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Scandalous (The Finn Factor #2)

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R.G. Alexander

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Will it be Scandalous? If Natasha Rivera is involved, the answer is usually yes. The owner of The Twisted Tart bakery has never been shy about expressing her opinions or her desires. The only secret she ever kept had to do with her feelings for a certain Finn and the details of their unusual relationship.

When reformed bad boy Senator Stephen Finn asks Natasha to join him for a week of political intrigue and kink, there’s no way she can say no. Nothing has changed. His star is still on the rise and she is still too wild to be tamed. Once they get their hands on each other they’re bound to cause a scandal…but it might just be worth it.

Recipe of Warning: Take one outspoken, sexually confident woman and a repressed former bad boy. Combine until sparks fly. Add voyeurism, exhibitionism, spanking, excessive quantities of explicit sex, a kinky house party and whatever pervertible you have on hand…thoroughly shake the mixture until your wrists hurt or your batteries run low. Mmmm. Yummy warning.
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Chapter One

Tasha pressed her back against the door of the senator’s downtown office and took in his lean silhouette. He was standing at the windows, sunlight outlining his broad shoulders and bent head. With his back to her, he talked softly into his cell, so focused on the phone call she wasn’t even sure he’d heard her come in.

His distraction gave her time to catch her breath and soothe the butterflies in her stomach that had no business being there in the first place. How many years, how many decades, would have to pass before her knees stopped wobbling at the sight of the sexy, six-foot-two scoop of vanilla that was Stephen Finn?

Damn the man. What was it about him that did this to her?

He was undeniably handsome, but she knew a lot of handsome men. He was smart. A popular state senator who wasn’t afraid to deal with the tough issues and fight—even against his own party—for what he believed in. But she was no political groupie. He had status in the state. An aura of authority that made people instinctively trust him, but what usually turned her on was a different sort of power exchange.

The kinky kind that Senator Finn didn’t understand.

She’d topped some lovely submissives and been topped by some truly talented dominants. She’d dated a handful of entertaining men in the lifestyle over the years, and even indulged in semi-regular threesomes with her best friend Jeremy, before he and Owen Finn had given in to each other and become exclusive. Her life was so jam-packed with adventures in sin that she could write a Natasha Rivera tell-all memoir thick enough to hold open a damn door. And she was only thirty-five.

But one look at Stephen and none of that mattered. One look and suddenly she was an inexperienced schoolgirl with more hormones than brain cells again. Vulnerable and needy.

It made absolutely no sense. It never had.

He wasn’t wearing his usual suit—the one she was always tempted to wrinkle or snag or spill a drink on so he wouldn’t look so unapproachable and uptight. Today he’d replaced it with a button-down navy shirt that would bring out the blue of his eyes. It was still a little formal for a Saturday, but his sleeves were rolled up and the hem was only loosely tucked into his fitted khaki pants. For Stephen that was as casual as he was likely to get.

It occurred to her that she hadn’t seen him in jeans since they were in school, which was probably for the best since he was truly dangerous in denim. They highlighted two of her favorite features. His strong thighs and that sweet, squeezable ass.

Stephen lowered the phone and stared out the window, his broad shoulders tense. Long seconds and then minutes ticked by without his moving or saying a word. She shifted impatiently and her sundress rustled. Nothing. She sighed and he still didn’t look her way.

Tasha could take a lot of torture when she chose, from nipple clamps to floggers and even the occasional Lifetime movie marathon, but she’d never been good at being ignored. He’d demanded her presence—sent a man to her door to collect her—the least he could do was acknowledge it.

“Did you have me abducted by the Marines so I could tell you how those pants fit your ass, or did you want me for something in particular?” she drawled in a light sarcastic tone.

Stephen looked over his shoulder with an enigmatic expression. There was no surprise when he saw her, and his smile was distracted but genuine. Potent as ever. “Sorry about that. My phone’s been ringing all morning. That was the first moment of peace I’ve had today.” He turned toward her. “It’s good to see you, Natasha. I wasn’t sure Brady could convince you to meet with me.”

She swallowed hard at the sound of his voice. It was a rich baritone meant for late-night radio or bedroom seduction. Deep and confident. He could read the phone book during debates and still win—it was that mesmerizing.

“I wasn’t informed I had an option.”

And though she’d complained, she hadn’t refused the invitation because—and this was something she was never going to admit to Stephen out loud—she’d missed him. They hadn’t seen each other since that morning at Jeremy’s, when the Finns descended in a show of familial solidarity after Jen’s ex tried his hand at blackmail. Thank God he’d been as bad at it as he was at everything else. The attempt had been so botched it was almost comical, but the repercussions to the family had been all too real.

Stephen had been rumpled then too. Rumpled, apologetic and confusingly affectionate. He’d kissed her breathless against the siding of Jeremy’s lakeside home, apologizing for getting her caught up in the drama and informing her they needed to have a serious talk. Soon.