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In His Custody

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Jessa Kane

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When London is released from juvenile hall, a tall, raspy-voiced stranger greets her outside, intending to bring her home. Police captain Brody claims to be her mother’s new husband...and though London has never met the man, she’s released into his custody. The hardened officer is determined to set London on the right path in her mother’s absence. While London rebels at first, his brand of discipline is too pleasurable to deny. And soon they’re giving in to the blistering heat generating between them. But things aren’t always what they seem. London might have just met her stepfather, but he’s known her for a long, long time…
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Jessa Kane



The young blonde troublemaker I’ve been fantasizing about for months walks out of the juvenile detention center and stops abruptly, cocking a light brow behind her sunglasses.

“Who are you?”

“Your stepfather. Brody.” I hold out my hand, silently begging her to take it. “Nice to finally meet you, London.”

Even though her eyes are shielded by Ray-Bans, it’s impossible to mistake the hurt that streaks across her face before she hides it. “I should have known my mother wouldn’t come to pick me up herself.” London breezes past me toward the parking lot, tight backside twitching right to left in painted-on denim. “Let me guess, she’s on a cruise with a new best friend who is trying to convince her to invest in a pyramid scheme disguised as a makeup company.”

My lips tilt as I follow her. “Something like that.”

“I didn’t even know she’d gotten married.” London flashes me a sassy smirk over her shoulder. “Again.”

“It’s a good thing she did or you’d be taking the bus home.”

Her smile slips a touch and I immediately regret the harshness of my words, but I sure as hell don’t take them back. I’m a former Army captain turned police chief. Coddling isn’t in my nature. Thanks to a lack of parental guidance, London has been in and out of juvie since she turned fifteen—and that shit ends now. Her mother might have been incapable of laying down the law, but that is not the case anymore.

She’s too goddamn perfect to spend another day locked up.

It’s up to me to put her on the right path.

I unlock the doors of my Range Rover, watching through the window of the driver’s side as London boosts herself into the seat in a huff, tits jiggling around in the low neckline of her white tank top. My cock is already stiff as a board. Seems like it has been this way ever since I met her mother, Kelli, in a bar and I saw that picture of a kiss-blowing London on her phone. It’s been like this, rigid and swollen and starved. Waiting.


This might be the first time my stepdaughter is meeting me, but I’m well acquainted with her. I’ve been paying the guards at the detention facility for information. For video. Photos. Access. Anything I can get my hands on. Until I can have the real thing.

When I settle into the driver’s side of my vehicle, it takes every ounce of self control not to reach over and slide my hands down the front of her tank top. To test the weight of her braless tits in my palm. See if her nipples can already get hard for me…or if she needs some seducing first. Either way, I’m going to have her.

I need to have her.

With a discreet adjustment of my belt buckle, I start the car and pull out of the parking lot, heading in the direction of my house. “I bet you’re relieved you never have to go back there, huh?”

“Oh, yes.” She crosses her delicious legs and gives a little shimmy. “Next time, I get to go to big girl prison. It’s like the grown up table at Thanksgiving. Just with handcuffs.”

I’m already shaking my head. “You’re done getting locked up, London. As long as you’re on my watch, you’ll be staying out of trouble.”

London snorts. “Please. You’re going to be part of my life for a week, then I’ll never see you again. Just like all the other boyfriends and husbands. Don’t act like you care.”

“How about I prove it to you, instead?”

Momentarily, she seems caught off guard. “Yeah, um. Good…good luck with that.” I can feel her curious eyes roving over me, turning my balls to lead. “What are you? A cop or something?”

“See that? You’re too smart to spend your life in a cell.”

“Oh my God. You are a cop?” She tilts her head back and groans—and I swear to Christ, I almost pull the car over and pull that bratty little mouth down to my lap. “Seriously, just take me back to juvie. It’s better than living with a police officer.”

I clear the desire from my throat. “How so?”

“There are a hundred other girls in juvie! The guards’ attention is divided.” She crosses her arms and flounces back against the seat. “At home, I’ll have to deal with your authoritarian nonsense all by myself.”

“That’s right.” I slow to a stop at a red light, keeping my tone mild. “By the time your mother gets home from her business trip, I’m going to have you on the straight and narrow. No more running your mouth to cops, stealing cars or disturbing the peace. No more drunken dancing in fountains or chaining yourself to government buildings, either.”

“Okay. So you’ve done your research.”

“I always do.” When it comes to you. I don’t say that part out loud, but I would love to. I’d love to tell London everything right now. That I’m obsessed with her. That I’ve spent the last few months orchestrating this moment. When I’d bring her home and have her all to myself.