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Lucky Obsession - Endless Obsession

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ChaShiree M

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I was born the bastard son of a polish mob boss, hidden in the gutter and destined to the shadows. Then, my brother was given the position that was rightfully his and as his brother and most trusted friend, he brought me with him. I was thrust into the front of a thriving, yet flailing mob family and I vowed to make my brother proud.
My brother sent me on a mission, one meant to bring back an important document, but everything changed when I met her. My Aisling. She flipped my entire life around and suddenly all I could see was her. She was the quench to my thirst. The moth to my flame. I had her under me in days. Days I didn’t have but needed to make sure she knew this was real. When it was time for me to go, I promised to come back for her, but then she showed up not alone, but with a man, she didn’t belong to.
I could tell she wasn’t happy and didn’t want to be there, but with my family in an internal war, I had to wait..bide my time. Thank fuck I installed a tracking device on her phone and in her purse before our last night together. Yeah, as I said, everything flipped.
Now, with my family safe and things as they should be, I am watching her, taking photos, and lurking in the shadows until I can figure out who this asshole is that thinks my future is his. When I find out she is working for a monster, one responsible for dozens of missing women and ties to a trafficking ring, I have to make my play and get her out by any means necessary, even if I have to start a war to do it.
When I finally get her in my arms, our love burns bright and her need for me matches my own. When I find out she has been keeping something precious to us both, safe and a secret, I will burn New York to the ground to protect my family.
They say obsession is unhealthy. That may be true. One thing for sure is that my obsession is Endless and she is MINE.
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ChaShiree M




I have been in New York doing a pickup job for my brother. It is supposed to be a quick document pickup and back. Well, aside from trying to find information about the DeSantis Crime Family. They have been rivals of the Pruszkow here in the states since my family migrated here. My father, the current head of the family, has been trying to move into their territory all over the U.S. for the last ten years, but so far, no good.

Then, suddenly, last week, the top 5 leaders of the DeSantis in New York were assassinated, and as you can imagine, this is the opening my father has been vying for. My grandfather, the old man who brought our family name to the states, is still technically in charge, forcing my father to give my older brother Jakub his place as the Prince running the streets.

So, he sent me here to pick up information from the holding we have here, which also contains the contacts. My orders while I am here are to find out if anyone has heard anything about who is trying to take over the DeSantis territory, so we know who we're going against.

The assignment was simple and I had it completed within twenty-four hours. The document was in my hand and no one, I mean no one is talking about the ambush and the family. To be honest, I find it eerie and disconcerting. It’s like everyone knows something those of us who don’t live here don’t. They all seem scared and unsure.

Considering everything, I should have been gone but something else caught my eye day one. Her name is Aisling O’Doyle. She is this red headed fairy I saw walking down the street. In lame fashion I played the part of a lost tourist and had her showing me around the city within seconds. Within minutes, I knew she was my soul mate.

I took her out to dinner that night and every second I spent with her cemented she was the one for me. When she got up and went to the bathroom, I snatched her I.D., took a pic and sent it to my guy in Chicago.

By the next night, she was under me, screaming my name, leaving her marks in my back, literally, raining her cream on my cock as I sprayed the inside of her.

When I figured out she was a virgin, the caveman in me reverted back to the day when a man took a girl's virginity and she became his property. Shit was simpler then. But, the man in me that respects his mother and my girls right to choose me and us, even if she really doesn’t have a choice, that man is using whatever means he can to convince her to come back with me.

I have been here for five days now and every single part of those days have been spent with her. Out, doing regular things like dinner, movies, walks, talking and the museum. The rest of it has been spent with me between her legs, showing her she is mine.

The second night, while she was sleeping, I cloned her phone and put a tracking app on it. I have to leave soon and if I cannot get her to come back with me, I need to be able to know where she is at all times.

Looking over, I can’t help but smile as she sleeps beside me softly snoring. When I think of leaving her here, my fucking chest hurts. “Are you just going to stare at me?” Her groggy, sleepy, laden voice makes my dick hard every time. She is such a sexy smart ass.

“Come home with me, Słodki anioł.” I have been calling her sweet angel in polish since the moment I met her which is also how I know she is going to be my wife.

“Jozef, we have talked about this..” She gears up to protest, but I am quickly losing patience with her fucking argument.

“I know. But leaving you here is going to kill me baby.” I move slowly toward her, pulling down the sheet, exposing her naked, pale skin.

“I know. I don't want you to go, Jozef, but what can we do?” she shrugs her shoulders and it pisses me off. She is so easily resigned to us being apart.

“I wouldn’t if my big brother didn't need me, right now, baby. That doesn’t change the fact that I need you.” Her face begins turning red because she knows when I say I need her, things are going to get dirty. “Promise me something, Słodki anioł.” Her arms wrap around my neck as I move between her legs and prop them around my waist. I can’t stop myself from attacking her mouth, sliding my tongue inside, dueling with hers. Our dance is always a frenzy. When I pull back she takes a breath and then answers me.