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My Boyfriend and His Friend - The Forbidden Fun

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Cassandra Dee

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I’ve always been a shy girl, but shy girls have needs too. So when my boyfriend Chris gets me a special present for my birthday, I’m shocked because …
… he wants me to be intimate with his best friend!
This is absolutely crazy. Sure, Chase is gorgeous with night-black hair, a penetrating aquamarine gaze, and a body that puts Hercules to shame. But still, he’s my boyfriend’s buddy. What’s going on?
Chris explains that it’s not what I think. He’s always liked to share, and we’re merely expanding the relationship …
… to include two men and ME!
OMG, this is beyond my wildest dreams. Sure, it’s an opportunity to date my boyfriend *and* his best friend at the same time, with their broad shoulders, bronzed chests, and massive tools.
But can I take it? Can I adjust and satisfy the needs of a pair of alpha males? After all, there’s only one of me …
… but for my gorgeous lovers, it’s a double-team!

Hey Readers – We’ve reached the outer reaches of reality, but never fear, Patty is bold and imaginative because she ADORES being with Chase and Chris. Indulge your deepest desires because the curvy girl’s going on a ride that will leave you gasping for air! No swords cross because this is all about HER. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA for my readers. This book is a follow-up to Daddy’s Prize, but all of my books are standalones, and can be read in any order. You’ll love it, I promise! Xoxo, Cassie
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Cassandra Dee



* * *

I roll out of bed Sunday morning, my body sore in all the right places. But then again, it’s a good sore because even though I’m achy and exhausted, I also feel refreshed and ready for the day. What an oxymoron, right? Yet, that really describes how I feel.

Meanwhile, behind me my boyfriend Chris lets out a soft grunt and turns over in bed. His thick, black hair spreads out on the pillow and his jaw looks particular square and solid from this angle. Sure, my love could use a shave, but it’s sexy seeing that five o’clock shadow. Even more, my body tingles with delight when I remember how his stubbly chin felt as it scraped across the inside of my thighs. Oooh, that’s naughty but I merely giggle again and leap out of bed. As much as I’d love to start something right now, Chris deserves his sleep after our intimate workout last night.

Sauntering into the bathroom, I look at myself first from the front and back, and then from the left and the right. I hold in my stomach while clenching my abs, but let out the air with a mirthful laugh. I’ll always be a bigger girl and there’s no use in trying to fight it. After all, my mom says that all the McLachlan women are built with curves, and I’m certainly no exception. Besides, my man likes me this way and if anything, Chris always tells me to gain more so that there’s more to love. What an amazing guy.

After enjoying a sensuous, indulgent shower, I wrap one towel around my breasts and another around my curly brown locks. When I step out of the bathroom, my boyfriend’s sitting up in bed shirtless, displaying that bronzed, broad chest. Ooh, he looks yummy.

“Good morning,” I murmur sassily. Chris looks up from his cell phone and shoots me a wide grin.

“Good morning yourself, gorgeous,” he growls.

Instantly, I melt. Chris and I have been together for over a year now, and I can’t believe how lucky I am. He’s a ten on a scale of ten with his athletic physique, sparkling blue eyes, and ebony hair. Even better, he treats me well, and constantly tells me how beautiful I am. I can’t believe I found this guy, and that we’re such a great match together too.

With another sassy smile, I toss my hair towel in the clothes hamper and head over to my vanity before brushing out my locks and tying the thick mass up into a topknot. In the mirror, I can see my boyfriend watching me, his blue eyes glinting. He looks like he has half a mind to start our morning with a hot session, but then he bounds out of bed and stretches mightily. Oh wow. That chest is a work of art.

“Need me to pick up anything from the store?” he asks lazily, knowing that I’m eyeing his six pack.

I laugh even if I’m unable to tear my eyes from his sculpted torso. But yes, I know why he’s asking first thing in the morning. It’s because today happens to be Super Bowl Sunday, and we’re having friends over to watch the game, just like we always do. Of course, this year things are a little contentious because the New England Patriots are playing the Kansas City Chiefs, and our friend group has rabid fans on both sides, but I’m not expecting any violence or anything. It’s going to be friendly rivalry plus a lot of eating and cheering, that’s all.

I smile at my boyfriend.

“No, I think we’re good on the groceries part,” I say. “We should be good to go.”

Chris grins and comes over to press a kiss to the top of my head. “I’m glad to hear it, sweetheart. You’re always so prepared and I’m lucky to have you. Still, let me know because I can head over to Shop Ready.”

“Will do,” I say, nuzzling his hand. “But I think we’re fine.”

With that, Chris whistles as he heads into the bathroom to get ready, and I let my hair fall out of the topknot. It’s a wet, curly mess right now, but it usually dries into pretty waves. I pull on a pair of jean shorts and one of Chris’s old Patriots’ jerseys. Perfect. It’s huge of course, but I make it a crop top by tying the fabric into a sassy knot under my breasts, exposing some midriff. Okay, my stomach isn’t exactly flat but it’s fine. I’d rather be sexy with curves than embarrassed and hiding behind a burqa.

With a bounce to my step, I head into the kitchen to pull out some pre-made pizza bites and pigs in a blanket. These go into the oven, and ah ha! Here’s my special five-layer dip and a fruit platter (just because I always feel a bit guilty if we don’t have at least one healthy snack available). After Chris finishes up in the bedroom, he helps me get the cooler ready, and we fill the ice chest with ice cubes, beers, and every type of soda known to man. Just as we finish there’s a knock on the door and then two of my friends waltz in.