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Stone (Obsessed Alpha #1)

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I shouldn’t even look…think it… I shouldn’t follow her home… I should walk away…

Demi Sweet’s one of the new interns. She’s here to learn about marketing and get hands-on experience with our graphic design department. But from the first time I see her, all I want to do is give her some very personal hands-on experience—knowledge only I can provide. It’s unethical, but she’s an adult, and in a few weeks her internship will be over. Can I wait that long?

No. I’m too obsessed with her.
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Chapter One


In a mad rush, I make it to SH Marketing, where I’ve just started interning this week. My supervising boss in this project is a total bitch. I want to rip her hair out, but I remember I need this for my final grade in my last class for graduation. She’s managed to make me feel like I don’t belong every single step of the way.

For instance, this very moment, I’m in the women’s bathroom in the main lobby tidying up my appearance. My new boss lady told me that she didn’t want my hair down. “It’s sloppy and unprofessional,” she said on Monday, so I pull my hair back into a tight ponytail that does nothing for my face.

It’s a short internship since the semester’s almost over, but four weeks never felt so long before. It’s only Thursday of my first week, and I want to scream and quit. Tomorrow’s an actual full day because I don’t have any classes. It’s going to suck royally. Maybe this is what they’re training me for: To teach me how to deal with shitty bosses.

The class itself is total shit because the teacher’s aide is a dick. He hit on me last semester during a workshop we both attended. Because I don’t date, I politely turned him down. Now, as if to be an ass, he intentionally picks on me when he gets an opportunity.

They scheduled us to come after our classes and work until the end of the business day, so I’m always in a hurry to get here on time. It’s extremely frustrating and nerve-wracking.

I look myself over in the mirror one more time before heading upstairs. No one is around, so I set my things down at my temporary desk. My book bag barely touches the desk surface when she barks out her daily commands to me all the way from the conference room. How unprofessional!

“Go down to the lobby and get the mail. Can you manage to do that without losing some of it on the way?” she condescends, smirking in the process as if I actually dropped the mail and didn’t pick it up right away. I may not be the best admin, but I didn’t come here for that. She’s been doing everything in her power to test me—willing me to snap.

So far, this experience has been a total nightmare. The witch works directly for Mr. Harding himself, so she demands perfection from the interns like working for a major corporation is something we’re used to doing.

My classmate, David and I got the lucky spots everyone was clamoring for, but he ended up with the fantastic position of tailing a marketing director. I, on the other hand, am the lucky recipient of the daily office tasks.

My duties consist of making a new pot of coffee when I get in, clean up the kitchen after everyone has finished their lunch for the day, then I make all the copies, and sort the mail for Mr. Harding.

It’s not what I signed up for. Well, not exactly. Yes, those basic tasks were on the list, but there were a bunch more that actually had to do with marketing and design. The things I majored in. I didn’t major in administration, so this doesn’t help my career at all. It’s even pointless to use it on my CV. “I see you interned at SH Marketing, tell me about your experience.” Yeah, that will go over well.

Shaking off the annoyance, I go to the front reception area and start grabbing the mail from the large USPS bin that’s sitting on the desk. I’m almost done sorting it into piles when the most attractive man to walk the earth steps through the revolving doors.

Six-foot-plus, dark hair and a strong chin are the first delectable things I observe. A dark gray suit is tailored perfectly to his large build. My body is tingling from head to toe, and my pussy floods my panties. Shit, I slam my thighs together, hoping to stop the flow of pure, slutty lust I have for this man.

The slight click of my heels as I close my legs echoes in the lobby and catches his attention. A blush steals over my face as he stares deeply at me as if puzzling out why I managed to disrupt his movements. Or at least that’s the way it seems to me.

Instead of continuing to his destination, he just stares at me. My fantasy man turns on his heel to come toward me with a look of ownership, domination, and all too much sin is in his eyes. He could make me bend to his will with just a command. I’m in so much trouble.

I’m instantly drawn to him. I can’t explain it because I don’t understand it myself, but he has a pull that I have to fight. I might not get paid to be here, but I want to pass. I have to graduate. I must graduate.