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Knock Her Up - Curvy Women Wanted

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Sam Crescent

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Finding out that Noah wants her is a dream come true. At thirty years old, Sage is ready to take that next step.

Noah wants Sage, and he intends to have it all with her. The only way to get her is to knock her up. That’s his plan. Sage is fire and passion—everything Noah loves and craves in his woman. He wants to share the rest of his life with her, but when Sage tells him she loves him, he freezes. Even though Sage is the only woman he wants, he cannot bring himself to say the words.

When one of his old clients threatens to take Sage away from him forever, will he have the strength to finally tell Sage how he feels, or will his fear of losing everything hold him back?
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Sam Crescent

Chapter One

Noah ignored the drone of his latest client as he stared through the doorway, watching his very sexy secretary as she walked around his office, dealing with contracts. If she bent over the copier one more time, he wouldn’t be responsible for what he did.

“Are you even listening to me?” his client asked.

His current case was a scorned wife who was going to court after she beat up her husband’s current mistress, and afterward, decided to total his car.

Noah wasn’t sure which crime the wife was more pissed at, but it was a simple case as far as he was concerned. He couldn’t stand cheating husbands. They were all assholes. Why marry a woman only to cheat on her? There was no point in it. One of the many reasons he became a divorce lawyer was so he could make each bastard or bitch pay. He didn’t just handle the women who were scorned, but the men as well. There was no way he was going to let any cheater get away free.

“I’m always listening, and believe me, I will handle this. Your husband is going to wish he kept it in his pants.” He stood up, letting her know he was bringing this conversation to a close.

It was nearly six in the evening, and if he wasn’t careful, Sage would leave.

Sage Miller, the beautiful woman with long blonde hair, sweet blue eyes. Innocence surrounded her, and he couldn’t forget the curves either. A juicy, full ass, ripe thighs, a rounded stomach, and heavy tits made for his mouth. She epitomized sex. The outfits she wore, from the pencil skirts to the cute summer dresses, drove him crazy. He spent most of his time in a constant state of arousal.

She’d been working for him for over a year, and he’d gone to great lengths to make that happen, paying several of her employers along the way a hefty sum to push her toward him. Now that he had her, he had no intention of letting her go. For a year, he’d bided his time to allow her to get comfortable with him.

Well, his plans were all in motion, and he wasn’t going to let anything like a cheating case get in the way. What he wanted from Sage was everything. A ring on her finger, her in his bed, and his cum deep in her pussy, knocking her up.

Shaking the woman’s hand, he offered her an encouraging smile. “Try not to trash anything in the next couple of weeks.”

“I won’t. That son of a bitch had it coming.”

Noah agreed, following her outside then shutting the door behind her. Flicking the lock on his office, he glanced at the busy street. He loved living in a small town. It beat city life. Growing up in the city, he’d learned to get tough. It was why he didn’t scare at all. No case was too much for him. No husband and wife too terrifying.

“How is she?” Sage asked.

Another reason he was sure to bring this particular client in today. “You know, she’s upset. I think she is still angry.”

“Wouldn’t you be? Married for twenty years and then discover he’s keeping a mistress on the side, and that woman has a kid as well. It’s a lot to digest. I bet the pain is unimaginable.” Sage shook her head, carrying several files toward her desk.

“What are those?” Noah asked.

“These are your follow-up cases. I know you like to check on your clients after a few months to see how they’re doing.”

He never used to, but knowing Sage was worried about some of them, he made it a habit. There was a lot he did for this woman without even realizing it, including adopting a cat and a dog last Christmas from the animal shelter, because she couldn’t stand for them to be alone.

“Start that tomorrow.” He sighed.

Sage reached over and put her hand on his arm. “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know. I guess I just have to wonder if there is ever going to be a couple that makes it work, you know?” he asked. “I’m surprised I’m not so cynical after all these years of dealing with couples that end up hurting each other.”

She pushed some hair out of her face and smiled. “Not all couples end in divorce. I know a high percentage do, but you’ve got to think that you’re not them, Noah.”

He’d insisted she called him Noah, rather than Mr. Bartley. Soon she’d be moaning his name, and damn it, he couldn’t wait to have it echoing off the walls of his bedroom.

“It’s hard,” he said.

“I hope one day I find a guy who loves everything about me, from my quirky need to have a light on at night to the fact I love Christmas and Halloween. Not to mention wanting kids. Lots of kids.”