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Rogue (Mike Bravo Ops #2)

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Eden Finley

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I remember the first time I met Dylan Rodriguez. It was one sweaty encounter I’ll never forget.
The second time we met, he arrested me. I can still see the hot scowl on his beautiful face as he slapped handcuffs on me and realized I was … me.
Dylan’s main goal in life is to forget he ever met me. My goal is to make him mine. Turns out, I'm better at this game than he is.
When my law enforcement career falls to pieces in front of my own eyes, I don’t know who I can trust. I have nowhere to go. No one to turn to.
Asking Trav for help is a last resort, but I’m desperate. If he can’t get me out of this mess, I may as well turn myself over to the guys hunting me down.
I’m not sure which will be more difficult: protecting my life or my heart. Because when it comes to love, my heart wants what my brain doesn’t. It wants Travis West.
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Mike Bravo Ops Series by Eden Finley

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Eden Finley

Chapter One



The heat surrounding my cock is exactly what I need. Even if I’m in a seedy bar and I don’t even know this guy’s name. Hell, as I push his face against the side of the tiny bathroom stall and thrust inside his tight ass, I can barely recall what we said to each other that landed us in here. It was probably some form of hello in a manly grunt and then a nod toward the back for me to follow him.

His black hair is messy around my fingers gripping it tight. He has dark stubble on his chin and flawless olive skin. He’s perfect for what I’m looking for. A warm body to get me off and to get me out of this funk of overworked frustration I’ve been carrying around since leaving the military.

After fifteen loyal years of service as an Army Ranger and working my way up to the rank of sergeant major and squad leader, I decided to branch out on my own with a private ops firm. The jobs have been slow but steady—bottom-of-the-barrel type of work.

I’m building the beginning of what I hope will become my empire.

I haven’t had any downtime. I haven’t had the chance to do this in so long.

I push inside him again, and he moans so loud I’m glad no one has come in needing to piss. Then again, it’s not hard to tell what we’re doing in here whether we’re quiet or not. With every thrust, the whole stall shakes.

The see-through mesh tank top he’s wearing is asking to be torn off his sexy body. His muscular physique makes me think military, but he’s got nothing on me. Hardly anyone does. I’m six five and wide as fuck.

This guy’s jeans were tight enough to make out his impressive dick print, and it was a fight to wrestle them down his thighs. He came here for one thing, the same thing I did, and while he dressed the part, I can’t help picturing him as some uptight suit. The thought of a buttoned-up lawyer type or pencil pusher getting dressed up and letting loose really gets me going. And I plan to follow through on this imaginary scenario.

He says something in Spanish. I have no idea what.

“You’re so tight,” I murmur.

“You fuck like a god,” he breathes. “I’m gonna … holy fuck, I’m gonna come.”

Untouched? Damn, that’s hot.

“Do it,” I growl.

His legs quake, and his whole body stiffens as he unleashes. I keep moving inside him, keep pegging his prostate, and with two more hard thrusts, I come as well, filling the condom and trying with all my strength not to collapse on the poor guy while his ass wrings me out.

I rest my forearm beside his head and blanket his back with my body. He turns his head in my direction and smiles.

My gut flips.

“I’m Dylan.”


The door to the bathroom opens, so I pull out of Dylan and tie off the condom while he pulls his pants up.

“Yo,” one of my recruits says.

I look up at the roof. “What? I’m kind of busy.”

“Domino is here,” Alphabet says. Domino. The only way my straight best friend would haul his ass to a gay bar is— “We’ve gotta go. Job.”


“There goes my chance to buy you a drink.” I lean in and kiss Dylan’s cheek.

Dylan’s smile doesn’t falter. “No need to act gentlemanly now.”

“Didn’t need to hear that, boss,” Alphabet says.

“Then fuck off. I’ll be out in a minute.”

Dylan runs his hand down my chest. “You talk like that to all your … employees?”

“Only the special ones.”

“Aww, I’m special?” Alphabet coos.

“I’m gonna kill him,” I mutter.

Dylan pats my bicep. “You should get to work. This was fun. Maybe I’ll see you here again sometime.”

That sounds like an empty gesture, but agreeing to it would be mean when I wouldn’t be able to keep that promise. So instead, I open the stall door and gesture for him to go first.

“There you go being gentlemanly again. It’s kinda hot. See you ’round.”

I straighten myself out before walking to the sinks to ditch the condom in the trash and wash my hands. The whole time, I can feel Alphabet’s stare. “Don’t even say it.”

“Say what?” Alphabet asks innocently.

“You know exactly what.”

“He was cute.”

Dylan was more than cute, but I get the feeling Alphabet’s trying to rile me up.

I’m not going to let that happen. “Why are we getting a call so late for a job? It has to be serious for Domino to come here.”

“Carter called us in because his favorite crew has come down with food poisoning.” He cocks his head. “I wonder how that happened?”

“I plead the fifth.”

“So we’re up. This is the shipment we’ve been waiting for. Boat leaves in two hours.”

“Mexico, here we come.”

Getting a job as the muscle for a cargo company wasn’t hard. Getting the boss to trust us has been. We’ve been working for Jason Carter for six weeks—not a long time in the scheme of things—but in that time, he’s only ever had us on board for legit cargo reasons. We figure the night crew has to be handling something more. Our shifts are about thirty hours round trip, but the night shift has a turnaround of two days. We have no idea what they do with the extra eighteen hours.