Playing to Win (Billionaire Playboys #5) Read Online Tory Baker

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No woman will make me fall in love. I’m not the settling down type.
Famous last words…

Life can change in a damn instant.
I should know that.
Mine did the moment I walked through the front door of my penthouse and found Danica on her hands and knees cleaning.

One look—that’s all it took.
I saw her and I wanted her on her knees for an entirely *different* reason.

There’s just one small issue.
Danica doesn’t want me. She’s not looking for a billionaire to waltz in and save the day for her.
Apparently, my curvy, little vixen saves her own day.

Still, she belongs to me—even if she tries to fight it.
I’ll step up and make sure she’s safe.
I’ll show her I’m not into games.
I want her heart and I’m playing to win.

Welcome to the Billionaire Playboys, I know, I know. You're thinking "playboys" no thanks, that’s not for me. That’s okay because that’s not what this series it’s about. It’s about Five Brothers, Parker, Ezra, Boston, Sylvester and Theo. These Alphas work hard and play harder. Especially when it comes to making their woman fall in love with them. In each story in this series you'll get an Alpha Hero, an independent heroine, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Seven Years Earlier

“If you walk out of that door, young lady, don’t come back, not ever!” Those are the last words I hear as the door softly closes behind me.Taking everything I can in my small duffle bag and backpack, with only the money I earned from my job working as a cashier in the all-natural, uber-organic grocery store the past two years to my name. The man who just spewed those last words, he’s full of hate and self-righteousness in his narcissistic behavior. The kicker of it all, my own flesh and blood didn’t do a damn thing to stop him. My mom stood right beside him as her husband chewed my ass out over the simplest of things. This time, it was because I got home too late from work. My job is my saving grace, picking up as many hours as I can to stay out of the house, away from anything and everything Charles Masterson. His lecherous eyes and perverted words he uses when Mom isn’t around are despicable. Earlier this week, he commented that my skirt should be shorter when his business associates are over for dinner. I didn’t say a word and bit the inside of my cheek so hard I tasted blood. It’s a miracle I made it through the dinner, excusing myself as fast as I could only to lock myself in my room, my desk door underneath the handle to keep myself as safe as possible. The time was coming for me to leave, or I’d be used in a way no woman should ever be if she doesn’t want that life for herself.

When Charles started on his bullshit the minute I walked through the door, ignoring him was the only option. My bag was already packed in preparedness, though I’d hoped to at least get through my senior year of high school. I guess my luck ran out. It’s better this way—for my dignity, my sanity, and my safety. With that thought, I throw my middle finger up, giving him and my mother the best salute there is, even if they can’t see it through the upper Manhattan super-elite-of-the-elite apartment. How my mother ever fell for someone as disgusting as Charles Masterson I have no idea. I mean, sure, living in poverty isn’t fun, but I’d rather be poor and hungry than be taken against my will. I shake my head in disgust as I head to the women’s shelter to see if there’s a room I can use until I figure out my next move.

“Danica, wait! Dani!” I hear my name off in the distance. My eyes move from one corner to the other, trying to figure out where my mother’s voice is coming from. She’s the epitome of style, grace, and demure, a Stepford wife through and through these days. Another side effect from Charles Masterson. And if he saw her running, he’d have an absolute coronary.

“Mom, go back inside. I’ll be fine.” She can’t choose between me and her husband. Really, she shouldn’t either. I’m eighteen now, responsible for myself. There are two more months between me and my next goal. Accomplishing going to school while being homeless might put a damper in things, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

“Take this, Danica, and get the hell out of this place.” My mom’s usually perfectly styled hair is messed up from the wind plus running. How she managed to run in heels without falling flat on her face obviously took some practice. That isn’t what has me staggering back, though. Nope, that would be the now unconcealed marks along her neck. I’m shaken to my core, shocked beyond disbelief when I shouldn’t be. Charles Masterson is a monster, hiding beneath five-thousand-dollar suits, millions of dollars, and a smug smile.

“Come with me. Don’t go back, please.” We may not have the best relationship since Charles entered the picture, but that doesn’t mean I want any ill will brought to her. She is my mother after all. Which is why a lump is forming in the back of my throat, causing me to lose what little oxygen I had and making it hard to finish my next sentence.

“I can’t, but you can get out of here. Take this. There’s money, your birth certificate, and a few other things. Go be free, sweetheart. I love you.” I wrap my arms around her body, hugging her tightly like I used to before bed each night and early in the morning when she was sending me off to school.

“I love you, too, Mom.” Her body is rigid within our embrace, a small whimper leaves her lips, and I know she’s staying back for reasons I’m unprepared to think about. I soak in the last time I’ll probably have her like this. It sucks. The whole situation does. How she got wrapped up in Charles Masterson I have no idea, and her choosing to stay isn’t helping matters.