How the Necromancer in the Gold Vest Saved My Life – Disaster 5 Read Online Jocelynn Drake

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Disaster #4: Who Woke the Dead?

Something has escaped from the underworld!

Sky would like to point out that this is NOT his fault.

But, yes, something has escaped, and it has all the dead crawling out of their graves.

Naturally, the humans are freaking out.

Except for the sexy one living across the street.

Nolan is ready to jump into the fray and help Sky round up the underworld fugitive.

Sky's going to need all the help he can get--not just from his coven but all the witches he can get his hands on.

How the Necromancer in the Gold Vest Saved My Life is a serial comprising four novellas that follow the insane adventures of necromancer Skylar Wallace and his next-door neighbor Nolan Banks. This is the final book and contains witches, demons, underworld minions, more sandwiches, stolen smexy time, an angry Grammy, and something scary running wild in Connecticut.

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Chapter 1

Skylar Wallace

Holy shit!

He was in the underworld…in his pajamas.

That, kids, was a very important lesson in why sleeping nude was dangerous. One never knew when a demon would pop in during the middle of the night and drag them off to the underworld. No one wanted to be standing in the underworld with all their bits and pieces hanging out.

The landing in the underworld was, at least, a little gentler than his landing out of bed and onto the floor. Sky’s attention was torn between the dark world spread out in front of him and the seven-foot-tall creature standing next to him. And that wasn’t even counting the pair of horns that curved up from the sides of his skull.

A vast, crowded city lay below the hill he was standing on. The streets were narrow, and the brick buildings cuddled close together as if snuggling for warmth. Or maybe it was more of a drunken lean since the place had a very Las Vegas vibe with all its blinking neon.

Not that he thought Las Vegas was Hell.

No, it was more like someone from the underworld had used a very heavy hand in designing the desert oasis over the decades.

That left him with lots of questions, but he shoved them aside and opted for door number two: the creature standing on his right.

He gazed up, tilting his head far back to gaze at the being’s face. Not bad-looking, actually. Despite the poor lighting, Sky could make out a sculpted face with sharp cheekbones, a hard jaw, and lips that appeared almost too full for his features. And, of course, he had to have the longest, fullest eyelashes. They were noticeable against his glowing red eyes.

His horns thrust through black hair that hung past his powerful shoulders. Several braids, interesting beads, and silver rings interspersed with the heavy locks.

But really, the horns kept pulling Sky’s eyes up.

“Those are the coolest horns.” Sky exhaled while his brain tried to catch up with his tongue. The thick horns curled once before ending in a point toward the sky and were a strange, pale silver-white.

The demon tilted his head to the side, his smooth brow furrowing. “Are you hitting on me?”

“What? What?” Sky squawked twice in his most suave panicked-chicken impression. He scrambled back a couple of steps, clutching his hands to his chest. “What? No! Of course not! No!”

The furrow deepened, and his eyes narrowed. “Why of course not? Are you one of those humans not attracted to demons?”

“What? No! I am—what?”

The dark expression on the demon’s face cracked, and a wicked grin spread across his lips. He didn’t laugh, but Sky could feel that he was being teased.

He pointed a finger at the demon and took a step closer. “That’s not nice! You’re the one who stole me out of my nice, warm bed. You’re not allowed to tease me, too.”

The demon arched one thick eyebrow at him, the smile disappearing. “And you think you have any right to make demands after the mess you’ve made?”


He’d made a mess? In the underworld?

Well, this was news to him. This was not a place he wanted to make messes. And the number-one reason was that he had no desire to be dragged out of bed by a giant demon who could squash him like a grape.

“Come. We need to get this settled once and for all,” the demon announced. He lifted one of his giant hands and waved it through the air in front of him. Another black portal, about the same size as the demon, opened in front of them.

“Wait!” Sky backpedaled and held up both hands as if to ward the creature off. Not that he expected it to work, but right now, his brain was in panic mode. Magic and other smarter options were offline. “Who are you? What’s going on? Why am I here? What’s this bet you mentioned?”

“I’m called Zalramon, but if that’s too much for your human tongue, you can call me Zal.”