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(A Dirty Boss Romance #1) My Pet

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C.M. Steele

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Nervous, scared, and completely unqualified. That’s the way I walked into Jack Shaw’s office building. I walked out with my stomach in knots for a completely different reason. My heart is pounding like I had actually went running.

My head and heart war with quitting or working through the fiery desire he stimulates through me. At the end of the day, I leave the decision to him. The problem is I can’t tell if he wants to toss me over his desk or out on my rear. I guess by the dark look in his eyes, I’ll soon find out.
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A Dirty Boss Romance Series by C.M. Steele

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C.M. Steele

Chapter One


I hold my messenger bag strap tightly to my chest as I enter the security check of a corporate building in downtown Chicago. The smell of food from the first-floor café hits my nose, making my already nervous stomach rumble. Suddenly, I regret not eating breakfast this morning. I’m not a breakfast person; today must be the exception.

I’m not sure I’m able to handle this position, but I need the money. I came all the way from the southside of the city for this job, so I can’t turn around now. The trip took me forty-five minutes and a lot of stress, but it’s an opportunity I can’t pass up, even if I’m underqualified—seriously underqualified.

“Miss? Can I help you?” the security guard at the front desk asks. I’d been so lost in my own nerves that I hadn’t noticed the woman with long black hair, about five years older than me, dressed in a dark blue blazer with the building logo emblazoned on the breast pocket. This is a twelve-story building, which is considered average in the city. Not every building downtown is the size of the Willis Tower.

“Yes, I’m here for my first day working for Shaw Enterprises,” I speak up, finding my voice; it’s weak and shaky, making me feel even more unsure of myself by the second.

“Okay. May I see some identification?” she asks, arching her brow with a bit of suspicion in her eyes that doesn’t do anything to ease the first-day jitters. Although, I suspect it’s not her job to make me comfortable; she’s here to keep people safe.

“Oh, yes,” I mutter, digging through my bag for my wallet. “Sorry. One more second,” I grunt while I continue the search. I can’t believe I’m not prepared. I stop and slap my forehead when it hits me. It’s in the front zipper for a reason—so I’d be ready for this morning. Opening it up, I hand it over to the woman and she smiles. “I put it here so I could easily grab it.”

When I look at her again, she’s smiling kindly at me. “Don’t worry—first-day jitters. It’s best that you shake them out here anyway.” She checks my ID and then looks at something on her computer for what I’m assuming is my name on a list for something. “Take this elevator up to the ninth floor. You’re scheduled to meet with Linda Hoffman in Human Resources.”

“Thank you. Have a great day.”

“You, too. Good luck!” She seems much nicer knowing that I’m actually not some crazy person trying to get into the building uninvited.

“Thanks. I’m going to need it,” I mutter that last bit, tucking my wallet back into my bag while my low heels click toward the bank of six elevators, three on each side. I tap the up button and wait, tension only doubling in my stomach, creating a nervousness that I’ve never felt before. I’ve been apprehensive, scared, but I’ve always tried to see the brighter side of things, and looked at it as the next challenge in my shitty life. This is different. I feel so afraid of fucking up, like there’s so much more at stake than temp work. Maybe it’s because my last assignment went so terribly wrong.

I look up at the cameras hidden in the corner of the corridor and no, it’s not that. My heart does a leap out of my chest, as if I can sense someone actually watching me. I know someone is, and not just the girl in the front who’s probably monitoring all the cameras, but someone else. The elevator doors ping and open, shaking me out of those silly thoughts. Ignoring that train of thought, I press the button for the ninth floor and then take a calming breath before it comes to a stop.

When I step off, I’m greeted by a hallway and a set of glass doors that say Shaw Enterprises Administration Offices. I walk through the doors and see a receptionist who tosses a friendly smile my way. “You must be Miss Novak.”

“Yes, I am.”

“Linda will be out in a minute to retrieve you. Would you like a bottle of water, juice, or coffee?”

“I’ll have orange juice, please.”

“Yes, just one minute. I’m Casey, by the way.” She shakes my hand, and I already feel a little more at ease. She comes back about fifteen seconds later with a bottle of Minute Maid Orange Juice and smiles as she hands it to me before looking behind me. “Ah, here she is.”

“Petra? I’m Linda Hoffman, the human resources director. Please follow me.” She’s equally as friendly as Casey and I don’t feel as shitty as I did when I first came in, although I’m a bit overwhelmed the second she mentions who I’m working for.

“Mr. Shaw? As in Shaw Enterprises?”

“Yes, didn’t the agency inform you that you’d be working for the CEO and owner?”