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My Boss and His Friends - The Forbidden Fun

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Cassandra Dee

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My boss is a sick-o. The arrogant billionaire says that he made a bet with his friends, and now I’m the prize…
…To be shared. …By three men.
OMG! This has to be illegal!
So what if the three men are gorgeous, with square jaws, athletic builds, and six packs that make my mouth water?
Absolutely not. No way in a million years. I’m a good girl, and I don’t *do* things like that.
But honestly speaking? I’m tempted at the thought of being a party toy for my boss and his friends.
My buddies and I are a$$holes, there’s no question about it. We made a bet to see whose secretary is the hottest, and it was my Jess who won.
As a result, the three of us claimed her together. Again and again, until the curvy girl cried out with pleasure. But this isn’t a game anymore.
After all, party toys are for sharing … but what happens now that Jess is pregnant with our triplets?
***Hey Readers – This is a follow up to Haley and Bo’s story in Big Bad Boss Daddy. This time, we’re following the story of the sassy Jessica, who discovers that she has a penchant for being tossed around like a rag doll by not one, but a trio of alpha males. Who would have guessed? I suppose we all have secret desires buried deep inside! But let yourself go as our heroine and her heroes explore the sensuality of MFMM menage love. Although this book is part of a series, all of my stories are standalones and do not need to be read in any order. Also, this book is all about HER, so swords do not cross. You’ll love it, I promise! Xoxo, Cassie
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Cassandra Dee



* * *

It doesn’t surprise me that Carhart Incorporated has been around for ten years. After all, the company’s a huge developer of real estate in Portland, and although I’ve only been here for a year, my experience has been illuminating. Of course, I’m only a secretary, but there’s already a ton of opportunity beyond mere paperwork.

Not that my last job was so horrible, don’t get me wrong. I used to be a bartender at Club Om in the city, but really, how far can you go as a bartender at a BDSM play space? Even listing it on my resume is a bit questionable, so I’m glad to have moved on.

But now, I have a white collar position and my unstated duties include event planning, among others. Although most secretaries don’t do this kind of thing, I’m eager for the additional responsibility because I want to prove myself.

As a result, I stand in the entrance to the large ballroom and take it all in. There are fifty tables scattered about, each with ten place settings. One especially grand table sits at the front of the room, framed by a giant, floor-to-ceiling window with a view of the lush gardens outside. The opposite wall is decorated with Victorian-style paintings to give the place an elegant, vintage look, and of course, there’s a discreet podium tucked off to the side with Carhart’s logo on it. This is where my boss will make his big speech later tonight.

After all, we’re throwing this party to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of my company, and I have to get everything right, down to the last detail. This is my first big project, and I need to dazzle and show off my skills.

No pressure, of course.

My phone rings and I sigh.

“This is Jessica.”

“Is everything good?” a low voice growls, making my insides quiver.

“All taken care of, Mr. Carhart. I emailed you the details.”


My boss hangs up before I have a chance to say anything more and I shake my head ruefully. Half the time, Burke Carhart gets on my nerves and makes me want to scream. The other half of the time, Burke Carhart makes me squeeze my thighs together with need, and still makes me want to scream. He’s that kind of alpha male.

Sighing, I glance down at the clipboard in my hand. I shouldn’t feel this way about my boss because let’s face it: Burke Carhart would never want someone like me. He’s the founder and CEO of a successful company, not to mention the fact that he’s worth mega-millions with dozens of women vying for his attentions. Meanwhile, I’m a former bartender at a BDSM club who used to wear tap pants and leather corsets to work. Yeah, it’s not even really a comparison.

Sighing, I look down again. Well, at least now I’m attired professionally. My navy blue sheath reaches my knees, and the waist pinches in to show off my figure, but not in an inappropriate way. I won’t even have to change for the event tonight because this dress is the perfect work-to-cocktails outfit.

Suddenly, a tinny voice interrupts my musings.

“Miss Arroyo, do you have a minute?”

I turn to find the florist standing in front of me. Judy’s got to be almost seventy and barely five-feet tall, but she’s the best florist in Portland.

“Hey Judy,” I say. “Do you have the arrangements ready?” It’s still early, but I want to make sure everything is perfect because Burke is counting on me, and I can’t let him down. The elderly woman nods feebly, her hands veiny and arthritic.

“Yes, they’re in my van. A few of the venue staff are bringing them in.”

On cue, two young men carrying large vases stagger into the room. The scent of fresh roses immediately fills the air, and the arrangements are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Black and blue roses with tiny sprigs of baby’s breath stand tall in crystal vases and look absolutely sensational.

“Oh Judy, I knew you wouldn’t let me down! They’re gorgeous!” I gasp. The little old lady cackles.

“You like them?”

I nod furiously. “Yes, they’re brilliant. They’ll be the talk of the party.”

Judy smiles, revealing a gap in her front teeth. “I’m glad to hear that. I’ll send the bill along to Mr. Carhart.”

“No need to address Mr. Carhart. Why don’t you go ahead and send it to the office with my name on it? I’ll be taking care of it, anyways.”

“Will do. Thank you, Miss Arroyo.”

Judy nods and hobbles out of the room while I instruct the venue staff to leave the arrangements on a table in the back. I’m a bit of a control freak, so I want to make sure they’re placed exactly right. Suddenly, a voice comes from behind my shoulder.

“Wow, those are gorgeous,” my co-worker Mindy breathes.

I nod, my eyes still taking in the magnificence.