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I'm the king of the football field. I've got just about everything a guy could ever ask for.

Except for her.

I keep my distance because I'm no good for her. Not to mention, she always runs in the other direction when she sees me.

But when I walk up on her being bullied, I can't keep away from her any longer.

I'll protect her with every piece of me. She's mine.

But when she ends up pregnant from a careless mistake on my part, will I be enough to save her in time?

Or will I lose everything before I've even had a real chance to cherish it?

**This book involves teen pregnancy. All characters are eighteen.There are major elements of bullying within these pages.**

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The bane of my existence.

When I was younger, being the quiet, perfect, good girl had its privileges. Everyone left me alone, just like I preferred. No one bothered me. I was pretty friendly with everyone, and though I wasn’t part of any particular cliques, I was generally well-liked and sort of fit in everywhere.

The second ninth grade had begun, everything changed. And not for the better.

I had somehow become an outcast over the summer. I didn’t fit in anywhere anymore, and everyone either went out of their way to avoid me, or they went out of their way to bully me. It was like everyone put themselves into a group chat to let everyone else know I was no longer welcomed, no longer liked.

And going on four years now, it had been like this. It was, unfortunately, my new normal.

Drawing in a deep breath to steady my nerves, I clutched my books tighter to my chest and stepped through the school gates, keeping my head down. I managed to avoid bumping into people on my way to my locker. Bumping into someone could very well cause problems, and I tried to avoid conflict at all costs.

Once I was safely at my locker, all incidents avoided, I switched out my books and hastened my pace to my first-period class, breathing a sigh of relief once I was sitting down, finally relaxing in my chair.

It was rare that I escaped the bullying in the morning times.

Other students began to pour into the classroom. I kept my head down so I wouldn’t draw attention to myself all while I still managed to keep an eye on the door of the classroom to see who had decided to show up today.

That was when he walked in—Drake Johnson.

Drake Johnson was basically a god in our school. As a straight-A student, the best defensive lineman this school had ever seen, and with model-worthy good looks, everyone worshipped the ground he walked on, even teachers.

And he was the only person to never cast me a dirty look or say something rude and harsh to me.

His blue eyes moved around the room, scanning over me. My pulse quickened, hoping and praying he didn’t notice me staring at him. But then, he snapped his eyes back to me, those baby blue eyes locking on my dark ones.

My breath caught in my throat, and my cheeks burned red. As quickly as he had looked at me though, he looked away and dropped into his seat on the other side of the classroom, smirking at one of the cheerleaders as she turned in her seat, aiming a flirtatious smile at him.

I ripped my eyes away from them.

The only downfall to Drake Johnson?

He was a total fuckboy.

Silence fell over the classroom when the teacher stepped in, her heels clicking over the tiled floor. The silence throughout the rest of class was peaceful, and I relished in it, knowing that once class was over, hell would resume.

And without fail, it did.

After stepping out into the hallway, I squeaked in shock when the girl that had been flirting with Drake stepped into my path, almost making me run into her. I swallowed nervously, slowly raising my eyes to look at her. She glared at me, pushing her platinum blonde hair behind her shoulders.

“A friend of mine told me you were staring at my boyfriend earlier,” she hissed. I wanted to laugh. Everyone with a single brain cell knew that Drake didn’t date, and he certainly didn’t have girlfriends. “Keep your eyes to yourself.”

Before I could stop myself, I blurted, “Who’s your boyfriend?”

My face paled immediately after I realized what I had let slip. Her face turned red with anger. I took a shaky step back, but someone blocked me from turning and running. My heart began to race, and my palms began to sweat. I tightened my grip on my textbooks, hoping I didn’t drop them. That would just make everything worse.

“My boyfriend is Drake Johnson,” she hissed at me. She stepped closer to me, crowding me. My anxiety levels spiked, and my lips trembled. I hated closed-in spaces. She knocked all of my books from my hands, making them spill onto the floor with a loud bang. The hallway went deadly silent, everyone’s eyes now on us. My face paled even more, and for a moment, my head spun.

Before she could say something else, a deep voice spoke up, a hulking shadow falling over us.

“Is there a problem here?” Drake spoke up. I squeezed my eyes shut, terror sweeping through my veins.

He’d obviously come to back her up.

“Nothing, babe,” the girl in front of me spoke up. “Everything is just fine. She just got nervous when I asked to borrow her notes from class.”

Kaleb, Drake’s best friend and our star quarterback, loudly snorted. “Right.”