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Hitching It (Metropolis #4.5)

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Pack your jockstraps and snow coats, Metropolis boys.
This December, your presence is requested for the most fabulous wedding of...
Mr. Derek Crawford & Mr. Jackson Gibbs
The event will be held at the Silver Fox Ski Lodge in Whistle Ridge, British Columbia. Daily activities will include skiing, ice skating, hot chocolate by an open fire--and of course, a respectable amount of one-on-one time with your own partners to allow you guys to find other ways to generate some heat.
Expect cocktails, fun, and laughs with friends...as well as a few delightful surprises as we walk down the aisle, on the way to our very own happily ever after.
Bottom Boy & His Daddy
PS: No RSVPs necessary. We know our crew will be there. Love you guys!
Hitching It is a 22K-word story that follows the characters you know and love from the Metropolis series. Before reading Hitching It, it's best to read the other books in the series, starting with Faking It.
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“Who would have thought?” I say as I survey my button-up and tux pants in the mirror. I shift to check out my profile. “I’m going to be a bride!”

Gary brushes some lint off my shoulder. “Yes, the most beautiful bride there ever was,” he says, his tone dripping with sarcasm.

“Superass, you were a pretty bride, but come on. These blond locks, the blue eyes bestowed upon me by the gods themselves…they’re a curse, really.”

He laughs. “Guess what the gods giveth in beauty, they taketh in modesty.”

“The only modest thing right now are these goddamn pants.” I groan as I adjust the fabric around my trunk. “What the hell happened? Did she mess with the ass?” I cup my hands around my ass cheeks feverishly.

Gary winces. “Oh shit.” The worry in his tone assures me this isn’t just in my head. “I vaguely recall her being distracted when she was working on the pant length, and you said something about your ass—”

“That it was messed up? I wouldn’t have said that. It was perfect!”

“Eh, more about how, with the way it fit, you were liable to get five dicks in your ass before making it all the way down the aisle…?”

“And she interpreted that as a bad thing?”

Gary’s reflection glares at me. “Derek, it might surprise you to know that not everyone gets your sense of humor.”

I grumble. “And you noticed she might not have understood, and just stood by and—”

“Whoa, whoa! I wasn’t one hundred percent sure. She looked confused and then—”

“And then my matron of honor betrayed me. I guess someone wanted to be an even more beautiful bride than me,” I tease.

“Wanted to be? Someone already was,” a voice comes from the door, and I turn to see Trav heading into my master suite in the chalet we’re sharing with a bunch of the guys.

I roll my eyes. “Look, I get that you have to stand up for your husband, but—”

“Stand up for my husband? I was talking about me.” He slaps Gary’s ass and offers his man a quick kiss…the sort of cootie-inducing kiss that would have seemed disgusting to me if I wasn’t feeling so goddamn sentimental the closer my big day got.

“Yes, you were a beautiful bride,” Gary says, and I make a loud gagging sound.

“Surprised that reflex even still works for you,” Trav jokes with a wink before lounging on the nearby love seat, putting one hand behind his head, and crossing his legs. He pulls his phone out of his pocket.

“Did you want a front-row seat to my agony?” I ask.

“Agony? Oh, come on. This weekend is all about you and Jackson. I’m not reveling in anything. I was just coming to let you know Hayden and Cody arrived, so now everyone is officially here.”

“Well, at least one thing isn’t a total clusterfuck,” I say.

Gary rests his hands on my shoulders. “Relax. Everyone actually made it. That’s what’s important.”

He’s right, especially considering Jackson and I didn’t exactly choose the most convenient location for our wedding—the Silver Fox Ski Lodge in Whistle Ridge, British Columbia. Jackson and I vacationed here last winter, and after the proposal, there wasn’t any question about where we wanted the ceremony. It’s a gorgeous resort with awesome slopes and a cute village with fun pubs and a frozen pond for ice-skating. We had such an amazing time our first time here that it was something we wanted to share with our friends and family. And what easier way to make it work with everyone’s schedule than over the Christmas holiday?

I take a breath, reminding myself that Gare-bear’s right: having everyone here is way more important than what my ass looks like in my tux pants.

The fuck? No it’s not!

I groan again. “Ugh. None of this would have been an issue if I would have gone with that wedding gown we saw at Phipps Plaza.”

“No one was discouraging you,” Gary remarks with a smile.

“White just seems so inauthentic at this point, Superass. I wonder what color would work for a guy like me.”

“In middle school, I had this sock that was probably the right shade of yellow,” Trav says from the love seat.

Gary cringes. “Travis! No one needs to know about your cumrag.”

“From what you’ve told me, you had a certain pillowcase that was just as used and abused.”

“Ew—a pillowcase?” I ask.

Gary shakes his head. “I’m feeling really judged right now.”

“Aw, come on, babe.” Travis hops up from the sofa and approaches. “You know I love all the quirky things about my hubby.” Hooking an arm around Gary, he pulls him close and kisses Gary’s cheek, then licks back to his ear before nibbling and tugging on the lobe. Despite Gary’s laugh, the shade of red that covers his face reveals just how much Trav can still work him up.