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Hell - Black Heart Romance

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J.L. Beck ,Cassandra Hallman

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I’ve built this club from the ground up. A playground for the wicked. In my club, your wildest dreams can come true or your worst nightmares can swallow you whole.

Are you ready to play?
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J.L. Beck ,Cassandra Hallman



What am I doing here?

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve asked myself that question. Why am I doing this? What am I doing here? How can I get out of this? It’s like my whole life has turned into one long, endless nightmare. And I can’t find a way to wake up.

Which is why I’m walking up to the back doors of Purgatory. In the daylight, the building looks like a plain, boring structure just outside the downtown area. It doesn’t stand out from the other buildings up and down the block—except for the large neon sign above the front door. Driving by, nobody would ever guess what really goes on inside these walls.

There’s not as much foot traffic around here. I guess that changes later when the main crowd arrives. Most people think this is nothing more than a dance club. Few are aware that this is an upscale sex club… one I sent my best friend, Eve, to just a few months ago. Her visit ended with a happily ever after, but I already know mine won’t.

“You came,” Alexei says. He’s my connection, the guy who only wanted to help me out of a bad spot the night he found me weeping outside the diner where I used to work. Mr. Good Guy, Mr. Helpful, Mr. Let me see what I can do to get you out of this jam.

I’m not a stupid person, and I’ve learned a lot in my twenty years.

The thing is, when you’ve just lost your job and have no idea how you’re going to pay the rent you’re already two months late on, you might forget everything you thought you knew. That’s another lesson I’ve learned the hard way.

“I didn’t think I had much of a choice.” It takes all of my courage to stand upright, shoulders back, chin held high. This might be the most humiliating experience of my life, but I don’t have to cower and tremble.

Alexei’s beady, deep-set eyes crawl over my body. He must like what he sees because one corner of his mouth quirks upward in a smile that gives away everything on his filthy mind. “You don’t have a choice. I’m just glad you didn’t make me chase you down or anything like that.”

That makes two of us. I resist the impulse to cover my cleavage with my hands when his eyes land there and stay there. My mouth is suddenly so dry. I nod toward the windowless door. “Well? Are we going in?”

He draws his bottom lip under his teeth for just a second before my question sinks in. “Oh, yeah. He’ll be waiting for you.”

I’ve never been so scared in my life. And that’s saying something.

Alexei opens the door and stands to the side, gesturing for me to go in. One glance tells me nothing about what’s in there since everything is so dark. I have half a mind to ask for a flashlight, especially in these ridiculous heels I’m wearing. It would just be my luck to end up spraining my ankle or worse. But that was what I was instructed to wear: something short, tight, low-cut. Platform heels, preferably strappy so my feet would be visible.

Because, of course, before I can pay off my debt, the boss has to give the final word on whether or not I’m worthy. Whether he thinks I’ll earn for him.

I’m clearly not moving fast enough because Alexei practically shoves me into what looks like a high-end lounge with leather couches and chairs, and a bar that stretches across one wall. The lighting is low and tasteful, except for the cages.

Yes. Girls are dancing in cages. I quickly count eight of them as Alexei ushers me through the bar, spotlights shining on them as they bump and grind in various states of undress to entertain guests who are mingling with their drinks.

There’s no time for me to take it all in before he hurries me into a narrow stairwell. “Up.”

One night. This is just for one night. That’s what I tell myself with every step I climb. This is the only time I ever have to come here. And once the night is over, I’ll be free.

It’s surprisingly quiet for a sex club. I expected to at least hear some moaning, maybe a few squeals. It was like this the first time I was here as well. The walls must be soundproofed.

Alexei takes the lead once we reach the landing, guiding me down a narrow hall to a door at the end. After three sharp knocks, the door opens slowly by itself.

The room on the other side is not what I expected, but then, none of this has been. It’s well lit, sleek, and almost welcoming. At least, until I set eyes on the man sitting behind the desk directly opposite the door, his finger pressed against a button mounted in front of him.