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Protecting His Mistress - Kindred Tales

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Evangeline Anderson

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He’s undercover and she’s naive, what happens when they find each other?

When Karn, a member of the Kindred Elite Espionage Corps, is given the assignment to go undercover as a bodyslave at the home of a cruel Mistress, he doesn’t hesitate to take the job. After all, lives are on the line and he has to find the list of Kindred warriors who have been taken prisoner. But to his surprise, he is bought by Mistress Maribella, not for herself, but for her innocent daughter, Lilli.

Lilli has never owned a bodyslave before. She was raised in a convent, far from the hedonistic excesses of her native culture and she knows very little about the world. She does know, however, that she’s not supposed to fall in love with her tall, muscular bodyslave. But how can she help herself when Karn is so patient and gentle with her? He teaches her things about pleasure she never knew were possible. Best of all, he’s a Hybrid Kindred, which means he can’t bond her to him or get her pregnant, which leads to what would be extremely risky behavior with any other male. But when her mother insists that Lilli take fertility hormones in order to bear an heir for their family, complications arise…
Will their love survive the test?
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Evangeline Anderson


“Are you certain you’re up for this assignment, Commander Karn?”

Commander Sylvan, head of the Kindred High Council and Karn’s Commanding Officer, raised his eyebrows inquiringly. “Knowing your stellar record in the Elite Espionage Corps, I wouldn’t ask, but it’s not every male who can stand to be treated the way they treat males where you’re going.”

Karn inclined his head, indicating he knew what Sylvan was talking about.

“So I understand,” he rumbled, running a hand through his thick, brownish-gold hair. He was a Hybrid—half Beast and half Blood Kindred—and he had the mismatched eyes to prove it. His left eye was sky blue and the right was blazing gold. But it was his status as a half-breed that allowed him not only to excel in the Elite Corps, but also to take the difficult and dangerous mission his commanding officer was offering him now.

As a Hybrid, Karn knew his chances of bonding to any females and starting a family were almost nil—which honestly didn’t bother him. He had always known it, so he didn’t allow himself to long for a mate as most Kindred did. Instead, he threw himself into his work. And the fact that he had no expectations or hopes for the future made him a formidable agent—ready to try anything.

Even posing as a bodyslave on the notorious Yonnie Six.

“I can handle it,” he told Commander Sylvan with certainty. “You know I don’t shy away from difficult or dangerous missions, Commander.”

“Yes, I know. And I’m grateful you’re willing to take this one on.” Commander Sylvan looked pleased. “Very well, let me give you the details.” He settled behind his desk and indicated a chair across from him for Karn. “Please, have a seat.”

Karn settled his muscular bulk in the chair gingerly. As a Hybrid, he was also slightly larger than most Kindred warriors—over seven feet tall. No doubt it was one of the reasons Commander Sylvan had chosen him for this assignment. It was well known the Mistresses of Yonnie Six liked to have the biggest, most muscular, terrifying-looking bodyslaves they could get. It was a status symbol for them.

Well, Karn could stand to be a status symbol for a little while. After all, this wasn’t a permanent assignment. He was up for anything.

Or so he thought at the time.

“All right,” Commander Sylvan said. “Well, lately we’ve had reports of more and more Kindred warriors of all kinds from all areas of the galaxy being kidnapped by the Yonnites and taken as bodyslaves. I’m afraid our race has come into ‘fashion’ and we’re now the preferred males for such service.”

Karn winced.

“Ouch. That’s a hell of a thing to be singled out for.”

“It’s becoming a real problem,” Sylvan said seriously. “And the difficulty is finding exactly where each warrior has been taken. Once they get sucked into the Yonnite system, they can be traded and bought and sold so many times, it can be almost impossible to locate them.”

“But I’m guessing you found a solution to that particular problem?” Karn raised one eyebrow.

“We think we have, yes.” Sylvan nodded. “There has been a shake-up in the Sacred Seven—the ruling body of Yonnie Six. Reports of corruption resulted in a complete rearrangement and replacement of several members. And one of the new members is Mistress Mirabella. She’s new to the power structure and she’s been given the job of Archivist for the Sacred Seven. And, as Archivist, she ought to have a listing of all registered bodyslaves, their places of origin, their sale records, and their current locations.”

Karn gave a long, low whistle.

“Whoever could get into her records could find every single one of the warriors who’ve been taken.”

“Exactly.” Sylvan nodded. “And that’s where you come in.”

“I’ll be happy to infiltrate her household and get into those records,” Karn assured him. “But how can you be certain she’ll buy me?”

“We have an in at the private auction house where Lady Mirabella has bought her last six bodyslaves,” Sylvan said. “A Lady Tikka—a lower tier Mistress with huge gambling debts. Creditors are breathing down her neck, which is the only reason she’s willing to work with us. For the right price, she’s willing to make certain you end up as Mistress Mirabella’s newest bodyslave. And word on the street is that she’s about to buy a new one since she got tired of her oldest one and sent him to the Diluthian Mines.”

Karn frowned.

“Seven Hells, that’s a death sentence!”

Diluthian was a toxic mineral which released deadly fumes when it was unearthed. It was useful in the refining process of Dream Gas—a product Yonnie Six was famous for. But workers that went to the mines, didn’t last long.

“Yes, I know,” Sylvan said blandly. “That’s another reason I want you to be sure you want this assignment. It could turn deadly if you’re not able to please Mistress Mirabella sufficiently.”