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After centuries of loyal service as a detective, Nigel Prince retired from England's Department of Magical Justice. He's content spending time alone in his cottage, minding his own business, thank you very much. Others might describe him as a cranky codger and they'd be right. But Nigel is also an extremely powerful mage, and a gifted officer who is knowledgeable on all things paranormal. That's why his former Chief Constable keeps trying to lure him back to the police force for help with difficult cases. Nigel always refuses, until the Chief Constable brings a file he can't ignore. In America, a fellow officer's immortal life was cut short when he was murdered and mutilated in a horrific scene. The American Department of Magical Justice has called upon Nigel's talents and expertise to assist them avenge the detective's death, and he reluctantly agrees to travel across the pond to help them. Nigel soon learns that things are even worse than he imagined; the perpetrator is a serial killer with nefarious intent. On top of that, Nigel learns that his new partner Milan is his beloved; his perfect match granted by Fate whom he is destined to love for all time. Of course, he learns that after he spouted off his mouth and earned Milan's disdain. So now Nigel is tasked with wooing his beloved, stopping a killer, and saving the world. *Just in time for Halloween, this paranormal story contains a slightly spooky storyline and a bit of gore, along with magic, mystery, sweetness, and heat! It has no cliffhanger, but a very happy HEA!

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Chapter One


I placed my teacup in the sink and groaned at the sight I caught through my kitchen window - a man I had been avoiding for nearly a week. He had called repeatedly, and I had ignored every ring of my phone.

He was my previous boss, Chief Constable Daniel Cunningham; a man I had worked with for decades. The fact that he’d called so frequently told me that he wanted something from me, but the fact that he was here, walking down my drive and approaching my home, told me that he really wanted something.

But when I stepped away from law enforcement three years ago, I never intended to return. I’d seen enough darkness and destruction to last an eternity. Whatever he needed was no longer my problem. Whatever he was willing to offer me to help wasn’t enough.

I ducked below my window before he saw me, and scurried to my back door. I pulled it open, but was blocked from making my great escape by a tall, broad figure. I raised my head and scowled when I saw the face of my ex-partner from the force, Arthur Graves, looking down on me.

“You too?” I asked with a sigh. Daniel had brought backup, which was never a good sign. Arthur smirked as he nodded. “Is there any point in running?”

“I’m afraid not,” he replied, smiling wider. “It’s good to see you, Nigel.”

“Yes, well, I wish I could say the same.”

Not offended by my remark, Arthur only chuckled as he entered my home. We’d spent enough time together for him to know I was just a cranky bastard. Honestly, I was happy to see him; Arthur was my closest friend, though I hadn’t reached out to him as often as I should have. And having been police partners, we shared a deep bond of protection and respect. If it weren’t for him, I would have left the force far sooner than I actually did.

I turned around and waved over my shoulder, signaling for Arthur to follow me into the living room. I sat in my favorite floral print armchair, and he took a seat on my plump leather sofa.

I wasn’t surprised by the knock on my front door; I simply took my wand from my pocket and gave it a wave in that direction, the spell flipping the lock to allow the Chief Constable to enter.

My wand was like an extension of my arm; part of my body, and always at the ready. Unlike human officers, mage officers used our wands instead of human weapons. While I’d used magic in emergency situations many times in the past, I also used it for mundane activities. Magic was ingrained in my identity.

In my youth, I had to memorize and speak spells aloud, as all mages did growing up, but as my powers grew and my skills developed, I could simply think about my desires (within reason), and use my wand as a vessel to bring the magic to fruition. That skill was shared by nearly all mages. What varied was the magic they could produce.

Daniel walked in and joined Arthur on the sofa, looking quite chuffed to have finally pinned me down. I only gave an unimpressed glare back. I didn’t want to argue; the quicker he said what he came to say, the quicker I could tell him to leave.