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From USA Today bestselling author Jenika Snow comes a gritty mafia romance where the villain blurs the lines between right and wrong...and love and hate. She came to me looking for salvation. She came to me looking to save a family that didn’t even want her. But I didn’t want money. I didn’t want her father’s and brother’s debt paid off in blood. My obsession went far deeper than anything I’d ever experienced. It was fast and hot, an inferno that leveled everything around me like a trigger being pulled. I sent her away, humiliated her, made her think I wanted nothing from her. That was the biggest lie I’d ever told. Because what I wanted was everything from her. I was the villain. The bad guy. And she’d be mine.

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My cock jerked as the words left my mouth and I gave the order for Liliana to do what I said.

I certainty hadn’t expected the evening to end up with me ordering my girl to show me her virgin cunt, but I’d given her the chance to say no.

I wouldn’t have liked hearing it, but I would have respected her wishes.

But she didn’t do what I said right away. Instead, my sweet Liliana stood, her hands visibly shaking as she twisted them in the material of her shirt and came closer. I hummed in pleasure, not even irritated she wasn’t obeying me instantly.

I crooked my finger toward her, and she came forward another step. Then one more, until she was standing right in front of me and the sweet scent of her innocence filled my nose. She lifted her hand, and I tensed when she placed the tips of her fingers on the center of my chest.

Liliana trailed them down, and my abdomen clenched. She let out a soft breath and moved her fingers over my side, her little nails scraping gently against the fabric. I’d never felt such intense fucking pleasure, and she wasn’t even touching my bare skin.

And for just a moment, my eyes closed as I gave in to the sensations. That’s all the time my little wildcat needed.

She grabbed my gun and stumbled back. I didn’t rush her, didn’t even move. I narrowed my eyes and growled low as she pointed the gun right at me.

Her hands trembled and her expression showed so much uncertainty. My cock thickened even more.

I took a step closer, and she shook her head vehemently, moving to the side and away from the bed. She was going for the bedroom door, but my sweet girl wouldn’t get far even if she got out.

The door stopped her from going any further, and I advanced, my steps slow, lazy even.

Liliana lifted her arms and squeezed her hands tightly around the weapon. The gun was now level with my chest.

“Don’t come any closer or I’ll shoot.” Her voice shook as much as her hands did. “I swear to fucking God, Matteo, I’ll put a bullet right through your heart.”

I grinned and reached down, gripping the massive erection I sported—the one that was growing thicker and harder with each passing second.

I moved until I crowded her. The muzzle of the gun now pressed to the center of my chest. I braced one hand beside her head and used my other to curl my fingers around hers, keeping the gun pressed right to my body.

She licked her lips, and I trained my focus on the act, holding in my groan at the visual of those pretty, pink, and plump lips wrapped around my cock.

“Caught you off guard,” she whispered. “Only reason I got this damn thing.” Her voice was a little stronger, a little deeper. Her arousal was coming through.

I didn’t hold in the gruff sound that left me then, at the very thought her pussy was wet for me, all juicy and primed for my cock. I leaned forward so the gun really dug into my chest. Her eyes widened as she glanced down, the apprehension on her face clear enough I knew she had no intentions of shooting me.

“You surprised me, you sexy, little vixen.” I grinned. “Bet your gorgeous ass has never even shot a gun, let alone held one.” She snapped her gaze up to mine before it narrowed slightly.

“You don’t know shit about me.”

Oh, how wrong she was.

“You know that’s a lie, Sunshine.”

She wet her lips once more.

“I’ve held plenty of guns. You have to know how to handle yourself when you’re nothing and—”

I had a hold of her throat before she even got the words out, my mouth so close to hers I knew she’d feel my lips move as I spoke. “Never, ever fucking say you’re nothing. And certainly not in my fucking presence, Sunshine.”

I felt her hold on the gun loosen and, with a twist of my hand, took the gun away and held it up between us. She stared at me, horrified, and I couldn’t help but breathe out in arousal.

“You’ve never fucking held a gun in your life.” I switched the safety off to prove my point. Her lips pressed together tightly, and I dragged my tongue over them, causing her to gasp in outrage–and desire.

With the safety still off, I retreated an inch and, while holding her gaze, dragged my tongue up the barrel and licked the muzzle.

I clicked the safety back in place and shoved the gun in the rear waistband of my sweats. And then, I slammed my hand on the door on the other side of her head and crowded the fuck out of her.

“Now, lie to me again and tell me your pussy isn’t wet right now.”