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Good things happen in threes.

D’Artagnan Miklas is a lucky dude. He’s the leading scorer of hat tricks for the Carolina IceCats, he’s got a solid group of loyal friends, and he has a cute little sister he adores.

But his friends are all coupling up, and Dart is tired of being the odd man out. Then fate steps in, courtesy of a chance encounter at a hotel bar, and Tennessee Dent sets his world on fire for one amazing, unforgettable night.

They both agree that’s all it is…but they should know better than to threaten fate with a good time.

One night stand
Plus Size heroine
Leading scorer....off and on the ice.
Hockey romance
He falls desperately first.

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Chapter One


I will always be Owen Adler’s best friend.

Nothing can or will ever change that. From the moment we met at training camp for the Carolina IceCats hockey team, I knew he was my dude. Best part, he has a twin, and Evan became a close friend too. Though, nothing could touch Owen’s and my relationship. He’s the brother I never had and always wanted. Someone I know will have my back to the end. On the ice, we know where the other is at all times, and we score because of it. His pass is butter, and my shot lethal. We’re a dynamic duo, on and off the ice.

I had wingmen growing up, but nothing compares to Owen. We had some fun with the ladies, but that ended when he linked back up with Angela Paxton, an old childhood friend of his. I would say I was upset to see her come along and take my best friend, but I don’t think even I could have resisted her. She’s a force to be reckoned with and has become an extra sister I didn’t know I needed.

One of the greatest honors of my life was being asked to be one of Owen’s groomsmen when he and Angie get married, and I was ready. I was ready to support him, party, and do my duty to sleep with any bridesmaid who showed she was down. But that all changed the moment Angie set her eyes on me one afternoon.

“I don’t have friends. I’ve got my sister, and that’s it. I don’t feel right asking any of the wives here because I’m not really close to them yet. And I mean, I love Owen’s siblings, but I’m not close to them yet either. This is a lot to ask, but I’m closer to you than my sister or anyone else but Owen. Will you be my dude of honor, so it’ll be even on both sides?”

The answer was easy.

Fuck yes.

When I say I have loved Angie since the moment she and Owen hooked up, I’m not lying. My dude was in love the moment she set her eyes on him, and I know why. She’s easy to love. She may not realize that, but for me, it’s always been effortless. She’s funny, she’s a badass, and she’s smart. She may have a bit of a plant obsession, and I’m a little tired of being yelled at for accidentally hitting said plants, but she’s still one of my favorite people. To have the honor of standing beside her as she proclaims her love for my best friend…man, it’s even better than being Owen’s groomsman.

I’ve been waiting for a while, but finally, the big day is here.

And I’m ready for it to be over.

My phone rings as I step off the elevator of the hotel I’m staying at for the weekend. It’s fucking packed to the brim since there is a country music festival happening at the same time, but I’d rather stay here than in Owen’s family home. I truly care for him, but let me tell you, he and his family are fucking nuts. They are loud, and something is always happening. Always. Some kind of drama, and I don’t have it in me to be involved.

For some reason, I’m super fucking nervous to be Angie’s dude of honor.

It’s stupid, but man, I’m keyed up. I just want to do right by her, and it’s hard when she stresses me the hell out. I really didn’t know what I was signing up for. As the dude of honor, I had to plan a bridal shower. My idea of beers and strippers was not good enough, so I had to hire someone to throw a girlie shindig. The only good thing was I hooked up with one of Angie’s assistants in the bathroom while she opened presents.

Good times.

But as I pause before looking at my phone, hoping it’s not Angie bitching about what dress to wear, I close my eyes. The whole dress thing is stressing me, and I’m about to send her down the aisle in a paper bag.

Lord knows she’ll still be fine as hell.

I look at my phone to see that, thankfully, it’s my baby sister. “Sabine, look at you. I love your hair!”

Her sweet face grins back at me as she brings the phone way too close to her face. Her blond ringlets fall around her cheeks while the top is in an intricate braid. “Thanks! I miss you!”

I smile, my heart doing a flip in my chest. “I miss you. How is everything going?”

She makes a face. “The only good thing about the new babysitter is she does my hair cool.”

My stomach falls at her words. I was so close to having her near me, but of course, my mom found a new man and stayed in Arizona. I had the house ready for them, and I was prepared to move them here, but once more, my mom broke my heart. I still have hope, though; my mom doesn’t keep a man for long. “I’m sorry, sunshine. Hopefully I’ll get to see you soon.”