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My Dad's Business Partner

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Cassandra Dee

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Harlow’s dad wants her to intern at his company over the summer. No, her dad isn’t going to be her manager. Instead, he leaves that to his business partner, the handsome Gray Jamison.

Babysitting his friend’s daughter isn’t Gray’s idea of a good time. But when the curvy girl walks into his office, all his reservations fall away because Harlow’s not going to be making copies. She’s going to be making babies … his babies, to be exact!
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Cassandra Dee



* * *

“Mason cheated on me, so that’s over,” my best friend Jane sighs. Jane Cuesta and I have been BFFs since we were eight, so she tells me all the embarrassing things in her life.

It makes sense because we’re almost like sisters, both in looks and personality. We have the same chestnut hair, but my locks are in long curls while she has stick-straight chocolate silk. We both have coffee-colored eyes that occasionally glint green or golden. We even developed along the same lines, with generous D-cups and a round ass.

“How did you find out though?” I wonder, as I snack on some leftover sushi.

Jane rolls her eyes.

“I asked him if he’s taking Senior Seminar next year, and he said that can’t because he nailed the professor last week.”

“What?!” I gasp.

She laughs.

“I know, right? Apparently, he thought that was the perfect moment to tell me. Well, at least I’m not wasting my summer with a cheater.”

“True,” I nod. “Be thankful for small things. But what are you doing for the summer if you’re not hanging out with Mason? I mean, it’s our last few months of freedom. Well, your last summer of freedom at least.”

She asks, “What do you mean? Why don’t you have the summer off?”

I roll my eyes.

“My dad is on my case about my future, so he created a marketing internship for me for the summer. I get to work at Kombuchaid with him and his employees. Blegh. No beach days, and no lazy days at the pool,” I pout.

“You get to work? Sounds more like you have to.”

I roll my eyes.

“I know. It’s what my dad said when I whined about it. He said, and I quote, ‘You don’t have to work. You get to work.’ It was his way of convincing me this is a great opportunity to intern at Kombuchaid while he’s touring factories around the country for the summer. That way, he won’t have to deal with me. Plus, he gets free labor too! Lucky bastard.”

Jane rolls her eyes.

“You’re the boss’s daughter. You’ll probably have everyone calling you Miss Marshall and doing whatever you want. I mean, what are they going to do, make you organize paperclips?”

I grin.

“Yeah, probably. Seriously, I have no idea, but I know that interning is going to suck. But tell me about your awesome summer plans so I can call you a bitch.”

Jane yawns.

“Nothing too awesome,” she says, “I was thinking of spending it either by the pool or maybe I’ll get a job at the Tall Pines Country Club as a porter or something. You guys are members there, right?”

I nod.

“Dad goes there all the time to use the gym.”

“I thought so,” Jane blushes. “Maybe I can get a shift in the gym.”

I stare at her.

“What do you mean?” I ask. “I thought porters usually worked out by the swimming pool.”

“Oh nothing,” she says, her face growing red. “I just meant … well, never mind.” I stare at her with confusion. Jane is usually so articulate, but right now she’s a bumbling mess. Hmm, strange. But then my friend quickly changes the subject. “If I get a job, then I guess my last summer of freedom is over, too. It’s so strange to think we’ll be graduating next year, and then we’ll have to find real jobs. Ugh.”

I nod.

“I know. And my marketing degree from Colorado State is so useless too,” I roll my eyes. “I should have done something fun like your world history degree.”

Jane grins.

“Oh yeah, super fun. Learning about all the horrible things people have done to each other throughout human history. Blood, war, and disease, baby!”

“At least you didn’t have to learn about all the shitty products people have sold each other.”

She groans.

“Ugh, you’re right.”

I sigh again, feeling put out.

“Whatever, I’m just annoyed at my dad.”

Jane perks up.


I yawn again.

“Like I said, I think Brent’s going to be traveling around all summer visiting Kombuchaid factories, so it’s not like he’s going to be around. It feels like he’s just trying to get rid of me.”

Jane smiles slightly.

“I’m sure your dad’s not trying to do that. But if Brent’s not your manager, then who will be? Him?”

My face warms up and I innocently ask, “Who?”

“Only Denver’s most eligible bachelor according to the Denver Star. Your father’s business partner, silly! Gray Jamison,” she giggles with a hand covering her mouth.

I did know who she was getting at, but that’s not the point. I wasn’t about to admit Gray was on my mind. Frankly, he’s probably going to be the best part of my internship, but I can’t say that because it’s utterly inappropriate. Instead, I feign indifference.

“Gross, he is so old! He’s like, forty-five, girlfriend!”

Jane shrugs.

“Who cares? He’s hot! And forty-five isn’t that old. Suzie Jensen in the next town over is dating a guy who’s sixty.”