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USA Today Bestselling Author, Dani René, brings you another raw, gritty, dark romance in the Royal Bastards MC world. Head back to Belfast for this forbidden, age gap MC romance that will have you reading late into the night!

I walked away from Clover once before. She was too young, and I was too much of a bastard to hurt her. But now she's all grown up, and she's mine.

As much as I want to protect her, to keep her safe, I'm not a good man. I've done things I'm not proud of, sold my soul to a devil who's comin' to collect.

I shouldn't bring her into my world, but when she's dragged into it kickin' and screamin', I have no choice but to be her hero. And once I save her, I need to let her go.

But Clover is stubborn.
And when a secret she's been hidin' is revealed, I'm torn between her and the club.
I would do anythin' for those I love, even if it costs me my own life.

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I grin down at the motherfecker who’s bearin’ down on the metal between his yellowed teeth. Both his eyes are swelling with purple bruises that will soon turn blue. He’s tryin’ta speak, but there’s nothin’ he can say that will change the fact he’s been leakin’ information about our shipments to the mob.

It’s not the first time Monster has allowed one of us ta take the lead, and I’m thankful I’m able to take this one. The metal knuckle-dusters I wrap my fingers around glint in the sunlight streamin’ through the window.

“The last time ye decide to feck with the Royal Bastards will be today. We don’t take kindly ta rats, and when ye run off and tell yer friends about our shipments, we need ta send a message,” I tell him, keepin’ my voice controlled, yet drippin’ pure venom.

“Mmh uh mm,” he bites out through the metal, and I smile.

Rearing back, I bring my fist down on his jaw, listening to the crack that follows, and I can’t help but feel satisfied. I won’t kill him, not this time. We want him to go back ta them and show them just how fecking ruthless we are.

“I’m the feckin’ cleaner, and I’ll gladly clean yer blood off this floor,” I tell him. “I’ll make sure ye remember me—remember the Royal feckin’ Bastards.” Stepping back, I motion for the two prospects ta take the arsehole’s shirt off.

“Hey,” Rebel calls from behind me as he enters the warehouse.

This place is a shitehole, but Monster likes it because it’s outside the city, and nobody comes here.

I turn to Rebel and notice he has Hades with him as well. “What’s goin’ on?” I ask.

“Monster wants us in church in an hour,” Rebel tells me.

I glance at the man we caught, and I shake my head before I release the metal from my knuckles and lean in to look directly into his eyes. The terror that flits in them makes me happy. I love watchin’ someone cower in fear. And right now, I grip the arsehole’s throat and squeeze.

“Ye tell all yer wee friends they’ll pay a hefty price if they attempt to trade in our territory. Ye’ll also inform them every feckin’ piece of information you spewed to them is false. Make them believe it. Do you understand me?”

He nods quickly, his head movin’ so fast it’s a blur for a second or two. Tears fill his eyes as he watches me. My fingers tighten, a warnin’, and then I release him.

“Get this arsehole out of here,” I order before I head over ta Rebel and Hades. The two prospects shove the black bag over his head and drag him from the chair. Once they’re out of earshot, I ask my two brothers. “So, church?”

Hades is the one who answers, “Tye has some information on Bragan.”

“I can’t wait till we get that fecker and make him pay,” I tell them as we make our way out to the bikes. Turnin’ my key, I rev the engine, givin’ Rebel and Hades a hint that I want a race.

The moment I pull away, they’re close behind. It doesn’t take us long ta reach the clubhouse. The adrenaline from the session at the warehouse is still fresh in my mind, but as I walk in, I can’t stop the smile that curls my lips.

There, waitin’ on me, is my girl.

My Lucky Clover.




Twenty-Five Years Old

Death—the visitor that most of us try to escape.

Nobody gets to do that, though, because it’s the one thing in life that’s a promise.

For some, the Reaper visits far too early. He comes knockin’ when they least expect it, and then they have no choice but to walk with him into the afterlife.

That’s when it hurts the most. The unexpected.

When it happens, it’s an agony that nobody can describe, but also one that no person can run from. I don’t believe in heaven or hell, even though I grew up havin’ta go ta church every feckin’ Sunday, but somethin’ about it never sat quite right with me. How can one entity judge millions? I’m not a believer, and even though I see miracles happen all around me every day, I also see the ugliness in the world.

As the plane comes in to land on the smooth tarmac, the wheels touch down with a thump and I take in the airport building. I’m finally in the US for the first time in a long while. I’ve flown across the pond before, but never on club business.

Monster, the President of the Royal Bastards MC in Belfast and one of my oldest friends, agreed I could fly over and represent the club. Which brings me here, to Washington State where The Kovenant MC is based. This part of the country is far more breathtakin’ than anywhere else in the States. At least, that’s what I think. White Pass is one place I’ve visited that felt like home. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, but now I’m back, I can’t deny I’ve missed it.