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From USA Today bestselling author Cassandra Robbins comes a scorching Professor/Student, age-gap, complete stand-alone romance.

Brett Powers is gorgeous, filthy, and off limits.

Rules are made to be followed.

Or so they say…

But let’s be honest. The second I stepped foot into Brett Powers’s classroom, I was doomed.

I mean, it’s not every day your dean is a 6’4” dark god with ocean-blue eyes and a dimple.

Just looking at him makes my heart pound and my stomach flutter.

He’s intense, filthy, and forbidden.

Not to mention, he’s my sister’s ex-boyfriend.

If I were smart, I’d walk away.

Lines are getting blurred.

Boundaries are being tested.

And rules are about to be broken.

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“I can’t make it up, Richard.” I lean forward for my glass of scotch while he throws back his head and laughs.

“I mean, when I saw my mom and the priest walking toward the bathroom… Christ.” Shaking my head, I lean back in the leather chair.

My mentor stands and walks to his desk, retrieving a box of Cuban cigars. “Well, I’m happy for Jett.” He hands me one and steps over to open his French doors, which leads to his manicured backyard. Sunlight reflects off the pool, and the giant inflatable pink flamingo in it slowly glides to the edge.

“Diane is threatening to divorce me if I don’t open these doors when I enjoy the last of my vices.” He chuckles, walking back to his chair as the air conditioner clicks on.

“We can go outside.” I grin.

“Hell no, it’s too hot out.” He crosses his thin legs and reaches for the cigar cutter to swiftly slice off the end of his cigar, then hands it to me.

“Brett.” He sighs, absently looking out the doors as the warm air from the afternoon fills his office. “It’s no secret I’ve been tossing around the idea of retiring…” He glances at me as I hesitate, knowing where this is going but needing to hear it.

“I’m seventy-six years old.” He flicks on his black torch lighter and slowly spins the end on the flame until it glows nice and orange before he brings it to his lips and takes a small puff.

I lean back, stretching out my legs, waiting, letting him have this moment. Richard used to be a heavy smoker. After having a mild heart attack a couple of years ago, he’s switched his habit to expensive cigars. Smoke swirls out of his mouth, and he takes another puff, then tosses me the torch lighter.

“I’ve made my mark on the university. Gave up numerous things in my life to achieve where I am, and now…” His brown eyes turn to me as he points the cigar my way. “It’s your turn.”

I sit up and lean over to light the tip of my cigar. “I’m not going to lie and say I don’t want it.” With a smile, I place the fragrant tip in my mouth and take an easy puff, the earthy, citrusy taste swirling around as I let it escape, and look at him.

“You do understand that what I’m about to do will make you the youngest head dean in the school’s history?” He recrosses his legs.

“Yes.” My voice remains steady. This is what I have been working for, and being the youngest dean in the university’s history, yeah, that makes my cock hard.

“Jenners is going to cause a stink. He believes it should be his. Convince me that he’s wrong.”

My eyes narrow, and the edges of my lips curve up. “I don’t have to convince you, Richard. It’s pretty simple. I’m a genius. He’s not.”

Richard snorts. “You’re also arrogant and single.”

“Exactly. I have zero distractions because I’m married to my work. Might as well give me the title.” I grin, bringing the cigar back to my mouth.

“Brett, you need to know that we have started the vetting process. Is there anything I need to know? Being a chair and vice dean of the environmental engineering department and becoming the head dean of the school are completely different beasts. I can’t have this backfire on me. Dean Jenners is in his fifties. He’s married, his kids are grown. The trustee likes these things. But you getting the Nobel nomination has made you the frontrunner.” Richard watches me.

I shrug. “I’m an open book, Richard. And my work speaks for itself,” I say, looking him in the eye. This is not me being arrogant; this is fact. I’m way better equipped all around for the job, and Richard knows it, even without the Nobel nod. My age is the only thing holding him back. Thirty-eight is not unheard of, but very few have been appointed to a coveted position like this at my age.

Being a rising star professor at any Ivy League or prestigious private research university is huge, but being the dean of one of the top schools in the nation… well, let’s just say, my parents will have bragging rights.