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I was arranged to marry a monster—the heir to the Italian mafia throne. I didn’t want him, but he’d take what he wanted from me, regardless. It wasn’t just for better or worse. He was also my first cousin.
I was arranged to marry a monster—the heir to the Italian mafia throne.

I didn’t want him, but he’d take what he wanted from me, regardless.
It wasn’t just for better or worse.
He was also my first cousin.

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“I’ve found you a suitable wife, Antonio,” my father Carlos said lazily to me as he tapped a pen on the top of his office desk.

“Good. It’s about time a marriage was arranged,” I replied. I was ready to settle down and start creating heirs.

My father—the eldest son of the Luciano family—ran our world like the empire it was. My uncle Francisco sat on the other side of my father’s chair and remained silent.

Francisco smoothed his hands over his blood-red tie, a smirk on his face. It was clear he wasn’t paying any attention to the conversation at hand. Then again, I could smell the rank pussy all over him. No doubt the two of them had just gotten back from one of the many titty clubs they owned. Probably fucked their way through all the girls.

As next in line to run the Luciano crime family, I knew it was imperative to have sons who would keep the bloodline intact.

“What family is she from?”

Although my father’s expression didn’t change, I saw and felt the subtle shift in him.

“What?” I growled.


I kept my expression stoic as I waited for him to explain.

“It’s Nina.”

I didn’t know how I felt about hearing I’d marry my father’s niece—my first cousin. It wasn’t even the fact we were literally keeping it in the family that disgusted me. It was the fact that my aunt, Nina’s mother, had married Russian trash.

“She’s a Mikhailov,” I snarled that last name, feeling a vileness settling in me. Heat rushed through my veins, then frigid ice. Francisco must’ve felt the change in me this time because he shifted in his chair and looked away, clearing his throat.

“You’ve arranged for me to marry Nina, who is from that fucking degenerate family?” My aunt had gone against the grain and the warnings from everyone close to her to marry the heir of that lowlife Russian gang.

She’d turned her back on her family and, therefore, had been disowned.

My father narrowed his eyes. “They’ll be bound to us, Antonio. And you’ll learn to respect that.”

I made a deep sound of protest in my throat, but my father held his hand up.

“They’ve come into power. A lot. The territories they’re now controlling will bring this family even more strength, and because of that, you’ll do this and do it with a fucking smile.”

I faced the window again, grinding my back teeth. “And what about Lilliana?” I asked about my aunt. “Is she just welcomed back into the family as if she hadn’t spread her legs for that fucking trash?”

My father exhaled. I knew he wasn’t happy about this, but when it came to securing connections and power, personal, family issues were set aside for the greater good of the Family.

I hadn’t seen my aunt’s children, but it didn’t matter because I was sure my soon-to-be-wife was probably as ugly as a fucking banshee.

“Lilliana is beautiful, so I have no doubt her female offspring take after her. Regardless, Nina is of legal age. She’ll give you many heirs.”

“Just put a bag over her head when you fuck her.” Francisco started laughing. “It’s all pink in the center, Antonio.”

I chuckled. True words, but fuck, I wanted my wife to be a fine piece of ass and definitely not from that Russian family. She was half traitor thanks to my aunt.

“And because of Igor Mikhailov’s newest influx of power and territory, he now has connections to the Cartel. His family is useful.”

I curled my hands into fists. I knew my father was right. He did what was best for our family and the organization. But this news felt like my balls were getting cut off.

“He’s a piece of shit who should be ended,” I snarled.

“Antonio isn’t lying,” my uncle said.

“The Mikhailov family is a disgrace. Lilliana is a fucking disgrace. We can take them out and take their territories and connections.” I gritted out.

“Although Nina is the eldest, she’s only twenty and a virgin.” My father focused on his phone instead of continuing.

“Why don’t we just take their connections? Take the power they have?” I asked, feeling more irritated the longer I thought about this arranged marriage.

“If she’s ugly, just go find a hotter piece of ass to get your dick wet between fucking her.”

I scrubbed a hand over my face.

“They married off the other daughter, so they are bound to another family by marriage. Fucking them over and taking their connections—which we could do—would only cause a war. And right now, we need to build not destroy.”

Fuck. I faced the window again. I knew this was the best route to take. As the heir to our organization, I had to follow the path that was laid out for me from the very beginning.

My father’s cell rang, and while he answered it, I continued to stare out the window, looking at the gardens of his property.