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I use my fists for a living, beating men until they submit. I’m an alpha male to my core until I run into the woman of my dreams. Our attraction and chemistry are combustible, but Tina’s adamant that she wants nothing to do with a famous brute like me. Even though she sends me out the door, I won’t give up because I have to prove I’m not the man she believes I am.

Mike ‘The Maniac’ Miller strolls in cocky and appealing until I see the pure rage on his face. All the attraction I felt was dampened by the knowledge that a man like him could never be good for me. He’s too much man with too much muscle, and I learned a long time ago that men with wild tempers were dangerous.

Still, he doesn’t give up, and I don’t know how long I can resist the prized fighter.

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Chapter One


I’m heated, pissed as hell as I march down the chilly streets of Steeleville. There are things I tolerate in life because I don’t need the press on my ass, but messing with my little sister is one that can’t be ignored.

I’m an MMA fighter with several championships under my belt, but outside the cage, I’m usually a calm person. Today is another matter. My baby sister, Sophia, gave me some fucking outrageous story that some woman attacked her, which explained her injury this morning. It didn’t make sense, and there was one motherfucker who had some questions to answer: her brand-new husband.

No broad should be attacking my sister in her home. That type of violation is unacceptable, and I have only one person to blame. Maybe the doctor intentionally kept my sister at bay for months so he could keep his mistresses for a while longer. The bastard pretended to love her while dicking around, leaving my sister heartbroken. I’ll bust his face if he hurt her in any damn way.

I huff down the street to the clinic where the asshole is supposedly working. Rage-filled, I toss open the door to a pair of pretty caramel eyes that look up at me from the reception desk. I swallow the “wow” that nearly falls from my mouth. We’re the only two in the waiting room and I’m frozen for just a moment, stunned as I stare.

Her pretty eyes are shocked at first, but then they narrow with annoyance. Her lips part with a hint of desire and then snap shut as her irritation grows. Was she mad at the way I came barging in here, or was there another reason?

“Hello. Who are you?” I ask her with a killer smile, stepping up to the front desk and leaning on the sign-in sheet, forgetting the reason I came here—all things forgotten except her. She took my breath away, and I haven’t even seen all of her. My chest pounds out of control harder than when I’m in the middle of a fight. Suddenly something clicks in my brain, and I get it. This is what Danny felt when he was losing his mind over Sammie.

“I’m Tina. I work here. How can I help you?” Her voice is smooth, Southern Texas all the way.

“You can give me your number,” I say, turning on the charm, although I’ve never cared to do it before so I’m not positive it’s working.

She blushes, dipping her head for a moment, trying to gather herself. I silently cheer my success, but it’s premature because Tina quickly composes herself and looks back up at me, purses her lips, and then pulls the sign-in sheet from under my arms with a bit of force. “Sorry. Don’t have one. Is there some medical reason for you to be here?” she asks, looking me over with that annoyance that is her favorite expression for me. How is she so fucking cute even though she doesn’t like me?

I spot Joseph out of the corner of my eye. “Ah, I’m looking for my brother-in-law.” I tip my chin toward that asshole new brother-in-law of mine, but my eyes stay focused on her. Somehow even her disgust is something I don’t want to miss.

“What’s up, Mike? Besides the fact that you are hitting on my assistant?” he snarls, crossing his arms and attempting to look intimidating, but I’ve spent my life going against tough guys, and the doctor doesn’t intimidate me for shit.

I try to ignore that tone in his voice that sounds too fucking possessive of his assistant. Throw in his stance, and questions start rolling around in my head. “I came to talk to you before we go to the house, but it can wait. Tina, what are you doing tonight?”

“I’m not interested.” She stands up and walks away from the front desk toward the shelf near Doc. Fuck it’s the first time I get a look at her perfect petite, slender body yet she has ample ass and tits that would fit nicely in my meaty motherfucking hands. I’m so fucking hard, my brain isn’t working. I held back a groan and find Doc’s eyes on me, lips clamped shut. He looks at me like I’ve done something, shaking his head.