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Sweet Obsession

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Jordan Silver

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She’s the daughter of his high school sweetheart, who left her in his care when she died. Years later, he’s set to marry someone else after getting his pseudo daughter settled in at college. Now it was time for him to live his life after putting parts of it on hold to raise the young scared little girl who’d been left on his doorstep. But someone else has other ideas and is just biding her time to capture the man who’s been her sweet obsession ever since she became a woman.
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Jordan Silver


I came as soon as I entered her. Not by mistake, I don’t have a short trigger or anything like that, but because that’s the way she likes it. She likes to get me hot to the point of madness with her hands and mouth, then pulls me into her hot cunt just as I’m about to shoot off.

Not all the way inside her mind you, just at the very entrance where I then hose her walls down with cum. You see, she’d learned to do this for self-preservation because otherwise, her tight little pussy would never be able to take all of me. An eleven-inch cock is not much to sing about these days, but when that length is coupled with a shaft that’s about four inches around, that changes the game.

And no matter how wet she is or how much lube I squeeze up inside her, it’s never enough. It’s only my seed, once flooding her insides, that seems to do the trick. As soon as I cum I slide the rest of my cock inside her like I’m doing now. Where my still hard cock will stay for at least another hour or so.

Now that my cock was buried to the hilt in her tight little snatch, I was free to do whatever I wanted; she didn’t care, as long as my cock brought her the pleasure she so strongly craves. I could see the sheen of pain in her eyes as she strained to take all of me. The way her body was strung tight like a bow even with her legs stretched to capacity.

It was not only my cock that was too big for her, but all of me. She’s little more than four-eleven to my six-foot-four frame. Though she’s a little curvy, I still outweigh her by about a hundred pounds of pure muscle. Her legs can barely get around me, and if I give her all my weight, I will squash her, but still, we fit.

I bottomed out in her pussy with each stroke while she juiced all over my cock and whimpered in her throat each time I went too deep. I love the sounds she makes when we fuck, love the sexy innocence of hers as she looks up in my eyes like she’s doing now.

That touch of innocence always gets my cock extra. No one that looks and feels like her, with a body ripe for fucking, should have that touch of innocence. But it’s that very deception that keeps me coming back for more.

“Does it hurt?” She nodded her head and bit into her bottom lip while I kept deep stroking her sweet young cunt.

I took pity on her because I knew after that last orgasm it was going to be a while before I cum again, so I eased up on my strokes a little, just hitting her with short soft jabs and mixing it up with some grinding that stirred her insides with my cock.

Our bodies stuck together with our sweat as I lowered my head to her already kiss swollen lips. “Is that better, baby?” She nodded her head even as her eyes filled up with tears. I doubt she’s ever going to be able to take all of me, and chances are I’ll always cause her pain, but this is what she wanted. Besides, if it was that bad, she wouldn’t be on my cock as often as she blinks.

I lifted one of her legs up and out, holding it around the ankle to ease the pressure of my cock going in and out of her and to open her pussy so I could get back to pounding the fuck out of her. The bed rocked and moaned as I devoured her lips with mine.

I felt her body tense beneath mine, felt her pussy clamp down around my cock like a vise, then she hunched her pussy up to me hard, and I swallowed her screams as she came, jerking and shaking as she gave my cock a workout. “Fuck yeah, baby, cum for me.” I watched her face in amazement. Head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth opened in ecstatic bliss.

She arched her back off the bed, taking me with her. That’s how strong her body was in the midst of orgasm. I kept fucking into her, slamming her back down onto the bed. She scissored her legs around my waist and used one of her martial moves to throw me to my back so she could take the dominant position.

I didn’t mind at all because I knew my dick was in for a treat. And when she planted her hands on my chest, I grabbed her curvy ass in my hands and held on for the ride. She bucked and grind and fucked herself silly on my cock, her shiny blonde hair that had been done not two hours ago a mess of sweat and fat curls as it flew around her head.