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Own Her (Warriors of Hades #3)

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Jenika Snow

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Mekenna was born a slave to her human slave mother. With an owner that is also her father, she is looked down upon due to her bi-species genetics. But Mekenna keeps her strength, not letting her abuse or servitude control or shape who she is.

Hades brothers Vicktor, Savastian, and Fillip come from a species known for their brutal and violent nature. They fight to survive, and are victorious in all they challenge. They are warriors in nature and bloodline, and always will be, but now it’s time for them to find a female to share.

When they find Mekenna they know she is the one that will be theirs. Her life has been one of degradation, but the brothers will show her that to them she their Queen, and anyone or anything that threatens her in any way will have to answer to the monsters they truly are.
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The Warriors of Hades Series by Jenika Snow

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Jenika Snow


Mekenna sat at the foot of her owner’s bed, the sound of him fucking two Bohela alien females filling her ears. The fact that her owner, Hecktar, was not only her owner but also her father was not uncommon in the world she lived in. She was the child of a servant-and-owner union, one where her blue-skinned humanoid alien father had forcefully claimed her human mother.

And Mekenna had been the product of that depravation.

But her mother was dead, having passed away during childbirth, and Mekenna now took the place of her owner’s servant. Thank the heavens he didn’t sexually touch her, but he did make her witness his perversions on a nightly basis, made her bathe him, serve him food and drink, and do any other kind of manual and degrading work he deemed fit.

She was his lapdog, his bitch to do with as he pleased, and although freedom was her dream, her fantasy, she also knew she most likely wouldn’t survive out there in the world alone.

She had no money, and aside from the clothing her owner gave her daily, she had nothing to her name. But even so, she dreamed about not having a steel collar around her neck, of not having to be chained up at night and made to sleep on a pallet of Gellah feathers that were far too coarse and thick to be of comfort. She was a prisoner in her own body and in her world. Not even the rare human species looked at her as someone of their kind. Her father, a Cellulion, had lightly tinted blue skin, and aside from their different-colored flesh, and the bright, almost neon-blue eyes, Cellulions appeared human in form.

Mekenna stared at herself in the shiny glass reflection shield across from her. She had never seen her mother, didn’t even know what she looked like, but she thought she took after her in appearance. Aside from her light-blue skin, Mekenna didn’t look anything like her father and owner.

Her hair was the color of the darkest oil in the Sheepa Lake, and her light-green eyes had to be from her mother’s human genetics. But Mekenna knew that even if her mother had survived, she wouldn’t have been able to keep Mekenna as a mother did their children. This world, Sessinea, was a planet filled with wealthy servant owners, held the largest servant and sex servant auctions in the galaxy, and did not allow paternal and maternal bonding.

Any children produced on this planet were the result of owners impregnating their servants, hence creating more pieces of property.

“Clean the sleeping platform, servant, and then leave my sight for the remainder of the night,” her owner said. He didn’t see her as his child, and he certainly didn’t treat her as though she shared the same blood. But Mekenna didn’t want to be claimed by him as a father.

He disgusted her, was vile and horrible in the way he treated others. He was wealthy, and she knew the females he came in contact with desired him for his handsome looks and strong physique. On the outside, he may have been attractive, but on the inside, he was disgusting, ugly, and she hated everything he represented.

After she cleaned the platform, one of the guards grabbed the chain attached to her collar and started pulling her out of the bedroom.

“Servant,” her owner said.

She was jarred to a halt and turned to face him.

“You will accompany me to the auctions and tavern tomorrow evening to purchase another servant.” And then he turned his back, telling her he was finished speaking with her.

The guard took her to her cell, activating the door, and when she was inside, he chained her to the wall and closed and locked the door behind him as he left. The door was transparent, and although it looked as though she could walk right through it, the truth was if she tried, she would get an electrical shock that left her unconscious.

Mekenna moved over to her pallet in the corner, sat down, and pulled her legs up to her chest. She was an outcast in this world, and the only person she had was herself.

The following morning before the suns had even risen, she stood and cleaned out her cell, was led into her owner’s chamber, and cleaned out the rest of the remnants of his sexual encounter the previous night. The room was filthy again, even though she had cleaned it spotless before she’d been forced to retire to her cell.

She went about her task of daily chores, and although there were robotic aids to help in the cooking and cleaning, her owner preferred for her to help out with the manual labor. She knew it was a punishment for the fact that she was female, shared his bloodline, and because overall he was one nasty asshole. But she kept her mouth shut and did her work.