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Queen of Their Colony - Kindred Tales

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Evangeline Anderson

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A middle aged science teacher who feels unloved and unwanted meets
Three huge alien warriors desperate to find their Queen
When Terra agrees to go on a quest with V’rone, Tem, and Rive
Will she end up as…the Queen of their Colony?
Terra Engels is a regular middle aged science teacher with nothing special about her—or so she thinks. She comes up to the Monstrum Mother Ship to arrange a tour for her senior class…and sets off an alarm on the Dark Side of the ship.
The alarm is a Heart-finder arch, tended by three Colony Monstrum, who must share a female. V’rone, Tem’blx, and Rive have pretty much given up on finding the one perfect woman who can be the Queen of their colony. Imagine their surprise when Terra walks through the arch and sets off the alarm, proving that she is the one they’ve been looking for!
Terra, however, disagrees. She just got out of a failed marriage and she’s not ready to make another commitment—especially not to three huge guys at once! However, she makes a deal with them—she will go on a quest to help them find the right woman if they will attend her ex-husband’s wedding with her as her dates. That’ll show the cheating bastard!
The Monstrum agree. Thus begins a crazy—and extremely hot—adventure to four different alien worlds that involve a host of dangers…and a lot of heated encounters. Each door between the worlds requires that the four of them become more and more intimate and less and less inhibited. But at the end of it all when Terra almost loses her guys, can she find a way to get them back? And will she ever consent to be…Queen of their Colony?
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Evangeline Anderson


“It’s so good to finally meet you in person!” Iyanna exclaimed, stepping forward with her arms outstretched.

“Oh, you too!” Terra Engels smiled as she stepped into the other woman’s embrace. She had been e-mailing with Iyanna Washington for the past three months and it almost felt like she was an old friend. And now, she was finally aboard the Monstrum Mother Ship, meeting the other woman. Iyanna had come to the Docking Bay to greet her—a vast space filled with the sleek, golden Monstrum spaceships and carpeted in some kind of soft, cushy blue moss.

Terra had been amazed when a Monstrum warrior who looked like a black panther had come to meet her at the Human/Kindred relations building to fly her to the meeting. And she was even more amazed and excited to actually be here, seeing the friend she’d met by chance when she emailed and asked about the possibility of taking her senior science students on a tour of the huge ship.

As they hugged, Iyanna’s belly pressed against her own and she looked down in surprise. “Oh, I didn’t know that—”

“That I’m pregnant?” Iyanna, who had long, braided curls and big dark eyes laughed as she pulled back and cupped the curve of her belly. “Yup, I’m really starting to show. Sorry I never mentioned it—it’s just kind of a weird thing to drop into an e-mail.”

“No, no—of course! I’m so happy for you! Is this your first?” Terra smiled, truly delighted for her friend.

“Yup—I’m equal parts overjoyed and scared to death.” Iyanna grinned. “Everyone tells me the first one is the hardest.”

“Well, I’ve only had one myself, so I can’t tell you about that. But I’m sure you’re going to have the very best medical care up here. Everyone says the Kindred have medical tech that we humans down on Earth can only dream of,” Terra said. “And I’m sure that’s true for the Monstrum Kindred as well?”

“Oh yes—absolutely.” Iyanna smiled. “Of course, my mom wants to come be with me when I go into labor, but I’ve got a ways to go yet before we get there.”

“Lucky you—more time to prepare.” Terra smiled, though she couldn’t help being nostalgic for that time in her life—couldn’t help remembering what it had been like when she was pregnant with her son, Sean, so many years ago. Back then, she’d been newly married and she and her husband, Gregoryory, had been so happy together. Terra had been sure their love would last forever…

“…meet my husband later,” Iyanna said.

Terra blinked, realizing she’d missed some of what her friend was saying.

“I’m sorry—did you say I get to meet your husband?”

“Yes, once we get over to the Dark Side of the ship,” Iyanna told her. “Er…he’s a Drake Monstrum so he can be kind of overwhelming—I mean, he’s nine feet tall, covered in scales, and he has horns.”

“Really?” Terra looked at her in surprise. “I mean, he’s that tall? I know all the Kindred and Monstrum warriors are big but—”

“Yes, well they do grow them big over on the Dark Side of the ship,” Iyanna said. She bit her lip. “In fact, I don’t know if we ought to include it in your class tour or not. I’ll let you make the call once you see it for yourself. I’ll show you the Light Side of the ship first and then we’ll take a Carpet Wole to the Dark Side. Come on, let’s go!”

For a pregnant woman, Iyanna seemed to have unflagging energy. But maybe that was just because she was younger, Terra thought as she tried to keep up with her energetic tour guide. She was firmly middle aged herself with the gray hair and lines around her eyes and mouth to prove it.

The hair she could—and did—dye, but there was no erasing the lines. They had been put there by experience—a lifetime of love and laughter. And just lately, sorrow, regret, and disappointment, she thought. After Gregoryory had left her and announced his intention of marrying a cute intern who had come to work at his company and was apparently quitting college to be his little wifey…

Stop it, Terra told herself as Iyanna led her down a long corridor which was hung with glowing flowers that lit the way. Can you just for a minute stop thinking about the mess with Gregoryory and be happy? Look at this place—it’s amazing! And think how excited the seniors are going to be about this trip!

Terra taught science at Hillsborough High in Tampa, Florida, and the principal, Mr. Morrison, had asked for new and unusual ideas for the Senior Class Trip. Most years they went to Universal or Disney, since both theme parks were only two hours away—but everyone was tired of that. The tickets were getting ridiculously expensive and the crowds were horrible—not to mention the Florida summer heat. Taking a group of rowdy teens to Disney was more of a punishment than a pleasure.