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His Secret Sin

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Diego Leoni is used to getting what he wants. He’s one of the best capos the outfit has to offer. Anyone who betrays the outfit, he kills. His first wife knows about that.
Belle Johnson is alone in the city, trying to prove her independence. Blinded in an accident as a child, she can’t rely on anyone. Now, abandoned in a nightclub by her friends, she has to call for help. And Diego answers, being the sweet, kind man, who helps her home.
Diego knows he can’t keep Belle forever. She doesn’t know who he really is, and there’s no way to tell her that the person she’s having sex with is also part of the mafia. Violence is in his blood, and yet, when he’s with Belle, the darkness fades away, leaving just the two of them.
The only problem is, he’s already engaged to another woman, one whom he doesn’t want. But he can’t let Belle go. The only solution is to get Belle pregnant and keep her in his world—without ever letting her know exactly who he is.
But secrets don’t stay hidden forever.
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Chapter One

Diego Leoni pounded into the woman’s pussy. She was a whore to the core, and if he were to pull out now and fuck her ass, she’d let him. So long as he gave her a life she wanted, she’d allow him to do whatever he wanted to her. Even have his men use her. For now, he was just happy to pound her fucking cunt and to take everything he wanted. She was at his mercy, and she would do whatever he demanded of her.

Gripping her hips, he watched his condom-covered dick as it slid in and out of her hungry hole, taking all that he gave her. This was why he had women all over the city. No matter where he went or what he did, he had women at his beck and call, which was exactly what he wanted.

Thrusting in one final time, he closed his eyes as he spilled his release deep inside her. Jane was such a good sport, and after he was done, he pulled out of her. She flopped to her back with a sigh, and he left her alone, dealing with the condom.

“Oh, baby, that was so good. You need to come and give me some more,” she said, moaning his name.

He rolled his eyes, not in the least bit interested in giving her whatever she wanted.

Washing his dick from the excess cum, he dried his hands, put himself together, and exited the bathroom.

Still complete naked with her legs spread, Jane pouted at him.

“Come on, Diego, you know you love spending time with me.”

He smirked. He never spent time with any woman.

Women to him were a waste of time. Unless they were close relatives and part of his world, he didn’t have the time for them. Most often they were too weak and boring. The women who were not part of his world, where he was capo, they were merely there to amuse him.

Pulling out his wallet, he counted out a thousand and put it down at the base of the bed.

“Ugh, you don’t have to keep paying me money, you know. I’d gladly fuck you without the money.”

“This keeps you in your place. Don’t for a second think I enjoy coming here for your company.”


“Don’t. I’ve heard some of the rumors you’re spreading. You haven’t caught me. I know exactly how many men you fuck with that pussy. My dick doesn’t belong to you. It never will. Now, are you going to take the money, or do I need to silence you for the rest of your life?” He waited, allowing her to see his weapons that he kept on his person at all times. He didn’t just rely on guards to do his dirty work; he was more than happy to do it himself.

“Yes, it’s fine.”

“Now tell me, what are you?” he asked.

He saw her jaw clench. He wondered if she’d snap and finally attack him. He wasn’t being nice to her on purpose. Women always needed a reminder to keep them in place.

“I’m a whore.”

“Exactly, and like good whores, you’re going to learn to keep your mouth shut. We wouldn’t want anything happening to you now, would we?”

With that, he turned on his heel and left the apartment. His two guards were waiting. He didn’t speak to them. There was only one place to go, and that was to his club, Spice. His men knew he liked silence, as it helped him to think. If he wanted any interference, he had men, fellow capos who he went to for advice.

He didn’t become capo of his city by asking for help, and he never intended to.

Climbing into the back, he pulled out his cell phone to see if there was anything urgent.

With no new attacks on the family, business was booming, and he was starting to get a little bored with his life. Also, he knew all of this was false.

Their enemies were luring them into believing truces and alliances were being met when he knew the truth. Death happened to those who failed to see the threat.

Arranged marriages, business deals never kept happiness and treaties together for long. All they did was postpone the inevitable.

He thought about his own marriage to a beautiful American woman. She’d been stunning, innocent, and had been supposed to bring together two great families and bring about peace—but it had failed.

Diego had caught his wife fucking one of his men and also discovered her treachery in selling his business secrets. He’d slit her throat and sent her body back to her father. He’d become a widower, and war had raged in the streets for two years, until he finally killed her father as well. He’d buried the entire family on his land, and made sure to keep their territory for himself. It was the biggest “fuck you” he’d ever dished out, and now at forty years old, he knew it would only be a matter of time before another bride was found for him. Leoni was a name feared and one that came with wealth and power. There was no way The Boss would ever allow him to die without heirs to take over his place. This was what he’d been born into, bred to become, and now he had to do the same for a new generation. Otherwise, his place as capo would be taken from him by his cousin.