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The Bleeding Mayhem MC, where blood, violence, and being a badass alpha reign supreme.

Mayhem has always been used to getting what he wants. And when the one woman he wants won’t give him the time of day, he’s bastard enough to use her troubles to his advantage.

Butters can’t be bought, or she thought she couldn’t. When her brother owes dangerous men money, it seems her only way to help him is to take the twisted offer Mayhem presents.

Mayhem never said he was a good guy. If Butters wants to help her brother, Mayhem can help, but it’ll come with a price. All she has to do is be his for a week. But the more time he spends with her the more he wants her as more than a piece of ass. He wants her to see she belongs with him, and if that means taking out the men that are causing her and her brother problems, he has no issues bringing out his violent beast.

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“I can’t keep bailing you out, Nathan,” Butters said, but she knew that was a lie. She’d always be there for her brother.

“Renee, you know I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t really important,” Nathan said with worry in his voice so thick she felt it through the phone.

Butters was only ever called by her given name by her younger brother Nathan, and he only called her that when he was desperate. So even if she didn’t hear the strain in his voice, the clear fear, she would have known it was serious.

Breathing out slowly, she leaned back in the bed and closed her eyes. “How much do you need this time, Nate?” She rubbed her eyes with her hand, hating that her little brother had his problems, ones that he pulled her into. It was just the two of them, though, and she couldn’t leave him stranded, not when turning her back on him would mean Nathan would be out in the cold, so to speak.

There was silence for a long while, and she knew whatever Nathan was going to tell her would be heavy.

“Ten grand.”

She nearly choked at that figure. “I don’t have that kind of money.” She could have cried for the shit her brother continuously got into. “You have a problem. A big problem.”

He exhaled. “I know, but if I don’t pay them, they’ll kill me, Renee. These guys are dangerous. They don’t fuck around.”

“Who is it? Who do you owe money to?” He was silent for another second. “Another corrupt group, a loan shark?” There had been many times Nate got into shit, and she’d had to bail him out, but he had never been this deep in the hole.

More silence. She heard Nate shuffling around, even heard him sniffling.

“Are you crying?” God, what the hell has he gotten into? This has to be bad.

“I’m in with the Cardona Family.”

Her lungs seized, her heart stopped, and she sat up in bed. “Nate,” she gasped out his name. She’d heard about the Cardonas. They were a newer group of men who had only been around for about five years. They had the reputation of beating someone just for looking at them the wrong way. They might not be the most dangerous or even the biggest group out there, but for her and Nate, they were pretty fucking bad.

If her brother was in with them and they didn’t come up with the money, he wouldn’t just be beaten and have his legs broken. They’d torture him before making him dig his own grave and then shoot him between the eyes.

She could have cried. The other times her brother had been in trouble had been with small, petty groups. But the Cardona’s didn’t fuck around.

“I know, Renee.”

She wiped away her tears. “Nate, you realize that if we don’t come up with that money they’ll…” She couldn’t even say the word, couldn’t even think about Nate getting killed. “You’re so fucking stupid,” she said, crying now because she had no idea where in the hell she’d get the money. She also didn’t want her brother dead or hurt. He fucked up, had always had money problems, gambled, and even had a drug addiction before he’d gotten help for it in high school. But he was still her only family, and she loved him.

Pushing her emotions back, she knew she needed to be strong, if not for him then for herself. Butters needed to figure out how in the fuck to handle this, and she knew if they were dealing with the Cardona Family, they didn’t have a whole lot of time.



Mayhem sat at the poker table and stared at the cards in his hands. He tossed them down, showing the other patches he had a flush. “Fuck you, assholes,” he said and grabbed the pot of money in the center of the table.