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Stolen Desire

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Jordan Silver

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I loved her since the day she was born. There was never a doubt in my mind that one day she’d be mine. But then life happened and my well-laid plans went to hell in a hand basket. Too young and too innocent, when she thought she was a woman I had to let her down easy, it was not the time. But while I was away protecting my country she disappeared.

Hurt and disillusioned, she’d come to think that I didn’t love her in that way and no one told her different even though they knew. So now years later I’m back stateside and facing my most important mission, to hunt her down and bring her back to me.
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Jordan Silver

Chapter 1

The classic sounds of sex could be heard coming from beyond the apartment door. A woman’s moans, a man’s grunts and the slap-slap-slap sound of flesh coming together in a sexual frenzy.

Some who heard it just smirked and silently saluted whoever it was that was putting such a pounding on a pussy, some, mostly those of the female persuasion, felt a slight tingle in their pussies as they secretly wished someone would fuck them into oblivion the way it sounded like the lucky bitch behind the door was being done.

And a very few wondered when did the innocent looking chick who lived there alone become such a cock slut? Not one of them came even close to guessing the truth of what was really going on behind that door.

One Hour Earlier

When Jamie Castor got home from her shift at the hospital, all she wanted was a hot bath and bed. She’d just pulled two double shifts back to back because of the deadly coronavirus, and she was now completely beat.

Even as she dropped her purse on the chair by the door and crawled her way towards the bedroom down the hall, she wasn’t sure that she wouldn’t be called back in soon since they were so short-staffed. Usually, the staff they had at the little out of the way hospital was more than enough, but not when dealing with something like this.

Her bones ached from head to toe, and she dragged her scrubs off and padded bare-assed naked into the bathroom that was just off the bedroom. It had been one of the better surprises about the place when she rented it more than a year ago after moving here to the small town in the middle of nowhere.

Now as she stood under the warm spray of water with her hands on the wall bracing herself, head down just letting the water work out the kinks, her mind went to the family she’d left back home, the family she couldn’t wait to get away from straight out of nursing school.

Not that she didn’t like her big, boisterous family with all the fighting and drama every other week, it’s just that she never really fit in anywhere in her old life and had longed for the peace and quiet of a simpler existence.

So when she searched for and found a job in the nearest small town three hours away, she was more than delighted to pick up stakes and head out on her own, even against the wishes of her parents, siblings and extended family.

It was the first time she feels that they had ever paid that much attention to her. She wasn’t sure if it was because of her tiny stature that stood out like an eyesore amidst the Amazonian women of her family and the even bigger gruffer men that she always seemed to be missed.

But as far as she could remember, no one had ever asked her opinion on a single thing. Not until the day she told them in her usual quiet voice that she was leaving, and they all stared at her as if she’d lost her mind. Now here she was off on her own and happy as a lark.

She turned off the water and gave thought to heading into the kitchen to make herself a sandwich at least, but found that she was too tired to do even that. Besides, she wasn’t really all that hungry after snacking on anything she could get her hands on from the hospital vending machine the last few days before it sold out of anything resembling food.

She rubbed her hand over her tummy now with a slight smile, wondering if the other nurses were right when they said earlier that they were all going to pack on the pounds eating the way they have been here lately. It was out of necessity and convenience only that she’d started eating like that. Usually, she’s very conscientious about what goes into her body. Right now, she couldn’t give a fig.

She trudged towards the lone window in the bathroom and opened it just a crack to let some fresh air in. She’d been feeling stuffed up all week and needed that little bit of reprieve.

She looked at her bed as she stood next to it, drying herself off like it was one of the eight wonders of the world. Her eyes almost crossed with joy as she reached it and dropped the towel from her hand before landing face-first into the pillows.

She barely had enough strength left to pull the covers over her, and since she was lying on one half and couldn’t even imagine raising her body up to wrestle it from beneath her, she just reached over and pulled the other half over her naked body. She was fast asleep in no time.