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Raised in a small town in Kentucky, Legend Vidal is deeply entrenched in his Southern roots and marinated in tough life experiences. Despite his larger-than-life personality, Legend has fallen from glory due to a life of crime, monetary instability, and demons he has yet to face. Struggling to gain his footing and start anew after his last stint in prison, his survival-mode existence has been interrupted by his long-time best friend, Axel Hendrix—one of the few people not intimidated by Legend’s violent and aggressive persona. Axel demands that he get back on track, and also acknowledge a pact that was made with a mutual mentor from their past who changed their lives forever.

This time, Legend is determined to face his demons head on, and finally SEE THE EVIL… then kill it on sight, at last living up to his name.

But then, in walks the thief of his heart: Desiree Washington, a striking, curvaceous, confident woman who’s had her share of hardships and bumps in the road. As a single mother, she works doubly hard to make ends meet. Deciding to embark upon a new career route, she crosses paths with Legend, and once they set eyes on one another, there is no turning back, notwithstanding their reluctance to get entangled in a relationship.

Despite their reservations, fate always gets its way. Legend discovers love doesn’t always have to hurt, but the road to that realization is fraught with traps.

Chills. Pain. Suspense. Seduction … and so much more.
Turn the page. Your adventure awaits…

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Love Letter to My Readers

Greetings, readers. If this is your second installment of this series, welcome back! I am elated that you’ve selected to purchase this book and embark on another excursion with me. As stated on the product description page, as well as the beginning of this book, this is a three-part series. However, each is a standalone novel, with no cliffhanger, and can be read independently, although they flow better if read together, in chronological order. Regardless of whether you’ve read the first book of the series: “Hear No Evil – The Book of Axel,” you will be able to dive right into this book. Legend is one of his two best friends mentioned in Book 1, but Axel and Legend are two very different men on two very different journeys, chained together by a woman who helped them in their youth—one who loved them so much, she left an indelible impression for life.

Legend and Axel are so close, they consider one another brothers. They have much in common, and that is what ties them together, bonded for life, but their differences have caused conflicts and tense conversations. Each man is an island as far as his personality and way of life are concerned. Not all differences create a clash. For instance, Legend has a different ethnic makeup than Axel. Legend is often mistaken as White, though ethnically, he has a White American mother whose roots go back to England and Poland, and his father is a Puerto Rican man, who looks more Caucasian than Hispanic. This book would be classified as a romance with plentiful suspense and drama, so keeping that in mind. I don’t want to delve too deeply into the difference between race and ethnicity, but for reference, Puerto Rican is not a race. Additionally, there is also a misconception that the majority of Puerto Ricans have African blood. While many do, many do not.

There is also a controversial occurrence taking place in which Black ‘appearing’ Puerto Ricans are marking themselves as ‘White’ on the US Census, causing outrage and debate in the PR and African/African American communities, and beyond. This is a complex issue with no easy solution. On the one hand, it is simplified by saying a Puerto Rican is anyone born on the island of Puerto Rico. While that is technically true, it negates the various hues, subcultures, and even historical facts that resulted in this ‘melting pot’ of various groups inhabiting the island. I say all of that to say that Puerto Ricans, much like African Americans, can physically look many different ways as far as skin complexion, eye color, and hair texture. This is due to a number of reasons, some of which people are still debating about to this day.

Legend happens to “look White”, but in fact embraces the trace amounts of African DNA he suspects he has. His hair, for example, has a natural wave pattern to it and his beard, when he allows it to grow out, is wavy, slightly coarse, jet black and thick, like his father’s. These details typically wouldn’t be that important, but in this case, they matter in the story, for Legend’s mixed heritage, and growing up around a majority of White people in the South, has at times proven challenging in his youth and has affected him deeply. Axel and Legend also are different in their temperaments, and where they are in life. Regardless, the brotherhood is strong, even after multiple fallouts, arguments, and physical brawls.

From outward appearances, Legend is by far the less relaxed of the two. Axel has had to kill typically as a matter of survival, yet Legend has killed for a myriad of reasons and survival wasn’t always at the top of the list.

Legend is at times unapproachable, offensive, overly candid, inappropriate, staunchly self-aware … yet uncaring about how he appears to others regardless. He doesn’t shy away from his violent tendencies if he feels provoked in any way. He has a hard sense of right and wrong, and harbors a lot of resentment and grudges, at times justified. All of this has affected his life in a negative way.

Legend has been holding onto the past, and this has consumed him, turning his heart into a burning mess that sets everything ablaze in his wake. He’s suffered a few bad breaks in life, and trusts very few as a result. He doesn’t want to connect with others on a deeper level, for that requires one to be vulnerable—a compromise too costly for him to make.

Once secrets are revealed, we can never undo the exposure. Ever heard of the saying, ‘Thou protest too much?’ Well, that certainly applies to Legend. The very thing he says he doesn’t want, he actually does, but he is too afraid to admit it…

Desiree Washington is used to bad men, bad women, and bad circumstances. However, she refuses to fall into a hole of self-pity, and wallow in her misfortunes. She has a daughter to raise, and she wants her child to know that with hard work and determination, just about anything is possible.