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Love at The Bluebird

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Aurora Rose Reynolds

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With a hit song sitting at number one on the country music charts, Gavin McNeer thought he finally had everything he ever wanted.
All it takes is one look from the mesmerizing woman sitting in the front row at one of his shows and a brief encounter to make him realize just what he’s been missing. Even though he’s been burnt in the past, Gavin puts his inhibitions aside and his heart on the line to earn the trust of the woman who could be his everything.
Working in an industry where relationships start and end in the blink of an eye, Alyson Dawson has made it her mission not to get mixed up with musicians, no matter how good-looking they are. Keeping her focus on her blossoming career and clients, Aly doesn’t even have time to date much less fall in love. That is until she meets Gavin, a man who changes everything with one smoldering look.
Just when these two begin to settle into their new relationship, Aly is asked to do something that may require her to choose between the career she’s building and the man she’s falling in love with. To make things worse, Gavin’s ex decides to add a touch of drama to an already delicate situation.
Will their love survive, or become just another sad love song?
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Chapter One


“YOU’RE LISTENING TO 103.6 BOOM! Country Nashville, and that was Gavin McNeer’s new single, ‘User’. Speaking of the new heartthrob of country music, he’s our special guest in the studio this morning. What’s up, Gavin?” The radio disc jockey, Trevor Ant, nods at me while pressing some buttons on his audio console, signaling for my turn to speak into the microphone.

“Good morning, everyone,” I say, unable to hide my southern drawl or the deep, husky tone of my voice. “Thanks for letting me crash your morning routine.” I turn around in surprise hearing muffled screams coming from behind me. A crowd of women have gathered on the other side of the glass, watching our interview. I see my cousin and full-time assistant, Sosie, rolling her eyes at the squealing from the ladies when I point and wave to them. I chuckle at Sosie, her disdain for my overexuberant female fans always amusing me.

“Please excuse the background noise, as Gavin has accumulated a large crowd in the hallway,” Trevor reports to the listeners, irritation radiating in his eyes at the unwelcome visitors. Trevor Ant is a veteran radio disc jockey, having a long tenure on one of Nashville’s most popular country radio stations. He runs a tight ship and likes his routine to be smooth and uninterrupted. And I’m sure having a gaggle of women outside is not part of his plan for this interview.

“Where did they even come from? They were not there five minutes ago,” I wonder out loud as I turn around again and give them a thumbs-up, causing another round of high-pitched hysterics to bellow into the room. I laugh at Sosie again, enjoying getting another rise out of my sassy cousin.

“The real question, Gavin, is where did you come from, and more importantly, where have you been all my life?” CeeCee Walker purrs, licking her lips in a way that is purely intentional for me to see. CeeCee is Trevor’s female sidekick, reporting mostly on the gossip in the music industry. While Trevor has an exceptional reputation, word on the street is that CeeCee has no remorse trading air play for a roll in the sheets when she sets her sights on a musician she’s interested in. Even worse is that she’s supposed to be “happily” married.

“I was born and raised in Austin, Texas and have been living in Nashville for four years now,” I answer, not even acknowledging her last comment. My insides burn with annoyance. I might be forced to be cordial and polite, but it pisses me off when women play games. And there is no way in hell I’d ever give her any reason to think I’m interested in her advances.

Mental Note: Stay very far away from CeeCee Walker.

“So, Texas is where that sexy drawl comes from. I must report to the ladies listening that Gavin looks just as good as he sounds! Like a tall glass of sweet tea on a hot summer’s day.”

I smile coldly at her while shifting uncomfortably in my seat. I’m fortunate to be the son of two very good-looking parents, but talking about my looks is always my least favorite subject. I take care of myself by working out daily, and I know how blessed I am to be talented and handsome, but sometimes being both is a double-edged sword.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not complaining about it. It just makes me have to work that much harder at my craft. I’m not always taken seriously and have been accused more than once that my voice is autotuned in the studio and that the only reason I’ve been this successful is because of my looks. People who’ve worked with me know that isn’t true, but some assholes like to say otherwise.

I give zero fucks about what is reported about me by the media, and I won’t even acknowledge those lowlifes who just want to ride on my coattails. I’m more than happy to prove them wrong by inviting them into the studio with me. Looks fade, but my music is going to last a lifetime, and that’s all I care about.

The haters can go fuck themselves.

“While you might be new to us as a singer, you’re no stranger to the music business. You’ve actually been writing and producing songs for other artists for a while now. Tell us how you broke into the industry, Gavin, as it’s not an easy task,” Trevor interjects, giving CeeCee a look that is screaming at her to behave.

“That’s right, Trevor. It sure isn’t an easy industry to get into, much less recognized. For the one song that makes it, thousands of others will never see the light of day. A lot of this business is who you know and timing. My brother and I had our own band back in Austin, where we got discovered—”