Molly’s face.

“Oh, sorry—I must have drifted off. What were you saying?”

“Somebody needs a cup of coffee to wake up this morning, doesn’t she?” Lana asked, laughing. “I was saying, why don’t you come with me and the boys next time? We’d love to have you.”

“Oh, no…I don’t want to be a third wheel,” Molly protested. “Or I guess a fourth wheel, since you’re married to Twin Kindred.”

“Oh please, you wouldn’t be!” Lana promised. “Why don’t you let me set you up with one of Speaks Gently’s friends?” she asked. “He works in the Communications Department so he knows everyone—you know? And it doesn’t have to be Twin Kindred, if you’re not into them. I know not every girl can handle two at once!” She giggled, her cheeks turning bright red. “Thank goodness for Bonding Fruit, right?”

“Thanks, but I don’t think so.” Molly shook her head. “You know I had a really bad marriage and honestly, I’m just not ready to date anyone yet.” Or ever again, whispered a little voice in her head.

The truth was she’d been burned so badly by Zach, she didn’t know if she’d ever be able to trust a man again. Of course, the Kindred were supposed to be different. The huge, muscular alien warriors who had rescued Earth from a hostile extraterrestrial invasion over ten years ago were protectors of women. They even worshipped a Goddess and claimed that every woman had a divine spark inside her which was worthy of devotion and protection.

It all sounded really nice—and it looked nice too, at least when Molly walked around the Mother Ship and saw all the Kindred warriors and their wives. But still, her battered heart wasn’t willing to trust again—she didn’t know if it ever would be. After all the abuse and gaslighting Zach had put her through and the awful things he’d done even after the divorce, she didn’t think she could ever let herself be vulnerable with any man again—even a Kindred.

“Oh wait—I know who we should bring for you when we go on our date!” Lana went on, still planning the double (quintuple?) date. “We ought to invite Commander Torus!”

“Our boss? Are you crazy?” Molly exclaimed.

Lana shrugged and gave her a cheeky smile.

“Why not? I’ve seen the way you look at him.”