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Hot Shot - A Bad Boy Sports Romance

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Lulu Pratt

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I was one of the toughest players on ice -- until she melted my heart.
Like most hockey players I went through the one-and-done puck bunny phase.
I knew what my smile did to women and I had no problem using it against them. But Elyse is different.
Something in her past pushes everyone away, yet she feels safe when she’s with me.
She’s gorgeous and I can’t forget her curves or how she comes alive with my touch.
I’m learning that I can’t deal with problems in real life the way I handle them on the ice.
I’m determined to win her. It’s hard, but with Elyse, I’m playing for keeps.
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Lulu Pratt

Chapter 1


I DROVE THROUGH downtown Denver and groaned at the traffic. I was getting together with my best friend for drinks after meeting with an art gallery that was going to show my work in six weeks. Even though I was introverted and lived on the edge of town for a reason, she knew that I’d be in the city, and was determined to get me out for the evening.

Tori was so not introverted. She had bright blonde and red hair and an equally vibrant personality, the total opposite of mine, but I adored her. We’d known each other since high school and remained in Colorado together.

I stopped at a red light and switched the radio to something on my phone. I needed an upbeat song to get me through the next few blocks and in the mood to handle strangers. I smiled when “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” played over the speakers of my SUV. There were days I’d rather get caught up in a happy song than deal with the real world, which was why I was a good artist. Tori told me all the time that I just needed to get my talent out there and make a living from it. I’d been working in a cozy little second-hand bookstore to keep busy for the last two years as I created art in my spare time.

I finally saw the bar I was meeting Tori at and made my way slowly to the closest parking garage. I threw everything into my purse and draped it over my body before I checked to make sure I had the keys. Locking the door with a quick press of a button, I made my way to the street and turned right. I glanced around at the people walking around me, smiling as I ducked my head. I had no idea how I was supposed to handle an art show based around my art, but I’d figure it out. That or I’d drink all night.

I pushed my long thick black hair away from my face before grabbing the door handle. I was feeling a little too fancy for this bar, but I was here now. I’d put on a long skirt and blouse for my earlier meeting, and even a little make-up. I searched the large room for Tori, smiling when I saw her bright hair near the end of the bar. I wondered for a moment what I would do if she ever decided to go back to her natural hair color, as the bright colors were what I always searched for when I was looking for her. However, I wasn’t sure even if Tori knew what her natural color was anymore. I started over, pausing when I saw a group of men gathered around her as she laughed at something one of them said. She was the center of attention and in her element.

Tori worked in public relations, and as a result, she knew a lot of people. She represented several celebrities and worked significant events all over the state, even leaving for the West Coast sometimes. I scanned the group tonight, taking in the stocky men curiously. They had to be in sports based on their muscular builds, but I had no idea what team.

Tori looked around with a smile, saw me and waved me over. I sighed to myself as I pressed through her adoring crowd. She waggled her eyebrows at me and sipped her drink with delight before introducing me, with a strong emphasis on my upcoming art show, to the members of the local major league hockey team. I blushed, feeling my face heat, nodding to them as I said hello.

As Tori’s attention was drawn away by a story from one of the men standing next to her, I felt a gentle touch on my elbow.

I turned and faced one of the players grinning at me. He leaned in, “I’ve heard this one before; you might need a drink to get through it. Can I get you one?”

He stood out somehow in this group with an intensity that I didn’t often find in people. His hair was long and hung in slight waves around his face, and his deep green eyes were mesmerizing. He was built like a Greek god.

“I’ll have a margarita, please,” I said quietly.

“Traditional?” he asked, and I nodded. “Here, have my seat, I’ll be back in a moment.” He turned to the bar and was back before I had a chance to come up with an excuse to leave.

“Thank you,” I said as he handed me the glass and a napkin.

“My pleasure.”

“What do you do with the team?” I asked, figuring he would want to talk about himself.

He smirked for a second. “What do I do for the team? I’m guessing you’re not a fan?”