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Primed (Getting Dirty #2)

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Tory Baker

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She thinks I don’t see her. But I’m obsessed with her and soon, she will be mine.
Aspen Jennings is everything I’ve ever wanted. But I don’t deserve her.
I’m her complete opposite. She’s sweetness and beauty. I’m rough and dirty, filthy really.
I work hard for my money on an oil rig. It’s a tough life and that’s an understatement.
The days and nights are long and lonely as hell. I survive them by counting down the hours until I can see Aspen again.
She deserves better than the life this roughneck will give her. She’s refined, high class and has curves that can bring me to my knees.
When I finally see the hunger glowing in the depths of her green eyes, my wait is over. She may deserve better than me, but it’s time to make sure she knows I’m her man. And she belongs to me.
You take a blue-collar roughneck and the refined, curvy, woman of his dreams, add in a heated case of hunger that’s been on a slow burn for way too long and you have a book that might be too hot to handle.
As always you’re getting a safe, hot read with an over the top Alpha and a sassy heroine, that culminate in a happy ever after that will leave staring at your kindle with a smile.
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Getting Dirty Series by Tory Baker

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Tory Baker

“Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.”

– Unknown



Three Weeks Earlier

This life I live isn’t for the faint of heart—it’s long hours, hard days, and more relationships fail than succeed.

I’m dirty. She’s pure as snow. We’re opposite in every way that matters.

It’s what’s been holding me back from going after Aspen Jennings, owner of Vintage Threads in Valentine, Texas. Woman of my every waking fantasy and walking wet dream. Long, dark wavy hair, green eyes that sparkle with warmth, and when she gives me that smile, the one that’s only for me, it fucking devastates me that I know Aspen isn’t ready for me.

Not now, at least. It’s pathetic to say, but word around town travels fast. It doesn’t help that my own mother is Aspen’s number-one fan, employee, and paying customer. When Mom mentioned Aspen was flying back and forth to Virginia because of her own mother’s health, I knew it wasn’t the time to claim her as my own.

So, for right now, I bide my time. I work my ass to the bone while I’m out on the rig, working for two weeks at a time, then come home for the next two weeks. Then doing it all over again. And if I get glimpses of Aspen or those smiles she loves to tease me with, all is well.

That doesn’t mean I’m not fisting my cock every chance I get when a fantasy of her appears in my thoughts late at night. Believe me, I do. Her body is all womanly curves, hips that are meant for me to grip while I’m taking her from behind, and those tits of hers I know bounce with every step she makes. I can imagine her riding my cock, her chest heaving with every downward thrust of her body. My hands cupping her tits, rolling my thumbs over her nipples, already imagining the color much like her lips.

“Fuck,” I grumble. I take one last sip of my beer. Tonight was my first night off, and a bunch of roughnecks and I always land here for a drink or two before we make our way home.

I thought I’d see Aspen tonight, but maybe she’s still in Virginia. My last stretch off, she was up with her family. Not that I can blame her, but it still sucks just the same.

“I’m out of here,” I tell Sloan and Nate, two of the guys that work on the oil rig with me.

“Not sticking around to see if Aspen is coming?” Sloan lifts an eyebrow already knowing why I stuck around in the first place.

“Fuck off.” I place a twenty-dollar bill on the bar and nod at the bartender, getting his attention.

“Just saying, man, not sure how long you’re gonna hold out for her. Maybe it’s time you cut your losses.” Sloan may have a point if it were anyone else besides Aspen, but it’s not. She’s my fucking forever.

I grunt, wave them off, and start making my way to the exit. If Aspen isn’t here, I may as well get home, see what else I can work on for the next two weeks, and see if my mom needs any help around her house. She raised me on her own, working two jobs to keep a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs. More times than not, she wouldn’t eat. Those were the weeks I knew it was a bill week—rent, water, power, and food. That was the week we always struggled the most. As soon as I could get a job at the age of fifteen, working at the grocery store, bagging, that’s what I did. There was no way I would let my mom starve when I could help.

When I’m off, I’ll work at her place, trying to make sure she has everything she’ll need or fix anything she needs worked on.

My thoughts are on a certain raven-haired beauty when I walk out the door, desperately wanting to see her, but luck isn’t on my side tonight.

I’m almost to my truck when I hear, “Jasper.” I’d know that voice anywhere—soft, sweet, it’s a melody to my ears.

“Aspen.” She walks right up to me, her hair blowing in the evening wind. The dress she’s wearing, fuck, it’s my damn kryptonite. Long-sleeved, flowing, the deep V that shows off her smooth skin. If I slid my hand to its side, I know my hand would feel the fullness that was made for me.

“Are you leaving?” She rocks back in her heels. Leather straps are wrapped around her ankles, making me think all kinds of indecent things.

“Yeah, you okay?” I ask.

“Not sure yet. I got the call and need to head back to Virginia. I was just stopping by to let you know in case your mom isn’t at home when you stop by.” Aspen’s hands are moving around in the air, something I know she does when she’s nervous.