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Secretary and the Cowboy - Justice Series

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Ella Goode

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Once upon a time, the five Justice cousins were beset by the Justice Curse. Falling in love would doom your beloved to an early death. Collectively, they decided that it was better to live alone than to love, but fate had other plans. One by one they succumbed to the power of love. All of them but one.
Blake Justice. Happily single, Blake spends his days trying to avoid his matchmaking sisters-in-law. Until he found her. But every time he opens his mouth to Reese, he puts his boot right in it.
Reese thought moving to Edison, Texas would be a fresh start. After losing her grandma and finding her sister in bed with her boyfriend, she figures it was just what she needed. Her new friends the Sew Be It sewing circle ladies might be three times her age, but they insist the best way to get over a man is to get under another.
That might be true, but the fact is Reese has never been under any man and her heart wasn’t broken by her ex. It was her sister who did the real damage. Too bad the Sew Be It ladies think they’ve found her perfect match.
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Ella Goode



“B lake, come over here. I want you to meet Winter Kasparov. Her daddy owns a big media conglomerate in Europe,” Birdie—my cousin’s wife—beckons me with a jewel-laden hand. I try to pretend I don’t see her even though the ten-carat ruby ring Calder gave her after the birth of their son is practically blinding me.

“Oh no, you don’t,” exclaims Cameron Hyde-Franklin-Justice, aka cousin-in-law number two. She married the second oldest, Tucker Justice, and most of the time, they hide out at his private home on the south edge of the property except for the times that Cam pops out to host a big bash here at the main house or they jet off to Monaco or Lake Como to visit friends. Cam knows everyone there is to know and for some reason is intent on introducing all of them to me. “You can’t leave yet. I invited Melissa Wright for you. She’s smart, accomplished, gorgeous—"

“Cam, I love you, but—"

“Blake! I’ve been looking all over for you!” Astor hops over and takes my other arm. “Cane and I have found the perfect woman for you.”

I try to smile, but even my ghost of an attempt slides off when I see Princess Maria peeking at me from behind my baby cousin, Sterling. I can’t believe those two kids got married. I also can’t believe I’m the only single Justice left, although that status won’t last much longer if my cousins’ wives have anything to say about it.

It’s self-preservation that makes me shrug out of the grip of Cam and Astor, dodge Princess Maria, and just flat-out flee from Birdie. Out on the back deck, Calder and Tucker look up from their cigars at me in surprise.

“Join us?” Calder dips his head toward an empty Adirondack chair.

“No thanks.” I hurry down the steps and toward the garages. These days you can’t trust the Justice men. The women they’ve married hold too much power. I think it’s the estrogen. All their estrogen has linked up together to create this force field, and they want me in it. A single man is in want of a wife, etc. etc.

I climb into my Maserati and take off down the drive, kicking up a big cloud of dust behind me like it has some sort of protective power. I love my cousins. I love my cousins’ wives. I’m just not interested in that kind of life.

Off County Road 45, I pull into the gravel drive of Coffee’s Bar & Grill. The inside of the bar is dark, lit up by a few naked bulbs and spotlights over a run-down stage that hasn’t seen a live act as long as I’ve been here. Ron, the bartender and owner, gives me a silent nod of acknowledgment as I slide onto a stool.

“Little early for you,” Miller Pearson remarks from the end of the bar.

“Not for you, though?”

“Nah. Someone’s gotta keep Coffee in business, so I show up as soon as the doors open.”

Ron rolls his eyes. “Miller got kicked out of his house today because his wife’s having a baby shower.” He slides a full beer glass down the lacquered bartop. I catch it in my hand. “What’s your excuse?” he asks.

“Birdie’s having a party.”

“Sounds like a good time,” Miller says. “You Justices put on a good spread. After the last shindig Birdie had where she was showing off her summer clothes, the wife couldn’t stop talking about how great everything was. Wanted me to buy one of Birdie’s outfits too, but then I saw the price. She charging by the thread or what?”

“No idea,” I admit. Birdie’s a fashion designer, and all I know is that every woman who has ever had my number uses it for two reasons—to ask when I’m going to be ready for marriage and if I can get her a Birdie J original. The answer is never and no.

“Can’t believe all you Justices fell off your saddles so quick. You’re the last holdout, Blake. How does it feel?”


Neither of them look convinced. I don’t know if I am either. My cousins have never been happier, and if it weren’t for the matchmaking that my new cousins-in-law had in mind, I would’ve been enjoying the party, too. Food was good, company was fine, seeing people I care about enjoying life is always positive.

But there’s a weird feeling that sits awkwardly on the back of my neck. A discomfort when I’m sitting at the dining room table watching everyone beam and coo at each other. I can’t rightly pinpoint the cause of this odd sensation. All I know is it’s growing stronger and only fades when there’s some distance between me and the main house.

Maybe I gotta do what Tucker has done and build myself a retreat, but that doesn’t sound appealing either.

“Maybe I’ll go on a trip.” I blurt out.