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I didn’t believe them when they said they would corrupt me.
I was wrong. So wrong.
The night my sister died, a piece of me died with her, so I made a vow.
I’m going to enroll at Spine Ridge University just like her, find the person responsible … and make them pay.
Until I meet three sick boys of the Skull & Serpent Society: Felix, Dylan, Alistair. Rude, heartless, vicious guys who are obsessed with making me regret I ever stepped foot on campus.
They make me a deal: My body in exchange for a glimpse at their violence.
Refusing them is impossible, denying them is insane.
They’re rough, greedy, and every second with them is filled with depravity.
Their venom is jabbed straight into my heart and I’m sucked into their world.
All for the sake of revenge.
Until it becomes something more.
Something priceless.
Something all four of us would kill for.

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All my little sicko sluts who want

to be spit-roasted…

This is for you.



“You belong to us.”

His voice is heady, dark.

Just like his soul.

Pure depravity seeping into my veins, consuming me whole.

He stares into my eyes, the obsessive greed flowing through me unrecognizable. I want this man more than I need oxygen to breathe.

But I wasn’t prepared for wanting them as well.

Dylan Caruso and Alistair King, friends of Felix Rivera … the guy whose fingers are coiled around my neck right now.

His thumb pushes my lips apart, and he slides his fingers inside, across my tongue, swiveling back and forth as his two friends double-team my holes until my eyes roll into the back of my head.

Moans fill the room, a mixture of all four of us.

Coiled. Twisted.



I can’t get enough, even when it stings and hurts like hell.

Felix leans in, his fingers still deep inside my mouth. “Now say it,” Felix whispers. “Say you’re our whore.”

Not even a second passes before I speak the words I thought I’d never say out loud. “I’m your whore.”

Felix’s sinister laugh fills this grimy bathroom.

At first I hated it, but now? Now I want to laugh with him.

I didn’t believe him when he said he would taint me.

I was wrong.

So wrong.

I never begged anyone to take me before.

Until I met them.

These dangerous boys of the Skull & Serpent Society slithered into my life, injecting their toxic venom straight into my blood.

And I let them.


Knowing I would spiral.

Until nothing was left but corruption.


In their eyes, I see death.

The famous boys of the Skull & Serpent Society sit on a makeshift throne of chopped wood stacked high in front of the bonfire in the middle of the woods.

Dylan Caruso, the one in all black with silvery-white hair and black roots, rings and tattoos all over his hands, seductive hooded eyes covered in kohl, and a killer smile, flicks a lighter on and off.

Alistair King sits next to him in his black netted outfit covered in thick jewelry, his curly, light-brown hair softly swishing in the wind, and a devilish smirk on his pale face as he looks down at the girls.

But worst of all is Felix Rivera … a brown-haired guy with a face so sharply cut and intense sanpaku hazel eyes so deeply sunken in that it does honor to his society’s name.

Not a pretty boy, but a chilling boy.

And definitely not one you’d want to cross paths with.

Around those boys, several other students and society members hang on their lips, listening to their wicked stories of blood and mayhem.

It could be lies. Or it could all be the truth.

No one will ever know.

They make sure of that.

Or so I’ve been told by my sister.

The mossy ground contains alcohol and drugs scattered everywhere. People smoke pot and cigarettes, and mix different kinds of alcohol, while some go crazy on the music, dancing like they’re summoning an old God.

Beyond the main area, some people huddle close to the trees, smooching. I spot a hint of skin, and moans erupt from the area. Clearly, people are fucking around, and I’m not about to find out.

I walk through the party searching for my sister, keeping my head down, but I can’t find her. Panic begins to build. “Eve, are you here?”

I yell out her name again and again.

No response.

All I hear is the crispy fire and the loud music blasting into my ears from the speakers atop the wooden tables. The distraction is too much, but I won’t give up. I know she’s here somewhere.

I check my phone again, reading her text for the fiftieth time.

I can’t do it anymore, sis. Please don’t be mad at me. I’ve done everything I could and more. It’s never going to be enough. And I refuse to go through life … broken. Split in half by a decision that wasn’t mine to make.