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Mickey Boring has always felt like his life is…well, boring. He’s a little shy, a little nerdy, a librarian who loves books—not real cool, in his opinion. The only exciting thing about him is the fact that he’s a secret writer of spicy stories who lives out his fantasies in the stories he pens. Oh and he loves writing those things in public—at a coffeehouse to be exact, owned by his crush, Ronan Winters.
When Mickey gets the prompt Never Have I Ever, on a message board, he knows exactly how he wants to end that sentence…Never Have I Ever Gone Skinny-Dipping…to live out a missed opportunity from eight years ago. And he’s determined that Ronan Winters is the man he’s going to get to go with him.
Mickey just has to figure out how to ask him first. No big deal, right?
Never Have I Ever Gone Skinny-Dipping was originally published in Heart2Heart Charity Anthology Volume 5. It contains no new scenes but is expanded to include 1,000 additional words.

*This book is a completed short story at 16,000 words.

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I’d started chatting on the H2H message boards a few months back. It was one of the things that I did to pass the time when I wasn’t at the library where I worked. I met a few people online who I’d jump on to chat with once in a while. We’d gotten to know each other a bit, which was kinda fun. It was like a whole new world outside of my everyday life—like the books I loved so much only with a whole lot less orgasms. Well, the chatting thing didn’t result in any O’s at all, but the books did. That’s how I rolled.

Every week the boards posted a different question that people answered and this one was a doozy. It likely wouldn’t be for everyone but then, everyone wasn’t me.

Never Have I Ever…

All I had to do was finish that sentence so I guessed this one wasn’t a question so much as a statement.

My fingers moved across the keyboard as I typed my response. I stared at it for a few moments before I took a deep breath and said, “Just hit enter, Mickey. It’s not that big of a deal. It’s not as if any of these people know who you are.”

And there I was talking to myself. Again. I really needed to get a life.

I pressed Return.

Never Have I Ever Gone Skinny-Dipping.

Immediately, people began jumping in and commenting on my admission. When it came to confessions, mine was tame. I got that. And honestly, there were about a million things I could have listed that I’d never done. While I was a man with a lot of…obsessions—no, that was probably going overboard; interests sounded better—I didn’t typically have the guts to follow through.

I was that guy.




Okay, yes, a little nerdy.

With big, big desires that were mainly left unfulfilled.

Still, when I’d seen what the weekly question was, I hadn’t had a doubt in my mind about how I was going to answer. Because skinny-dipping could have changed the course of my life. Skinny-dipping could have transformed me from inexperienced when it came to sex, from never having a real, passionate relationship, to the guy who had the man of his dreams and the kind of crazy, wild sex I wrote about.

Under my secret pen name, of course.

No one knew I was Adrian Raynes, and I planned to keep it that way.

Also, there was a slight possibility that I was overestimating the effects skinny-dipping could have had on my life but hey, it was my fantasy about my make-believe alternate life and that’s the fantasy I’d decided on.

I went right to the response from one of the regulars I chatted with.

BoyToy5600: If you want to go skinny-dipping, why not just do it? You don’t have to go with someone if that’s your worry.

He had a point, but again this was my fantasy and that’s not how I wanted this whole thing going down. I wanted to go skinny-dipping with someone specific. The hard part was, I hadn’t talked to that someone since I was eighteen years old. Which really was sad when you thought about it, that I couldn’t forget him after all this time, but such is life. That was me and I didn’t see that changing any time soon.

I only knew him as MakeYouSmile. We’d met online when we were sixteen, and by met, I meant talked. We’d never exchanged real names or hung out in real life. But we’d spent two years talking…sharing the fact that neither of us had been out and how we’d both been scared to actually do it. We’d talked about sex too. A lot. We’d been young, horny, and crazy-obsessed with the idea of it. I figured most of my desires and the experiences I used in the kinky, sexy books I wrote came from MakeYouSmile.

When we’d turned eighteen and graduated from high school, we were finally going to meet, and because we were us and so open about our fantasies, we’d decided to live one of them out that first night—to go skinny-dipping together at two in the morning.

I’d chickened out.

MakeYouSmile didn’t.

I only knew that because I’d gone to meet him, but I’d watched from afar as he’d waited for me. It had killed me not to go to him. I’d wanted to so bad but the fear had won out. That was me. Afraid to do what I really wanted. Afraid to live.

It had been too dark to see many details about him because of the distance and…okay, the fact I’d been hiding in the brush like a weirdo.

Every time I thought I would be brave enough to come out of my hiding spot and go meet him, I’d talked myself out of it. What if he thought I was a dork? What if he hated my glasses and thought it was ridiculous that I couldn’t stop chewing on them no matter how hard I tried? What if he took one look at me and decided he didn’t want to get naked with me ever? I mean, I wasn’t sure I was that much of a catch.