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Who would have thought breaking your dick would be so much fun?
I walked into the physio’s office, hobbling like a fool, and the last thing I expected to see was her.
She was going to be mine come hell or high water.
The only problem is, she’s got the weight of the world resting on her feisty shoulders, and she’s not the kind of woman to fall for my usual tricks.
Elle is gonna make me work for it, and I’ve never been so ready.

What do you do when the captain of the Colorado Thunder ice hockey team sets his sights on you?
You run for the hills and hope he trips and falls into someone else’s vagi . . . love muffin.
Logan Waters is the bane of my existence. He’s gorgeous and has me ready to risk it all.
Shit. That was cheesy, wasn’t it? Let me try that again . . .
Ahem . . . *clears throat*
Logan Waters can kiss my ass.
Me and him . . . It’s never gonna happen.

Never Gonna Happen is a New Adult, Sports Romance with a HEA.
CONTENT Explicit sexual content, rape, drug abuse, death, and heavy coarse language.

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Chapter 1


“You’re not serious?” My little sister Cassie exclaims in disgust from across my dining room table.

I can’t help but smirk at her, especially when her face scrunches up at hearing about the way I’ve just dump my latest girlfriend. “Hell yeah, I’m serious,” I laugh. “We were only dating for a few weeks and she was already talking about babies and weddings. What the fuck was I supposed to do?”

“Wait?” Jaxon laughs as he buts in the conversation. “Is this the chick you brought to Sean’s wedding?” he questions.

“Ha, no,” I scoff. “Got rid of that one ages ago. She was too needy. Though, with how desperately you were drooling over Cassie, I’m surprised you noticed anything apart from your own dick at that wedding,” I laugh, enjoying how he rolls his eyes before reaching across the table to grab my sister and haul her into his lap.

As awful as it is seeing your little sister with a guy, I’m glad it’s Jaxon. These two have been together since they were kids, minus a few rough years in between but they sorted their shit out and they’ve never been happier and seeing Cass light up every time he walks into a room makes it all worth it, not that I’ll ever tell her that.

“What’s going on?” My brother Sean asks as he comes trudging into my dining room with his wife, Sara, tucked under his arm. He pulls out a chair for her before seating himself and helping himself to all my food.

“Logan just dumped another girl,” Cassie says, filling him in as she reaches across the table and drags her plate to her new spot on Jax’s lap before jamming her lunch down her throat.

“Not surprised,” Sean murmurs before looking up with a smirk. “What’s that? The third one this week?”

“Come on. Give me a break,” I laugh. “I was with her for at least four weeks.”

Jaxon scoffs from across the table. “Bullshit, I’d put my money on two weeks tops.”

“Nah, ten days would be pushing it,” Carter, my other brother calls from the kitchen and by the tone in his voice, I know the fucker is enjoying the attention being on my love life rather than his. Though, as of a few months ago, Carter started dating Cassie’s best friend, Brianna which unfortunately for me, means that when my dickhead brothers need someone to take the piss out of, it’s been coming my way.

“Shut up,” I announce to the table. “At least I’m not pussy whipped like the rest of you.” At that, every male at the table rolls their eyes while the girls grin at their partners in delight.

“What elaborate scheme did you use to break up with this one?” Cassie asks as she gets up from the table and starts clearing away all our dishes, not caring if we were finished with them or not.

“What makes you think there was an elaborate scheme?” I question as I desperately try to hold onto my plate.

Cassie stops in her tracks and turns to look at me with a smug look. “Again… you’re not serious, right?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I laugh.

She dumps the dishes on the kitchen bench before starting her scraping and rinsing ritual. “Hmm, let me see,” she ponders with a smirk. “There was the time you told that girl you were caught up in a bank robbery and had to skip your date to give a statement to the police, and then there was that other time you faked a water skiing accident and broke your leg. You made me go and buy you crutches when the girl insisted that she wanted to come over and check on you.”

I grin at the fond memory but my response is cut off by Carter. “Oh, don’t forget the time you told that chick your dog was going into surgery with appendicitis,” he says with laughter in his voice.

“Oh yeah,” I grin.

“Huh?’ Jaxon questions. “I’ve lived next door for as long as I can remember and I know you never had a dog.”

“Exactly,” Cassie laughs. “It was one of his schemes. He borrowed one of his friend’s dogs, shaved half of it and wrapped the poor thing up in bandages.”

“Hey,” I say defensively as I get up from the table to help Cass with the dishes. “That dog loved all the attention I was giving him.”

I boot Cass out of the way and take over as it’s my place. I invited everyone over so it’s only fair that I be on dishes duty, besides my parents would probably roll over in their graves if I was caught neglecting my hosting duties.

The conversation at the table drifts off to Jaxon and how he has been drafted to the National Hockey League, after having an amazing senior year as Captain of the Denver Dragons. Though, the team he just happened to be drafted to… is my team.