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Pure Love - Priceless Book Series

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Lucy Darling

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As a bounty hunter, I’m used to finding bad guys who jump bail. But when I find an innocent young girl who can’t remember who she is or where she’s from, I can’t let her go. Bunny is the sweetest piece of heaven I’ve ever met, and I quickly realize I can’t live without her.

But there’s a reason I found her when I did, and someone is out there looking for her. Someone who wants to hurt the precious woman who’s stolen my heart. I won’t let that happen. Bunny is mine to keep, mine to protect, and mine to love.
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Lucy Darling



Your whole life can change in a split second. I knew that. I’ve seen it happen to other people around me. I thought I even understood it. But nothing ever prepares you for when it happens to you. I certainly didn’t think today would be that day. I guess no one ever does.

My adrenaline was already pounding through my body when I received a call from my brother, Kane, telling me that he needed me to help him out. He didn’t say much, just spouted off an address before ending the call.

Without a second thought, I was on the move and heading to the location, abandoning the coffee that had just been placed in front of me at the diner. I left Kelly behind in the process with a mumbled I have to go. I’m not sure she fully caught it, honestly.

Within seconds, I was in my SUV and booking it toward the address he gave me. I pulled my gun out from my glove box to save time. I already have one strapped to my side at all times, my jacket covering it, but I wasn't sure what I was walking into.

It’s that way a lot when you are in this line of work. Though mine isn’t as straight and clean as my brother’s. He’s been a cop for almost a decade, but we’ve always worked at Hart Bonds together. It is, after all, a family business. One that our dad started when he retired from law enforcement. But just like my brother, I have a second profession that’s not as evident as this one. Oh, it’s still for Uncle Sam, but a bit more off the books. That’s how I prefer it. Them too.

That’s where my brother and I differ. He’s always been a black-and-white kind of man. Or he had been until a tiny little pink-haired pixie, Addilyn, who belonged to a motorcycle club came fluttering into his life. Since then, things haven’t been so black and white for him. She brought out a side of him no one even knew existed.

The closer I drew to the address Kane gave me, the more I knew whatever he called me for was about Addilyn. I was right. I no sooner pulled up and the sound of gunfire filled the air, setting me into motion.

Thankfully, everyone was okay. Well, everyone I cared about at least. My clean-cut brother, however, had put a bullet into Flex Kilduff’s head. He didn’t have to tell me who the dead man was on the floor. I knew who he was the second I saw his face.

As we stood outside waiting for the police to show up, I still felt a sense of uneasiness. Something didn’t seem right, and when I get a gut feeling, I’m usually never wrong. As the sirens grew closer, I noticed a sleek white BMW parked outside the rundown apartment complex.

The fucking thing was shaking. Without thinking, I jogged back into the apartment, pulling the keys off the dead fucker on the floor. I wish I could say I felt an ounce of sympathy for that asshole, but I didn’t. I knew the world was a better place without him in it. A safer one too.

A sick feeling began rising in my stomach. I was pretty sure I knew what I was going to find in the trunk of Flex Kilduff’s car. The man was wanted in connection with human trafficking. At least if the thing was moving, that meant someone was alive inside.

How my brother and his woman got mixed up with him, I have no fucking clue. My mind at that point was only on one thing: opening the damn trunk. As soon as I clicked the button and it popped up, I knew this was it. That moment had come for me in life.

Time froze. My whole world shifted.

The brightest blue eyes I’ve ever seen lock with mine. Sheer terror is etched on the beautiful girl’s face staring back at me. A mane of gold, almost white, locks surround her heart-shaped face. Her tiny button nose reminds me of a snow bunny.

She has the most breathtaking face I’ve ever seen in my life. I didn’t know something could actually steal my breath the way she has. Hell, I’ve seen a lot of shit in my time with the work I’ve done. Never once has any of it taken my breath away. Until now. Until her.

A whimper sounds from behind the tape that’s over her mouth. I slowly reach for her, trying not to make any sudden moves. I’m sure she’s terrified enough. She stills, but to my surprise she doesn’t flinch away from me.

“Going to take the tape from your mouth.” I let her know exactly what I’m doing so there are no surprises. “You’re safe now. That fucker who put you in here is dead.” Her eyes widen at my words. I figured it was better to let her know that the monster who had put her in the trunk was no longer breathing air into his lungs.