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Sharing Their Nanny - The Nannies

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Sam Crescent

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Max and Dylan know nothing about kids. Now that Max is the full legal guardian of his niece, they need a nanny.

After a breakup, Raine is ready to settle down in a new city, in a new job as a nanny. Working for two strong, amazing men is no hardship. While one of them seems robotic, the other is playful, constantly crossing the lines of what’s appropriate.
She wants to remain professional with Max and Dylan as her bosses, but they’re determined to break down barriers. They had an agreement—to share one woman, and that woman is Raine.
Raine wants to succumb to their seduction, but Max’s cold aloofness stands in the way. Will they be able to mend her heart, or will their chance at happiness be ruined forever?
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Sam Crescent

Chapter One

Max Cosgrove looked up at the knock on his office door. He wasn’t interested in visitors today, and he just wanted to get his work done so he could head home. Of course, he should have known it would be Dylan Crews, his best and only friend, as well as his business partner.

“I thought I’d come and see the thunder that has taken over my partner,” Dylan said.

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Ah, so the bad mood is real?”

Max removed his glasses, clasped his hands together, and looked at his friend. “What do you want?”

“To come and see what has our employees running scared. What gives?”

“I’m working, which is what you’re supposed to be doing.”

Dylan pressed his hands to his chest and smirked. “I have been working, and unlike you slacking off, I got all of my work done so I was ready for tonight.”

“I’m nearly done, but we have a couple of incompetent employees who decided to order out-of-date meats and cheeses for our restaurant. They accepted them, and you know what a pain in the ass our supplier can be.”

“He’s a fucking bastard and because they’ve given you the extra work, you’re pissed you’re not going to get home in time to see Lake, is that it? Or is it the very sexy nanny we’ve been eyeing since we employed her?” Dylan asked.

Six months ago, Max woke up in the middle of the night to the news that his half-sister had died in a fire, and he suddenly was in charge of his five-year-old niece. At forty-five years old, he didn’t know a single thing about children. His cluelessness lasted all of a day before he put an ad in the papers and Raine Granthum, the saving-grace nanny, arrived.

She’d been the only one to apply and after seeing her résumé, he’d hired her to live in with him, Dylan, and little Lake.

Six months.

Six long months of craving the nanny.

He’d always been a workaholic, but one look at Raine, and he’d wanted her, badly. Nights around the dining room table were cherished. Catching sight of her, he craved her. She was only supposed to be a short-term fix to help him learn how to deal with Lake, but he loved having her around.

“And why are you still here?” Max said. “I thought you wanted time alone with Raine, anyway.”

Dylan shrugged. “You know my thoughts.”

“You do realize we’re her boss.”

“You do realize I don’t give a fuck. I’m not going to force her to fuck me, nor are you, but you’ve seen how flustered she gets when we’re both near her. You can’t say that’s a little addictive?”

“She’s fifteen years younger than me.” He was very much aware of how Raine responded to both of them. If he didn’t know any better, he would have thought she stepped right out of their dreams.

“And she’s ten years younger than me, but you don’t see me complaining about it.” Dylan ran a finger across his lip. “She’s the one, Max. You know it. We’ve had women who have wanted to play before, but nothing like this.”

He couldn’t deny that. Women always wanted to play with them. The moment they found out he and Dylan liked to share, it was like an all-you-can-eat buffet and women wanted to gorge on them. It never lasted. The women who’d only wanted a piece of them often left them high and dry. The whole slam-bam, thank you for your dick, sir, and off they went.

Max was bored with that kind of treatment. He didn’t want a woman who was only interested in his dick.

Glancing down at his desk, he couldn’t help but think of Raine as he stared at the fabric mat she’d made for him. Their little nanny loved to sew and craft. She’d been able to draw Lake out of her shell, and his niece didn’t mind talking with him anymore. Lake loved to craft with Raine, and it was why his niece was already planning to decorate his house in garish Halloween decorations.

When she first moved in with him, she was skittish around him. Raine had talked with her and got Lake to admit she was a little afraid of him, which he hated. He tried to avoid seeming so intimidating, but it was hard.

“I’m not going to do anything that will take away Lake’s nanny. You know that.”

Dylan groaned. “What happened to my risk-taker best friend?”

“He grew up.”

“Nah, this is more than that. You’re afraid of pushing Raine away.”

Max dropped the pen he’d picked up, ready to get back to work. “Do you know the first thing about dealing with kids? Do you know what it takes to look after them? I sure don’t.”

“This isn’t about Raine being the nanny. You like her, don’t you? And I don’t mean a little either.”