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Owned by a Sinner (Sinners #2)

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Michelle Heard

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Coming soon from USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michelle Heard, a new standalone, full-length Irish Mafia Romance novel.
All I want to do is look after my dad, so when I land the job of a lifetime that will take care of our expenses, I grab at the chance with both hands. Little do I know, the impossible will be expected of me.
Slowly my smile fades, and my laughter dies until all that's left is the broken puppet my personal hell created.
Liam Byrne, the head of the Irish mafia, returns from a business trip, and I expect my hellish nightmare to increase ten-fold. Brutal, merciless, and dangerous, Liam is feared by all - even the monster intent on killing my soul.
Turns out I was wrong. The instant Liam notices what's happening, he takes me under his wing, and even though he's all sharp edges and threatening growls, I feel safe with him.
Little by little, my sunshine creeps through the cracks, and my laughter returns. But can one monster really defeat another, or am I just a girl dreaming about the impossible?
***STANDALONE: An Irish Mafia Romance full-length novel.
***WARNING: 18+ only. Please read responsibly. THIS NOVEL CONTAINS TRIGGERING CONTENT.
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Sinners Series by Michelle Heard

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Michelle Heard


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“Evil people don’t need a reason to justify the vile things they do. They just are.”

–— Michelle Heard

Family Tree

Liam Byrne

Owen Byrne


Family Business: Irish Mafia

Mother: Patricia Byrne (Deceased)

Uncle: Cillian Byrne (Merciless Saints)

Step Mother: Gemma Byrne

Step Brother: Finn Byrne

Kiara Murphy

Jimmy Flanagan


Mother: Tara Murphy

Best Friend: Denise Hudson


Jimmy Flanagan

(Kiara’s Dad)

25 Years Ago…

Sitting across from Tara, who was just supposed to be another one-night stand, I’m still trying to process the fact that she’s pregnant.

With my kid.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

Rising to my feet, there isn’t much space to move in the studio apartment. I slump back down on the worn sofa.

“Jesus,” I manage to mutter.

“You don’t have to do anything. I just thought you should know.”

Shaking my head, I let my eyes rest on the redhead across from me. The flicker of hope in her soft brown eyes brings a frown to my forehead. “I’m no white knight, lass.”

I’m the furthest thing from.

Tara nervously wets her lips, her eyes darting around the small living space.

Jesus, this is a fucking mess. On the spur of the moment, I admit, “I’m a bad man.”

Tara’s gaze flicks to me, then she asks, “What do you mean?”

Deciding to lay all the cards on the table, I say, “I work for the Irish mafia.”

Her eyes widen, and the hope that’s been flickering on and off dies a sudden death.

Letting out a sigh, I shake my head. “I can help out financially, but my life is no place for a kid… or the likes of you.”

Tara nods, and swallowing hard on the bomb I just dropped on her, she anxiously wipes the palm of her hands on her skirt. “I can tell the child you died.”

My gaze narrows on her as her words hit unexpectedly hard. “No.”

I don’t want my kid thinking I’m dead. I might have done a lot of bad shit in my life, but I’ll never turn my back on a kid, especially one that’s my own.

“Like I said, I’ll help out financially. I’ll check in on you and the kid whenever it’s safe. That’s the best I can do.”

Tara thinks for a while, her eyes focused on the wall of the neighboring apartment block outside the window. “I’ve heard horror stories about the Byrne family floating on the street. I don’t want my child anywhere near the mafia.”

“That we can agree on.”

Her gaze turns back to me. “Maybe we can tell the baby you’re a traveling salesman?”

The corner of my mouth lifts. “Sounds like a plan.” Getting up, I pull my wallet out and remove all the cash I have on me. “I’ll bring more.” I set the money down on the coffee table. Locking eyes with Tara, warning laces my tone as I say, “No one can know who I am. For your safety. Once the kid is born, give them your last name, and don’t go near the Byrnes.”

She nods as she stands up. “I won’t tell a living soul.”

I allow my eyes to drift over the woman responsible for one of the best nights of my life. For a split second, I wish things were different. I wish I had the luxury of getting to know her. Maybe things could work out between us.

But there’s no wishing in the life I’ve chosen for myself. My life and loyalty belong to Owen Byrne, the head of the Irish mafia.

I have to keep Tara and our unborn kid a secret.

Chapter 1


Liam; 39. Kiara; 24.

Walking up the path, I can’t stop smiling. Today was a good day, and I can’t wait to share the news with my dad. The moment I open the front door, my smile grows even wider. “Dad?”

“In the kitchen, lass,” he calls out.

My feet feel light as I move through the cozy living room with its worn brown couches.

When Dad had a heart attack, I thought my own would stop. I was beside myself with worry and only managed to breathe freely once Dad was able to smile at me again.

The doctor said we were lucky. I’ve changed Dad’s diet and made sure there’s no stress whatsoever to get him worked up.

Entering the kitchen, it’s to find Dad and Kristine at the four-seater table. Kristine’s a temporary nurse I hired, using the money I had saved up from all the temp jobs I’ve done over the years to pay her salary. It’s not much, but it’s helping with the bills.

Dad gives me a surly look, then glares at the carrots on his plate. “Look what she’s makin’ me eat.”